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Attractive new player bonus that you can unlock without a Ladbrokes Promo Code makes things so simple: just follow the link, make a deposit and play White King for real money. The Ladbrokes bonus offer includes the special 300% welcome bonus. Simply, use Paypal or Skrill to deposit at least £5, and what you get is up to £300 that will surely prolong your play. The 300% match bonus is enriched by 25 Ladbrokes free spins. Get both offers with a newly registered account. Simply go to Ladbrokes’s site using your computer or mobile, sign up and start spinning!

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Ladbrokes’s 300% Ladbrokes bonus really comes in handy, as it boosts your deposit which needs to be at least £5. Simply use Paypal or Skrill, and the extra money will be yours in no time. And you may be surprised at the amount Ladbrokes will give you. Namely, an investment of £300 will bring you a 300% more, which is the maximum amount of this bonus.

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White King Intro

It’s easy to enjoy a game like White King when it has so much to offer. From 40 paylines and its rewarding features, to the straigforward and user-friendly design, this Playtech video slot is what you call a no-brainer. Add to this frequent payouts, accompanied by the maximum win of 400x bet per line, and you’ll get what White King’s all about.

White King Online Slot Game

Not only are the fans of Wilderness impressed by White King, but countless other players of Playtech slots, as well. And this is why.

If you’re into slots with features, Playtech probably thought of you when making this video slot. Apart from special features like rounds and rounds of free spins you can always benefit from 12 symbols that include special substitutes, and the Crown symbol that pays up to 400x line bet.

In order to play White King for real money you need to find online casinos that offer Playtech slots. If you opt for Ladbrokes, you’ll get a real treat. New account here equals free money, thanks to Ladbrokes £300 bonus. Use it to enjoy White King and many other titles in Ladbrokes’s offering. Also, it’s good to know that White King is included in Ladbrokes mobile app, which lets you play White King conveniently, on the go.


This Wilderness themed slot was released in 2014 and it represents a fun and profitable Playtech slot. The good thing about any game produced by Playtech is that they strive to perfect them so you could have the best 40 paylines slot possible.

Playing Guide

This genuine Wilderness-themed slot is based on the following rules:

  • The minimum number of symbols for one of White King’s winning combinations is
  • All prizes are paid left to right, except for scatter prizes
  • Activate up to 40 win lines; pays are made only for wins on active lines
  • Single payout per line is made, always for top wins
  • Wilds enable additional wins by replacing symbols other than scatters
  • Scatters pay at any position on White King’s reels
  • No gambling of the max wins or prizes won during autoplay is allowed in
  • White King awards free spins
  • A minimum bet of £0.01 per spin is required
  • In case a malfunction occurs, all prizes and plays will be proclaimed void

Play Online Slots – Learn How

With White King you can win up to £80000 from the 40 paylines. You need to have at least identical icons to hit a winner and the winner will be paid left to right. There are many other White King ins and outs you need to know, as well as some rules for when you play Playtech slots online, so we are going to explain them here.

With so many offers out there to play White King at perhaps it can all get to be too much. Ladbrokes could make it simple and easy for you, offering a 300% bonus that tops up your balance in the way of maximum £300 when you place your preferred deposit amount.

With this 40-payline slot’s real money play you can sweep up as much as £80000. Just visit the Ladbrokes online casino, which allows the mobile play option.

Ladbrokes gives you the opportunity to play this 40 paylines slot for free, both on your computer and your mobile device. The free play mode is available online, without download, as well as via Ladbrokes app.

To start the White King magic, you need to press the Spin button and decide your preferred bet by pressing bet button. Remember, White King lets you win up to 400x your line bet.

It’s well-known that those who dare, win! Getting 5 of the same symbols lined up may require activating all 40 paylines. To select the paylines, use the paylines button. Playing in Turbo mode is possible, too.

Online Slots Explained – Step by Step:

  • First take a look at the number of active paylines.

