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Let’s learn how to play Silver Bullet for real money: first, get a Ladbrokes bonus. Bonuses for Playtech games, including Silver Bullet, usually require a Ladbrokes Promo Code. Right now you can get a bonus without one. The current offer is a 300% bonus that amounts to £300 that you can use to play Silver Bullet. Simply, make a deposit to your Ladbrokes account using your Paypal or Skrill credentials and you can have fun with Silver Bullet and other quality games soon after. It’s so great that you can use Ladbrokes’s promos to spin Silver Bullet’s reels and test the game thanks to 25 Ladbrokes free spins and its special 300% welcome bonus.

Ladbrokes Promo Code

Stop looking for a Ladbrokes Promo Code right now, ’cause this respectable venue lets you play Playtech games with their own money and without Promo Codes. So, grab the 300% first deposit bonus which could go as high as £300 and start your Silver Bullet online slot adventure right away, bonuscode-free.

£300 Ladbrokes Welcome Bonus

There’s a 300% Ladbrokes bonus, available for all new customers. For this Ladbrokes bonus you need to deposit a minimum of £5, paid via your Paypal or Skrill, up to the maximum amount of £300. This means that for every £5 you deposit to your Ladbrokes account, the casino will give you another 300% more or £5 in cash. Sounds like a good offer.

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Silver Bullet Online Basics

Finding a good video slot that’s worth your time is hard. Silver Bullet may be just the thing, with its appealing if simple graphics and £50000 the maximum win. Its maker, Playtech hit the spot for Cowboys-themed games’ fans with the Wild West theme perfectly depicted on the slot’s 5 reels and 9 paylines. This interesting title also includes many useful features and buttons that make Silver Bullet a unique title you’ll want to play.

Silver Bullet Online: A Quick Summary

Released in 2010, Silver Bullet offers its players lots of fun, with its both ways pays and Wild West theme. Cowboys-themed slots, such as Silver Bullet, as well as numerous other Playtech titles have a lot to offer, and Ladbrokes punters love this 5-reel slot for various reasons. We list them all right here.

It seems easy to win on Silver Bullet when you take a look at its 12 symbols and extra features as well as prize-boosting wilds and scatters, the RTP rate of 96.84% and 9 paylines that combine to pay out up to £50000.

Find Silver Bullet in one of the supporting casinos like Ladbrokes, register an account and get nice perks. Silver Bullet can be played through a Ladbrokes mobile app and enjoyed literally everywhere. Ladbrokes offering also includes a welcome bonus for Silver Bullet and many other Playtech games.


Silver Bullet is an online video slot developed and maintained by Playtech. Initially released in 2010, Silver Bullet always receives timely updates from Playtech, enabling players to fully enjoy its qualities.


When playing Silver Bullet, you should be aware of the following:

  • The minimum stake in coins you can have is £0.01
  • The number of matching symbols needed for a win is 1 per line
  • When there are more winning lines, the money from the highest prize is paid
  • You will find 9 paylines which have a both ways direction, unless you have a Scatter
  • Silver Bullet has the option to reduce the bet lines number to 1
  • The Wild symbols are there to take the place of a regular one, still it can’t take the place of a scatter
  • A Scatter is the only one of 12 symbols that doesn’t have to be on a particular line to pay
  • You won’t be able to gamble the max prize in the round nor while Silver Bullet is on autoplay
  • The progressive jackpot will give you all the money collected in the pot
  • The winnings and the game stage will not be viable in the case of a crash

Learn to Play Slots Online

In order to be successful when you play Playtech slots online, specifically 9 paylines games, there are a couple of pointers we’d like to give you. 1 matching symbols is the minimum, and 5 is the maximum for getting a prize. Their order must be both ways. There are 12 symbols in total. And we are going to talk about all of this, and more, in this text.

The ultimate decision is where to play Silver Bullet for real money. If you choose Ladbrokes, you’ll get more for your money: a 300% to top your first deposit with a maximum of £300.

When you want to earn real cash, Silver Bullet could be the way to a £50000 prize if you engage in real money play in Ladbrokes. Ladbrokes lets you play online using your mobile.

Prefer test-ride before plunging in? Silver Bullet free-play version can be found at Ladbrokes whether you play on computer or mobile. The installation of this 5-reeler is not necessary, but on preference Silver Bullet can be downloaded to your devices.

