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Once you decide you are ready to play Safari Heat for real money, head to Ladbrokes’s mobile or online site and take a look at their promos. For just £5 that you can deposit using your Paypal account or Skrill, and without any bonuscodes, you can benefit from unique 300% new player bonus. Mind you, it could reach £300 in free money that can come in handy since Safari Heat paysquite often, but smaller sums. It’s so cool of Ladbrokes to offer multiple bonuses – in addition to the 300% bonus, it gives away 25 Ladbrokes free spins.

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£300 Ladbrokes Welcome Bonus

Probably the best way to boost your Ladbrokes balance is the unique 300% Ladbrokes welcome bonus on your first deposit of the minimum £5. Simply use your Paypal or Skrill and on every £5 deposited, you’ll get another £5.

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Safari Heat Introduction

Targeting the fans of African-themed slots, Playtech built in great features into Safari Heat, including 15 paylines which feature 13 unostentatiously looking symbols that pay up to 750x line bet. The payouts are generally not so big but are quite frequent, especially in this video slot’s special features, which adds to the overall good impression.

Safari Heat Online Slot Game

Fans of slots with Wild Animals topic, prepare! Safari Heat features such a theme that will keep all African-themed slots buffs and those who appreciate Playtech slots in general, tied to their seats. Before you is the Safari Heat online slot, perfectly tailored for you and other video slot enthusiasts.

An abundance of exciting features are involved in Safari Heat. Namely, there are very useful wilds and scatters at work among the 13 symbols, as well as free spins that always come in handy.

There’s no classic jackpot in this 15-payline title, but you can win an attractive 750x bet per line as the max prize.

Ever think about joining an online casino such as Ladbrokes? Opening a free account and playing Safari Heat can make you busy trying to win lots of cash prizes. And not only that, you can also have fun playing Safari Heat on any device, including your mobile, via Ladbrokes’s mobile app. What’s more, a convenient welcome bonus is also offered.

Release Info

This widely known Playtech slot game, launched back in 2009, provides numerous benefits. Among others, the video Safari Heat slot offers quality entertainment guaranteed by Playtech’s regular updates..

List of Rules

These are the guidelines to playing Safari Heat:

  • The minimum number of symbols for one of Safari Heat’s winning combinations is 2
  • All prizes are paid left to right, except for scatter prizes
  • Activate up to 15 win lines; pays are made only for wins on active lines
  • Single payout per line is made, always for top wins
  • Wilds enable additional wins by replacing symbols other than scatters
  • Scatters pay at any position on Safari Heat’s reels
  • No gambling of the max wins or prizes won during autoplay is allowed in Gamble
  • Safari Heat awards 15 free spins
  • A minimum bet of £0.01 per spin is required
  • In case a malfunction occurs, all prizes and plays will be proclaimed void

How to Play Online Safari Heat

Indulging in Safari Heat’s generosity is easy – just line up 2 on an active payline to win cash. 15 paylines and left to right payout direction will help you grab this video slot’s tempting money offer. In addition, Safari Heat may pay big, too if you match 5 Rhino and Elephant symbols. Sounds interesting? Want more details on how to play Playtech slots online? Just keep reading.

It can be a daunting task, choosing where to play Safari Heat. Selecting the Playtech casin is your first step. Ladbrokes might be the place for you as it has a 300% joining bonus that gives up to £300 on top of your initial deposit.

If you have not tried Safari Heat for real money yet, you could opt for Ladbrokes and cash out as much as 100000 coins or £500000. To do that, search for this video slot on the Ladbrokes website, or on its mobile variety instead. Remember that this Playtech game offers multipliers up to 750x line bet.

Prefer test-ride before plunging in? Safari Heat free-play version can be found at Ladbrokes whether you play on computer or mobile. The installation of this 5-reeler is not necessary, but on preference Safari Heat can be downloaded to your devices.