In terms of White King, it offers 40 paylines. You can select their number – 1 being the low and 40 the high. A piece of advice: If you desire this Playtech slot’s payouts to be more frequent, just leave this setting on the max.

Playtech opted for the left to right direction for these 40 paylines. You can expect them to bring you constant prizes. And with 40 lines, just imagine how much you stand to pocket.

  • The size of your White King credit is the next step in playing this Playtech title.

Usually, you’d need to pick your White King coin value to enjoy this genuine Playtech release, but with this video slot, things are simpler – it’s already fixed to £ for every coin.

Playing like this makes it simple and means you are free of worry about things such as coin size, even if you need to tamper with your paylines. This allows you to be free to enjoy and focus on winning White King’s amazing 400x line stake jackpot.

  • The next step on your way to playing White King is the selection of your line stake.

In regards to this Playtech offering, coins per line stand at 1 as a rule.

Regarding paylines, maximum 40 of them can be selected, while 1 is the minimum. Select them via White King’s special button for paylines.

One of this video slot’s major conveniences is its flexibility. Namely Playtech gave it a bet size button as well as a bet max toggle for easy access to various bet sizes.

Playtech gave you the opportunity to set the line bet sum yourself in this 40 paylines slot. You can go as low as £0.01, or as high as £2. You decide. Which means that if you go for the £2 stake, you’ll be betting a lot.

  • To start experiencing what this video title has to offer, start clicking Spin.

Once you press this button, you’ll see the 5 reels start on the bet size you previously picked. Playtech also included an auto play button with which White King will make up to 99 spins in one round.

Nevertheless, this Playtech slot’s special features, like free spins, adjourn White King autoplay for more fun and rewards.

  • Anything else, you wonder? Well, let’s see if Playtech gave us full screen and volume options.

If you want to enlarge the White King window to occupy the entire screen, just press the full screen button.

When it comes to volume, White King lets you choose whether the Playtech-designed sounds are on or off in a single click.

You can also use White King’s volume button to increase/decrease the sound volume.

Tiles, Symbols, Images

A total of 12 symbols spin in your favour in this Playtech online slot. Here are the most rewarding among them:

  • The Crown
  • The Lioness, Eagle and Lion Cubs
  • The Ace, King, Jack and Queen
  • The 9 and 10

But also, take a look at:

  • The White King Logo gives out free spins
  • the stacked wild which is depicted by the White Lion
  • The White King Logo has the scatter function
  • the White Lion wild

The highest paying, a sort of a jackpot symbol if you will, is the Crown. Seeing Crown 5 times on any of the 40 paylines will bring you a 400 times your stake. At a bet level of on all 40 lines, 5 Crown symbols will win you 400x your stake – or coins.

Make note of this symbol because it will pay the most:

Following the strongest symbol is Lioness, Eagle and Lion Cubs, which – depending on your stake – may pay up to £500 on the highest bet per line level. Ace, King, Jack and Queen comes next, with its prize of 150-fold line bet on the coin stake and the maximum line stake multiplier of £300 when you place all coins per payline and get 5 of the Ace, King, Jack and Queen symbols on an active payline.

This 40-payline slot can award you with a modest 100x line stake with 5 9 and 10 symbols.

In terms of this Playtech slot’s special features, the White Lion is the one that substitutes for its 12 regular symbols and awards 1000x stake when 5 of them hit the reels. It also includs other wild types.

One more interesting symbol, in addition to the White Lion, is the scatter symbol. Playtech defined this pay-any tile conveniently, including also x bet multiplier.

If you opt for this smoothly designed slot, expect to see the White King Logo icon and enjoy a round on the house.

Paylines Overview

This slot’s main characteristics include video animations, 5 reels and 40 lines.

You can benefit from 40 paylines in this genuine video slot, and they’re there to decide how much this Playtech slot will pay you. To select which of the 40 paylines will be active, adjust their number on White King’s payline button. You can go with 1 up to 40 of them.