To start the Silver Bullet magic, you need to press the Spin button and decide your preferred bet by means of the coin button. Remember, Silver Bullet lets you win up to 10000x your line bet.

It’s always recommendable to play on all 9 paylines, to boost your winning odds. Silver Bullet’s paylines can be activated by clicking on the paylines button. The video slot’s Turbo mode is available, too.

Wanna Start Having Fun Asap? Just Follow These Instructions:

  • The number of activated lines is the first setting.

In terms of Silver Bullet, it offers 9 paylines. You can select their number – 1 being the low and 9 the high. A piece of advice: If you desire this Playtech slot’s payouts to be more frequent, just leave this setting on the max.

Earn your winnings on paylines that pay both ways, and rejoice to prizes that aren’t rare at all, unlike many people believe about slots that have under 20 paylines. Silver Bullet, on the contrary, appears to be quite rewarding.

  • After this, the coin value is your next step.

If you have chosen Ladbrokes to use real money and play Silver Bullet, lean back and relax as Playtech has fixed the credit value for you. £ is every coin’s size. Don’t be surprised if Silver Bullet offers wider selection in its updated versions.

It’s great to have this resolved, right? That way, your only decision is regarding the Playtech slot’s paylines. Go straight for big wins: the Silver Bullet progressive jackpot.

  • The size of the bet per line is your next setting.

In terms of coins per line, Silver Bullet keeps it very simple with obligatory 1-coin line bet.

You can set payline range between 1 and 9 betting lines. To ensure user-friendly approach, Playtech created an easy-to-use payline button.

Manual bet maximization in Silver Bullet is a thing of the past – Playtech smartly included a bet max button into this Cowboys-themed game’s dashboard. There’s also the lowroller-friendly bet one option.

This way, Silver Bullet is able to offer a range of betting options, including line bets from £0.01 to £5 that will make this frequent payer more interesting to higher-stake punters.

  • Once you’re ready to start the game, hit the Spin icon.

Upon activating this button, its 5 reels start moving. All other Silver Bullet settings remain unchanged. Playtech’s auto play button can trigger up to 9999 spins at a go.

Yet, the 5 reels will cease with the automatic spinning if Silver Bullet rewards you with a special feature, and after you play that you can restart autoplay.

The auto play mode in this Playtech game is quite user-friendly. This slot with a Cowboys theme includes automatic spins with cash limitation. Silver Bullet players’ll thereby have no unplanned expenses.

  • Before moving on to playing this Playtech release, you might be interested in two more toggles used to set Silver Bullet’s volume and full screen.

You’ll find the full screen toggle in this slot, so you can enjoy enhanced viewing.

As a basic setting, volume button in Silver Bullet is easily accessible. Simply click there and this Playtech slot’s sounds can be turned down.

If you find Silver Bullet’s loud music and sounds disturbing, you have the volume toggle to turn it down a notch.

Symbol Names

This 5-reel slot features 12 symbols, of which the top paying ones are:

  • The Gun Barrel
  • The Bomb
  • The Seven, Whiskey Bottle and Cowboy Hat
  • The Wheel, Smoking Pipe and Horseshoe
  • The Pile of Cash and Horse is the Silver Bullet symbol with the lowest payouts.

On those 5 reels, you’ll also encounter:

  • The Revolver – the scatter symbol
  • the always handy wild: The Sheriff’s Badge

The highest win can be hit on the top paying symbol – the Gun Barrel. Namely, once you hit 5 of those symbols on an active payline, 10000x your line stake will be paid out. Place on the maximum of 9 paylines, and such a winner will bring you coins – a hefty prize, indeed.

Below is the picture of the Gun Barrel symbol:

Following the strongest symbol is Bomb, which – depending on your stake – may pay up to £2500 on the highest bet per line level. Seven, Whiskey Bottle and Cowboy Hat comes next, with its prize of 200-fold line bet on the coin stake and the maximum line stake multiplier of £1000 when you place all coins per payline and get 5 of the Seven, Whiskey Bottle and Cowboy Hat symbols on an active payline.