Now it’s time for serious choices – how much to invest into Safari Heat. You can pick your bet size on the bet value and coin number button. After this, use Spin to start the game and hope for at least 2 of a kind symbols on one or more of the 15 paylines. Or, pray to Lady Luck for 5 identical symbols on a payline, which brings Safari Heat’s highest prizes.

However, lining up all 5 matching symbols isn’t easy, especially if not all 15 paylines are active. For the maximum wins, the paylines on off control must be set to the maximum. Also, Safari Heat includes a Turbo button, so feel free to use it.

Steps to Playing Slots Online:

  • First of all, take a look at Safari Heat’s paylines.

Safari Heat features 15 paylines on its 5 reels. While you can choose to bet on 1 to 15 paylines, it’s worth knowing that this Playtech slot will pay better when you play 15 lines, than if you opt for less. Safari Heat’s maximum multiplier of 750x line bet is an attractive offer – keep it in mind when choosing paylines to bet on.

This engaging game pays left to right like so many other video slots. It’s worth noting that Safari Heat payouts are rather frequent, unlike what’s generally expected from a less than 20-payline slot. Thus, this 5-reeler guarantees decent payouts and loads of fun.

  • The size of your Safari Heat credit is the next step in playing this Playtech title.

Players call this the coin amount. In Safari Heat, coin value can be chosen by a click on the marked button. This Playtech game provides numerous betting options, from £0.01 on the lower side to £5 on the higher side.

In order to add major Safari Heat prizes to your balance, you must activate all 15 paylines, but the amazing jackpot the maximum 750x line bet multiplier can furhter improve your balance in this Ladbrokes-supported game regardless of the coin size.

  • The size of the bet per line is your next setting.

This is not the same in all online casinos. For example, in Ladbrokes, you can select the no. of coins per line. The sizes involved can go as high as 10 coins per line, with 15 available bet lines.

Having said already, Safari Heat allows you to select from 1 to 15 paylines by using a specific button.

This 5-reeler features a designated bet value button for Ladbrokes players’ convenience. To maximize your Safari Heat bet use the bet max toggle.

Playtech gave you the opportunity to set the line bet sum yourself in this 15 paylines slot. You can go as low as £0.01, or as high as £50. You decide. Which means that if you go for the £50 stake, you’ll be betting a lot.

  • If you’re ready to go, press Spin and watch the 15 paylines at work.

So, the 5 reels will start moving with your settings. But if you don’t want to hit the Spin icon every time, you can engage the Auto Play mode. This will spin the reels for max 99 times.

  • What’s the next step? Full screen and volume options, of course.

Honestly, is there anything better than playing a video slot across the whole screen? That’s why Playtech incorporated this option.

Speaking of Safari Heat’s volume button, it can be used to mute this video slot while its reels are spinning.

If you prefer adapting the sound volume, Safari Heat will make you happy. In this 15-line game, there’s an up/down control button.

Overview of the Symbols

Playtech included 13 symbols into this online title. The following are the video slot’s best paying among them:

  • The Rhino and Elephant
  • The Flamingo
  • The Zebra and Gnu
  • The Ace and King
  • The Queen
  • You’ll earn the least on the Jack, 10 and 9.

There are special symbols, too, including:

  • the Lion substitute symbol
  • a scatter symbol
  • the African Sunset free spins symbol

You can win up to 100000 coins if luck is on your side. 5 of the best paying symbols – The Rhino and Elephant, which is Safari Heat’s top symbol, will do to get 750x bet per line. To win the 100000 coins, you need make an investment – all 15 paylines active, and 10 coins wagered per each of the lines.

You’ll easily recognize the Safari Heat’s highest paying symbol:

Players should also keep in mind the Flamingo symbol as it may bring 500x your stake starting from the minimal £0.01 per line. Of course, the max bet of £50 per line opens the window of Safari Heat opportunities, such as £25000 if 5 of these symbols appear on the reels. This Wild Animals-themed title offers more winning chances with the Zebra and Gnu symbol. The significant 250x line bet win is possible with only £0.01 bet per line. For sure,if you place £50 the max bet and see 5 of the Zebra and Gnu symbols on an active line, the awesome £12500 prize may enlarge your Ladbrokes balance.