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Payline Tips:

  • All lines pay in the left to right direction.
  • You need to match and line up or more symbols to hit a win.
  • Wild symbol is a substitute for regular White King icons.
  • Get a stacked wild symbol and win on more than one payline.
  • the White King Logo pays any, regardless of the paylines.
  • All 40 lines pay out only the highest win. No two wins on a single payline can be paid.
  • You can choose between 1 and 40 lines. But, play on anything less than 40, and your winning spirit may be dampened.

Reels Overview

Here we have a video game that will satisfy the traditionalist in you. Playtech came up with this 5-reeler wanting to keep it simple. The reels go in downward direction so you can concentrate on the important stuff – getting serious prizes! White King is therefore simple, elegant and most importantly, profitable.

Of course, everything about White King revolves around its 12 base symbols. This number includes a substitute and a scatter symbol. But there’s also White Lion, that could end up taking up one of the 5 reels in its entireity.

White King Jackpot

No fixed online slot jackpots included in this Playtech game. What you can benefit from in lieu of a White King jackpot is a Crown amount that can really help ramp up the winnings for White Kingby multiplying your line stake x 400. For example, betting the max amount of £80 on each spin could see you win £80000. So, though there may be no big jackpot, this generously frequent paying slot game has prizes on offer that other Ladbrokes slots can’t match.

Progressive Jackpot Information

Sadly, White King has no progressive jackpot, which is not necessarily a bad thing – your Ladbrokes account can still be boosted courtesy of the 400x line bet multiplier. Moreover, some casinos may include White King in their progressive jackpot pool in the near future.

What’s the Difference Between Video and Classic Slots?

White King isn’t just about the regularly given winners, it’s about fun as well. That’s why Playtech produced it as a video slot. You won’t find it overbaringly designed nor complicated, moreover you’ll have full control over the audio as well.

Is this Slot 3D?

There are no 3D effects in this Wilderness slot, but you don’t really need them, do you? All you need are 5 reels, 12 symbols and an RTP of 90.05%.

White King Download Explained

White King download takes only a few minutes, and you can play this Wilderness themed game on your computer. But, there is also the option of playing a flash game online. Lots of other Playtech games are also available once you register online. Yes, you can play this White King game in a free demo version. This version doesn’t give the same frequent winning potential as the pay version, of coure.

Game Controls

This is how you are going to navigate your way through this Playtech title.

Most Important Button? Spin Button!

The most commonly used button in any video-type slot is the switch that starts the game. In this 5-reel slot, it’s marked as Spin. Pressing this will set the reels going, so that you can earn the likes of the £80000 max prize from White King. It is as simple as that: click, spin and win. Aside from the Spin button on the White King console, you will find also:

  • Should you need more info you can click on the info icon
  • You can pick the maximum bet
  • A button that sets the full screen mode
  • A Turbo setting which is detailed later on
  • You can control the volume of White King
  • You can mute the game completely

Turbo Command

In case you want to accelerate White King you need a Turbo button.

When you wish to have the 5 reels go faster, you can start the White King’ Turbo mode. If you get tired of it, you can easily turn it off againg by pressing Spin once more.

Information Icon

Clicking the Info icon is of great help if White King’s aspects are not entirely clear to you.

The Autoplay Feature

Autospin is a very convenient feature in Playtech titles. The slots involving option as a standard feature let Ladbrokes players interested in Playtech games play with no clicking on the spin button, which is quite handy. Since this Playtech title includes the Autospin feature, the 5 reels are able to spin by themselves with 40 lines cashing up to £80000 while the player is relaxing and waiting for a big win. But, the Autoplay setting in White King is bound to stop when hitting special features. slot, which is a little disappointing. But let us hope that Ladbrokes aficionados will be pleasantly surprised by the updated versions of this Playtech title.

The great thing about using Autoplay instead of Spin is that Autoplay lets you play this video slot without having to click Spin every single time. You can also set White King autospin to your liking.

Don’t worry – the autoplay won’t make you miss out on the specials that this simply designed slot has to offer. You can set it up to stop when you wish. So if White King grants you free spins, you will be able to savour them.