The Silver Bullet’s lowest rewards come with the Pile of Cash and Horse symbol. Still, its maximal prize of 100x bet per line is not negligable. Slightly more generous is the Wheel, Smoking Pipe and Horseshoe, which can bring even 150x line bet if 5 of those symbols stop on an active payline.

Now let’s take a look at Silver Bullet’s wild symbol – it jumps in for any of the 12 other symbols. This sort of prizes always attracts players.

In addition to the wild symbol, Playtech included a Revolver symbol into this video slot. It pays at any position on the reels, and multiplies your bet up to 100 times.

If you thought the fun in Silver Bullet ends with its 12 symbols, just like in many other video slots, you were wrong. This Playtech title also has a symbol, with which you can enter the Playtech slot’s bonus round.

Bet Lines

This slot’s main characteristics include video animations, 5 reels and 9 lines.

You can benefit from 9 paylines in this genuine video slot, and they’re there to decide how much this Playtech slot will pay you. To select which of the 9 paylines will be active, adjust their number on Silver Bullet’s payline button. You can go with 1 up to 9 of them.

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Payline Rules

  • The payline direction for paylines is always both ways.
  • Playing Silver Bullet online for real money will pay off as soon as you have at least 1 identical tiles, in a row, on a line
  • Great news is – if you get the Sheriff’s Badge symbol, this represents a substitute for any ordinary symbol.
  • When you get the Revolver, you’re in luck! It pays on any position on the 5 reels.
  • You can get a payout only for the top win on a line. Don’t worry, Silver Bullet will choose the highest available win.
  • You will get a payout just for the lines you activated. When you activate all 9 paylines, you won’t be in a situation to miss out a win just because a line was inactive.


One of the reasons why this Playtech slot’s perfect for everyday play are its 5 reels, which take a traditional movement direction – downward. Moving from top to bottom, Silver Bullet’s reels won’t necessarily drag your Ladbrokes balance in that direction, too. On the contrary, this video slot may boost it significantly.

Playing a video slot like Silver Bullet is great because of its 12 symbols. Included in those is the Sheriff’s Badge symbol and the Revolver tile.

Hit the Silver Bullet Jackpot

Online slot jackpots are not the only perk of playing Playtech slots for real money. Just for the lack of a Silver Bullet jackpot, this game can be unfairly underated. For example, this Wild West title offers its players huge winnings, including 10000x bet per line, awarded by the Gun Barrel symbol. That’s actually coins for the top bet. Or, expressed in cash, if you play the £5 the max bet, and wager all coins, your prize could reach £50000!

How Can I Win Silver Bullet’s Progressive JP?

One of the reasons why Silver Bullet players should keep spinning its 5 reels is the video slot’s progressive jackpot. This Playtech slot lets you watch as the prize grows –

The Difference Between Video and Classic Slots

Silver Bullet is definitely not a classic slot game. It’s a fine example of the more modern variety – a video online slot. Featuring clear and easy to understand visual effects, this 9-payline game is appealing, in part due to Silver Bullet’s unusual and interesting sound effects.

Is this Game a 3D Slot??

That’s a negative. This 9 paylines slot could be portrayed as a bit simpler, but as a consolation for not making it in 3D, Playtech included a line multiplier of 10000x and all the other trimmings that you came for.

Silver Bullet Download Guide

At Ladbrokes you can choose to play Silver Bullet instantly, or you can go for a Silver Bullet download. You will be able to download the software when you register. In just a few clicks, you will be enjoying the 5 reels as you watch them going downward, on their way to bing you £50000. But, if you would rather play online, you can do that to, and that goes for other Playtech games. Of coure, if you want cash, you have to play for cash. The demo isn’t going to boost your account, it is designed to serve as practice.

Which Button Does What?

Let’s now focus on this 5-reeler’s toggles:

Press the Spin Button

To enjoy in the view of Silver Bullet’s 5 spinning reels and its prizes that go up to £50000, you need to press a simple button that starts the reels. Although it’s known by many names, this video slot picked to call this much used button Spin. Keep pressing it to keep spinning Silver Bullet, and perhaps win some good bankroll boosters.There are other useful buttons on the Silver Bullet screen to make play easier. They include:

  • A Fullscreen button
  • A coin bet setting
  • a payline setting button
  • Bet One and the max Bet buttons to pick Silver Bullet’s lowest and highest bet within a click
  • A button to increase/decrease Silver Bullet’s volume
  • A special button to mute Silver Bullet
  • Silver Bullet’s Turbo button, that is analysed further on
  • An info button linked to Silver Bullet’s paytable and play rules

Turbo Setting

Engaging the Turbo setting will boost the speed of slot’s reels making them go faster than normal.