What is the Minimum Bet in Cash?

So, you like the look of those frequent wins and all the benefits you’ll receive as a new member, but before you register at Ladbrokes make sure that you know what is the minimum bet. This way you’ll know exactly how much the winning will be.

Even though it’s very plainly designed, this slot doesn’t have a special button that will set your stakes to the minimum with one click. That’s why you have to do it by clicking away until you hit the £0.01 bet value.

The smallest bet per line is £0.01. If it is multiplied with 40 lines, you get £0.01 which is the game’s lowest bet when all paylines are activated.

You don’t have to include all 40 paylines. But in order to win big, you have to bet big. And having less lines isn’t the way to go about it. If you select just 1 of them, you can bet that this won’t help you win the jackpot or any extras.

Max Bet in Cash

In order to improve your winning chances in White King, you could select its the maximum bet. Playtech facilitated this selection by introducing the bet max button which requres a single click.

White King RTP Basic Information

Return to Player, or RTP, is basically the figure which epitomizes the video slot’s chances for regaining your money, as per the slot game’s capacity. It is always expressed in percentages, and the RTP in the slots with 40 paylines is likely to range from 93% to 96%, which means that you can gain an average profit of £96 on each £100 invested. However, you will not be reeling in 96% of the time, as RTP is in actual fact the rate of the payment from this 5-reeler over a certain time.

Although a nice Wilderness slot, the White King RTP is 90.05%, which is not all that much.

Special Symbols

Playing this regularly paying slot is a joy thanks to its the White King Logo and the White Lion symbols that boost its payout rate.

The Scatter Symbol

Playtech did a great job while producing this 40 paylines because it has the White King Logo scatter. This means that getting it is going to multiply the bet times. If you ever thought that it would be great to have Wilderness themed slot with a scatter that can bring you free spins, then the slot gods must have been listening to you because this one also triggers free spins.

Scatter in White King:

Here’s What Happens When You Get a Wild

White King has a cool little trick designed to increase your odds of pocketing a lot of cash. It’s called the the White Lion wild symbol. And this is what it does for you: if you get 4 Lioness, Eagle and Lion Cubs symbols and, as you know, you need to have 5 of them, this wild will slide in and replace one of the line’s tiles as if it were a Lioness, Eagle and Lion Cubs tile. And this is how you will win 250 times your line’s bet.

This is an image of what this Playtech game’s Wild symbol looks like.

What Can an Expandig Tile Do for My Game?

Sadly, you won’t encounter an expanding wild in this Wilderness slot. But it is, nonetheless, a very lucrative modern video game considering that is has many features that are there to insure your spinning is both fun and profitable.

Is Getting a Stacked Wild Possible in White King?

One of the reasons why you’ll love watching these 5 reels spin is that, besides regular symbols, it has one more that will fatten your wallet. It’s the White Lion symbol that will stack up the wilds, one on top of another across a reel, making your line bet multiply by .

More than Just a Wild

While there’s no overlay wild on those 5 reels, you could benefit from White King’s other perks. Like, £80000 that you could win in any spin.

Does This Playtech Slot Have a Paytable?

If you like to see the facts before playing, check White King’s Paytable. There is a designated button for opening a rich presentation of all 12 symbols, as well as the prizes. Starting with equivalent symbols, the prizes are waiting. Playtech locked the maximum number of same symbols at 5, so if all of them hit an active line, this Wilderness-themed slot’s biggest reward will come your way. White King’s top paying symbol the Crown will pay you 400 times your line bet if a total of 5 of them are there. Other symbols include the Lioness, Eagle and Lion Cubs symbol that comes together with a 250x line stake multiplier. The game also contains the Ace, King, Jack and Queen symbol which increases your winning line stake 150 times. The smallest reward in this 5-reel slot comes from the 9 and 10, which multiplies your line wager up to 100 times, making it attractive to Ladbrokes players even though it’s not a top prize.