Clicking on the Turbo button will set the 5 reels in such a fast-paced motion that the £50000 prize could come in a blink of an eye. If you click Turbo again it will stop the Turbo mode.

The Info Button

Strangely, Playtech didn’t attach an Info button to this Wild West-themed title. What an ommission! The only help Silver Bullet offers is its paytable. Or get in touch with Ladbrokes’s client service, they may be able to clarify a thing or two.


Which game features include a mode for continuous spinning, so it’s not necessary to press Spin every time? Autoplay! There are some breaks, which only serve for you to see your winning symbols, something which may make the Ladbrokes slots’ play a tad more thrilling. It is quite useful to know that Autoplay is a parameter when you play this 5-reeler, as this component allows you to spin Silver Bullet with no interruptions at all.

The great thing about using Autoplay instead of Spin is that Autoplay lets you play this video slot without having to click Spin every single time. You can also set Silver Bullet autospin to your liking.

Don’t worry – the autoplay won’t make you miss out on the specials that this simply designed slot has to offer. You can set it up to stop when you wish

In Silver Bullet the reels stop after a set amount of Ladbrokes player’s available credits has been spent.

Minimum Bet in Cash

If you are planning to open an account at Ladbrokes and pick up £300 bonus, first make sure that you know all the details on the required minimum bet in order to play this modern slot.

Thanks to the useful bet one switch, the minimum coin number in Silver Bullet can be set with just one click.

The lowest bet per line stands at £0.01. The result of Silver Bullet’s 9 linesx minimal bet is £0.01. And this is really the lowest possible bet unless you exclude some paylines.

While you can select less than 9 lines, at least 1 of them, reducing your Silver Bullet bet this way isn’t recommendable. That way, the Cowboys style slot’s lucrative top line stake multiplier of 10000x will be a step further away.

Setting the Max Bet

Silver Bullet has some great extras and jackpots in store for high betting players. Playtech made this possible by putting in the bet max pushbutton that sets the max Bet option for you.

Silver Bullet RTP

This video slot RTP represents the payout rate of Silver Bullet over a certain period. The RTP – which means Return to Player – is given by an algorithm and expressed by percentages. For most video games it usually goes between 93% and 96%.

Silver Bullet RTP is quite generous, 96.84%, which is quite high for industry standards.

Special Symbols

Concerning its special features, Silver Bullet involves both the Sheriff’s Badge and the Revolver, a Wild and a Scatter, which are covered in the following sections.

Scatter Symbol

 Silver Bullet has a neat little treat for its players – the the Revolver scatter. This tile will multiply your wager 100x.

Here’s how you will recognize it:

Silver Bullet’s Wild Symbol

The Sheriff’s Badge wild symbol can simply be used as a stand-in for any other symbol. It works like this: if you need 5 reels with the same symbols on one of the 9 paylines, but you end up with one short and yet you have a wild symbol, then the Sheriff’s Badge card will become the missing one you need to win. Let’s imagine the symbol in question is Bomb, the wild card will act as the symbol you need to win 200 times your line bet. Therefore, the Sheriff’s Badge symbol is really worth hoping for because it can greatly increase your winnings.

That is what Silver Bullet Wild looks like.

Are There Any Expanding Wilds to Boost My Winnings?

This slot gives prizes on regular basis, but one thing it will not give you is the expanding wild. This would be quite unfortunate if it weren’t for the extras that can make this Cowboys slot one of your favourites.

About Silver Bullet Stacked Wilds

For some reason, Playtech opted to pass on the stacked wild for this 9 paylines slot. Luckily, Playtech was good enough to provide the line multiplier of 10000 times your line wager.

How to Use the Overlay Tile

If there is no overlay wild in this vibrant game, you can be rewarded by Silver Bullet’s other benefits. Such as, £50000 which can be won on any spin you play.

Could the Paytable Provide Me With Useful Information?