Here’s an explanation of how things work: a bet of £0.01 per line stake will get you £1 once you achieve the target of 5 9 and 10 at one of the paylines in play. The White King payout works in a similar fashion for other reels, too. For instance, the 5 Ace, King, Jack and Queen symbols coming up will get you £1.5. And if you’re really lucky, the biggest prize of all is £4 if you’re fortunate enough to get 5 matched Crown icons.

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Credit Size for White King

You know that spinning those 5 reels is going to be fun, but you ought to be smart about how you are going to make the most of the 12 symbols. So think about the options Playtech made available.

  • Activating the selected number of lines
  • Setting the bet level
  • Defining your stake in cash per line

The situation with paylines in this Ladbrokes game is clear: from 1 to 40 of them can be activated, providing this 5-reeler with more flexibility bet-wise.

If you enjoy fiddling with settings, White King lets you select the bet level and thus determine your credit size. This Wilderness game offers the bet level options based on 1 and up to 1 coins per each one of its 40 lines. Indeed, picking 1 and maximal 40 lines makes your bet per spin even coins.

What Value Does a Coin Carry?

White King gives you the option to allocate a certain money value to the coins you’re wagering. You can go as little as £, or you can decide to take it to the maximum of £.

The Slot Multiplier Bonus

While many Playtech slots have a multiplier, which differs from White King’s 400x line bet multiplier, there is none in White King. It’s unforunate because this video title would really benefit from it.

White King Extra Spins, Games and Bonus Features

Is This Playtech Game Packed With Extras, Specials and Bonuses?

About the Bonus Round

Sadly, this video slot has no bonus feature. Yet Playtech has given players the chance to get free spins so White King has some possibilities to increase your Ladbrokes bankroll after all.

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The Round

White King doesn’t have a Double or Nothing bonus. But it will give rewards in regular intervals. And whatever the 12 symbols win you, that’s your’s to keep.

White King Free Spins – In Game vs Bonus

It’s possible to get confused by free spins. When playiing video slots games, you might see White King free spins offered. Also, on signing up to certain online casinos, including Ladbrokes, you might see that they offer you 25 free spins you might get some free spins as thank you for joinig up. Don’t make the mistake of confusing the free play offer at Ladbrokes with free spins. Free play is a demo mode offered by Ladbrokes that allows you to play without cash. You won’t win cash for these games, however, Playtech slots do offer free spins that can pay well if you win them in real money play.

The Majestic Night element of this game is one of the best aspects of White King. It enables you to win free spins at many points throughout the game play.

Ladbrokes players might be disappointed by this 5 reel slots game, as it offers only free spins, unlike lots of other Playtech slots games. This could be why Ladbrokes have decided to offer their own bonus 25 free spins to new players. Of course, you can win quite a good amount using hte White King’s free spins anyway.

Playing Experience

Similarly to other Playtech video slots, this 40-line game provides not just genuine graphics that finely complement its Animals content, but also a number of buttons that serve to:

  • see the paytable information
  • set the number of active paylines
  • set credit size
  • start autospin
  • switch to full screen
  • bet the maximum
  • change the sound volume
  • mute the sounds
  • spin the 5 reels in Turbo mode
  • find out more about White King

How to Play White King for Cash:

Playtech often use a stripped down, basic approach to graphic design. White King is an example of this type of game. Great prizes are on offer, though, such as the a £80000 as prizes.

How to Play Ladbrokes Slots for Real Money:

If you want White King’s frequent little wins to end up on your Ladbrokes account, you need to open one. And here’s how to do it:

Cashing Out Your Wins

All your winners from this 40 paylines slot will go momentarily to your account with Ladbrokes. From there, the money can go to your Paypal or Skrill, or whichever e-wallet service you deem is the most fitting for this task. But first check what’s your withdrawal limit with Ladbrokes.