The most important information on Silver Bullet’s 12 symbols can be found in the Paytable by a click on the relevant button Ladbrokes players of this Playtech game may expect prizes if minimum 1 symbols appear on a payline, whereas 5 identical symbols make the maximum. This 5-reeler pays out the highest prize when 5 matching symbols get on the screen. Look for the Gun Barrel, it is the top rewarding standard symbol with a 10000x line stake multiplier. The next best one is the Bomb symbol. It can enhance your line stake 500 times. Another good symbol is the Seven, Whiskey Bottle and Cowboy Hat which can bring a prize of 200x line stake. Your line wager can also be boosted 150 times by the Wheel, Smoking Pipe and Horseshoe symbol. As for the minimally rewarding Silver Bullet symbol, it’s the Pile of Cash and Horse.

Want to know how it works? Silver Bullet pays you the amount of £1, once you line up the 5 reels that are Pile of Cash and Horse icons on one of the 9 lines for this game. Also, with the other icons, 5 Bomb tiles brought up will get you £5 in cold cash. Plus there’s the star prize of £100 that you can win for getting 5 of the same Gun Barrel icons on a line.

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Allocating the Betting Credit

You know that spinning those 5 reels is going to be fun, but you ought to be smart about how you are going to make the most of the 12 symbols. So think about the options Playtech made available.

  • Selecting your paylines
  • Selecting cash bet per line

In terms of paylines, this Playtech game is very flexible – its 9 lines may be activated or deactivated depending on Ladbrokes players’ wishes. Of course, the minimum of a single line must be turned on to start betting.

Does Silver Bullet Let Me Pick Out the Coin Value?

If you find yourself fiddling with this Playtech slot’s coins without any idea what you’re actually doing, here are some pointers:

Casing Out with Silver Bullet’s Multiplier Feature

The multiplier feature is a common thing among video slots. It is therefore quite annoying that Silver Bullet doesn’t have one, but luckily, those 9 lines may still pay a massive jackpot.

This Playtech Game’s Extra Features

What features are there in Silver Bullet?

Bonus Features

Sadly, this video slot has no bonus feature.Regardless, this 5-reel title still has much to offer the player.

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Double Up Game

Some modern video slots have a double or nothing game, but Silver Bullet isn’t one of them. But who knows, maybe it’s better not to be tempted at all.

Silver Bullet Free Spins vs. Ladbrokes Free Spins

It’s not a rare occurence for online casino players to get mixed up between Silver Bullet free spins, that are a constituent part of the game and Ladbrokes free spins, that are offered as a bonus. Sites like Ladbrokes might offer you free spins as a promo, so the 25 will be there for you on sign up to Ladbrokes, so you might be lucky enough at this Playtech game to earn yourself some nice cash. On top of this, many casinos offer a free play feature. You should be aware that playing Silver Bullet as free play won’e win you any cash for your Ladbrokes balance. So if you want to win real money, play Playtech games for real.

Graphics and Layout

This video slot is bound to fulfill Ladbrokes players’ expectations with its quality visuals. Silver Bullet is designed to impress, but Playtech has also included various playing options in this Wild West-themed slot with which you can:

  • see Silver Bullet’s paytable
  • pick how many lines will be active
  • set the value of coin
  • initiate Auto Spin
  • open full screen
  • access the minimum bet in one click
  • access the max bet in one click
  • increase/decrease volume
  • mute Silver Bullet’s volume completely
  • start Turbo mode

Play Playtech Slots for Real Money:

Playtech have many slots games that are based on quite simply imagery, including Silver Bullet, though it makes up for that with the potential winnings. That is, this 5 reel slot gives the chance for a win of as much as £50000 for a good prize win.

Details on How to Play for Cash

This 9 paylines slot can pocket you as much as £50000, but only if you play for cash. First you have to register an account at Ladbrokes, which is very simple:

Withdrawal Methods

With the regular prizes this slot gives, you’ll have your Ladbrokes account bursting in no time. In order for you to get the money, you can trasfer it to Paypal or Skrill fast and easy in couple of clicks. Yet, be aware that most online casinos have some sort of limit, so – ask Ladbrokes staff about this before making a withdrawal.