Furthermore, if you’re after a Ladbrokes bonus, ie their 300% welcome bonus offer, to cash out, you should be aware that Ladbrokes makes you wager the bonus amount 40 x before you can cash out. Make sure you’re on top of the fine print of Ladbrokes’s Terms & Conditions when it comes to withdrawals. But don’t look in the White King info tab for this info, as it isn’t set by Playtech.

Must I Make a Deposit to Play White King?

Ladbrokes enabled White King free play for those who perhaps wish to try out this 40 paylines slot before they go for the real play. And it is available on mobile as well.

You can play White King free if you have an account at Ladbrokes. If you’re playing this contemporary slot game title for real money, you will have an opportunity to win one of the specials and as much as £80000.

White King free play mode can certainly be fun. However, winning White King’s real cash is better! You can only do this in real play mode, which Ladbrokes lets you do simply, opening up lots of other Playtech games to play with. Just put in a minimum £5 deposit, with a minimum bet of £0.01 a line. This could see your money last a nice long time. Ladbrokes can help extend your time playing the game with their 300% welcome bonus for a new customer making a deposit.

The Ladbrokes No Deposit Bonus Offer

It’s true that there is no Ladbrokes no deposit bonus, but at least the 300% welcome bonus is there to prolong playing White King. Besides, the minimum deposit Ladbrokes requires is pretty undemanding – only £5, and even with that this Playtech game can be played for quite a while.

Is the White King App Available Online?

Luckily, Ladbrokes enabled its players to take White King anywhere they go with the White King app. So you can spin the 5 reels on iOS, Android, Windows and the experience will be unchanged. The simple design will still be there, the 400x line multiplier will be there and the £80000 prize is still to be won. Also, you will find that the payout rate of 90.05% is the same.

White King can be played on an iOS device. Ladbrokes has an app you can download from iTunes. This way, you can try and get the £80000 both on your iPhone and your iPad.

This 40 paylines game is available for play on Android devices if you download the Ladbrokes app from Google Store. This is a great way to pocket thefrequent rewards this title has in store.

Ladbrokes recognized the need to have Microsoft Lumia optimized app, so this regularly paying slot is available for Windows mobile devices.

Please note that Ladbrokes has a free app, so when you want to play this Wilderness themed slot, be careful where you download it from.

Ladbrokes Bonus for White King Mobile

There must be a reason Ladbrokes doesn’t provide a mobile bonus, but we don’t know what it is. Therefore, White King mobile has to be played with own money, only. And maybe Ladbrokes will introduce the bonus someday.

How Much Can I Win?

What’s the top win in White King? Find all the info in this Ladbrokes game’s paytable, available through the paytable toggle. It will show you this 5-reel slot’s top winning symbol is Crown, which could bring you a 400x line bet multiplier, when all 5 of them appear on one of the 40 lines. In terms of cash, White King’s top win is £80000.

White King Tips

With all the different rules and regulations available to read from Playtech and other slots games manufacturers, you might think there was quite a lot involved in actually playing the games themselves. However, what you really need to bear in mind is that slots games operate on a random basis, so you’ll not be able to improve your chances of winning, no matter what you do to try and get better at game play.

If you’re not sure about playing for real, though, simply find a free version of White King, take a few spins or activate those 25 free spins offered by Ladbrokes as a new player bonus and test-drive the game.

Even if we count in Ladbrokes’s profit, derived from zillions of spins on White King, this video slot has a very good payout prospects. With a 90.05% RTP and the volatility which provides generally smaller, but regular wins, this 5-reeler is a game worth trying.

Our advice is simple – play online slots for fun, not for profit. And then you’ll occasionally be pleasantly surprised when you benefit from some winnings, every now and then. Who knows, you might even hit the big £80000 prize on offer at Ladbrokes. Just be sure you enjoy it, whatever you do.

Specifics about Playtech:

  • Established: 1999
  • Founder: Teddy Sagi
  • Headquarters: St. George’s Court, 2nd Floor Upper Church Street, Douglas
  • Website: https://www.playtech.com/
  • Specialties: Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, Cross-Platform Management System
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