In addition, if you want a Ladbrokes bonus, such as the 300% welcome offer to work in your favour, know that Ladbrokes will ask you to wager the bonus 40 x if you want to cashout. You should also get to know Ladbrokes’s T&Cs, especially withdrawal-wise. Still, looking in Silver Bullet’s info is a wrong idea, as it’s not the same as Ladbrokes’s info.

Can I Find Free Play for Silver Bullet?

When you wish to just try out Silver Bullet free mode, you can! There’s a demo version on Ladbrokes site and you can even play this Cowboys-themed slot on your mobile.

Just open an account with Ladbrokes and you’ll get to play Playtech titles, including Silver Bullet free, getting the best insight into its generous payouts.

Silver Bullet free play mode can certainly be fun. However, winning Silver Bullet’s real cash is better! You can only do this in real play mode, which Ladbrokes lets you do simply, opening up lots of other Playtech games to play with. Just put in a minimum £5 deposit, with a minimum bet of £0.01 a line. This could see your money last a nice long time. Ladbrokes can help extend your time playing the game with their 300% welcome bonus for a new customer making a deposit.

Ladbrokes No Deposit Bonus for Playing Silver Bullet Online

Currently, a Ladbrokes no deposit bonus or free chips are missing from the casino’s promotions. If things change at some point, we’ll let you know. On the other hand, this 5 reel slot game, like many other Playtech slots, is capable of being played using the Ladbrokes sign up offer bonus – 300% up to the max £300.

Is There a Ladbrokes App to Play Playtech Games?

Mobile wagering is one of the top offers in Ladbrokes’s gambling business. Their Silver Bullet app is free and features Silver Bullet, of course. And in addition to this Cowboys-themed title’s recognizable graphics, it also offers some great payouts, including the 10000x line bet, which is this exciting slot’s main prize.

For users of iOS devices, Ladbrokes app can be downloaded for free from iTunes or Ladbrokes’s website. Silver Bullet is therefore just a few taps andminutes away from your iPhone or iPad.

This 9 paylines game is available for play on Android devices if you download the Ladbrokes app from Google Store. This is a great way to pocket thefrequent rewards this title has in store.

Sometimes, Microsoft Lumia owners can’t access an app, but Ladbrokes optimized its app for Windows. So you can play this 9 paylines slot, along other Playtech titles on your phone.

Please note that Ladbrokes has a free app, so when you want to play this Cowboys themed slot, be careful where you download it from.

Silver Bullet Mobile Bonus

The Silver Bullet mobile version is lacking its own, proprietary Ladbrokes mobile bonus. This could be taken as a gross mistake on Ladbrokes’s part, so we hope they will correct it someday.

The Maximum Win

This particular game offersfrequent potential wins. The paytable has all the info – which you can see by clicking the relevant paytable button. The best symbol, as you’ll see, is the Gun Barrel, which comes with a possible 10000 x line stake multiplier win. This means that, with your line stake at 1 coins, and each coin being worth £, you could win big by lining up the 5 reels.

Silver Bullet Tricks

With all the different rules and regulations available to read from Playtech and other slots games manufacturers, you might think there was quite a lot involved in actually playing the games themselves. However, what you really need to bear in mind is that slots games operate on a random basis, so you’ll not be able to improve your chances of winning, no matter what you do to try and get better at game play.

It’s also advisable to always bet on all 9 lines, keeping your winning odds as high as possilble. With Silver Bullet this is easy – even if you wanted to, you cannot exempt any of the lines from the bet.

On the subject of volatility of Silver Bullet, you can count on smaller wins more frequently. If you also take into account that Playtech made this title with an RTP of 96.84%, you’ll realize how well those 5-reels could pay you, not counting Ladbrokes’s profit, which is made on millions of spins.

Our advice is simple – play online slots for fun, not for profit. And then you’ll occasionally be pleasantly surprised when you benefit from some winnings, every now and then. Who knows, you might even hit the big £50000 prize on offer at Ladbrokes. Just be sure you enjoy it, whatever you do.

Playtech: Some Vital Information.

  • Established: 1999
  • Founder: Teddy Sagi
  • Headquarters: St. George’s Court, 2nd Floor Upper Church Street, Douglas
  • Website:
  • Specialties: Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, Cross-Platform Management System
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