There is more to this Playtech game than the key prizes. Pay attention to the Ace and King and the Queen which can bring you 150x and 125x your stake per line. In the end, there is also the Jack, 10 and 9 symbol linked to the lowest prize, so 100x your stake may be yours if you hit 5 of these symbols.

The good news is that this unpretentiously designed slot has a wild tile that replaces any regular symbol needed for a win. This tile also has a 10000x line bet multiplier. Safari Heat really can’t get any better than that.

One more interesting symbol, in addition to the Lion, is the scatter symbol. Playtech defined this pay-any tile conveniently, including also 500x bet multiplier.

The African Sunset tile was included in here so you could win some free spins.

What are paylines?

Before you stands a video slot based on 5 reels and 15 paylines.

As we know already, paylines are the parameter or our winnings, which is also the case in Safari Heat. Paylines themselves are easy to choose in this Playtech release, as all you need to do is click on or off on the yes toggle which is on the screen.

Your bet can vary from 1 coin per line which makes a total of one coin. As for the max bet, it can go up to 10 coins per each of the 15 lines, which piles up to 150 coins. There’s a coin value control, too in shape of a specially designated button.

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Payline Rules

  • The payline direction for paylines is always left to right.
  • Playing Safari Heat online for real money will pay off as soon as you have at least 2 identical tiles, in a row, on a line
  • Great news is – if you get the Lion symbol, this represents a substitute for any ordinary symbol.
  • When you get the African Sunset, you’re in luck! It pays on any position on the 5 reels.
  • You can get a payout only for the top win on a line. Don’t worry, Safari Heat will choose the highest available win.
  • You will get a payout just for the lines you activated. When you activate all 15 paylines, you won’t be in a situation to miss out a win just because a line was inactive.


Playtech kept the direction in which Safari Heat’s reels are moving quite ordinary – when activated, the 5 spinning wheels move toward the bottom of Safari Heat’s screen, bringing nice, generous prizes up to 750x line bet.

You should get to know Safari Heat symbols inside-out, because they will obtain you those regularly given winners. There are 13 of them, and the one to look out for is the wild as well as the scatter.

Looking for a Safari Heat Jackpot?

You won’t find those coveted online slot jackpots in this Wild Animals slot, but the 750x betting line multiplier makes up for the Safari Heat jackpot, as well as the £500000. So, no, you won’t notice the jackpot missing.

Will I get a Progressive Jackpot from Safari Heat?

Progressive jackpots are great, but Safari Heat doesn’t have one. Still, there is a prospect of a supporting casino adding this Playtech title to its progressive jackpot pool. But fear not, you have the 750x line multiplier that is going to make this 15-line game a great source of cash.

Playtech Slot Games: Video and Classic

Safari Heat is designed as a video slot. The graphics in this Playtech slot are basic, yet nicely put together. Taking into accont the reputation of Playtech’s video slots, this 5-reel game lives up to the expectations. Ladbrokes players will appreciate all the advanced features. Another one of Safari Heat’s special characteristic is the animated activation on any of 15 lines in case of a win.

Is this a 3D Slot Game?

Alas, this is not a 3D slot. Which isn’t all that important, not really. Playing Safari Heat will still give you the familiar thrill of winning because all the important features that make a video slot worth playing are there. Besides, we all know not to judge a book by its cover.

Ladbrokes Download Q&A

Select a Safari Heat download, or – have fun playing the flash game on the Ladbrokes. This frequently paying slot is available to play on Ladbrokes’s flash site or downloadable version. It’s simple – an account with Ladbrokes is all you need to enjoy Playtech games, including Safari Heat, and win big with some luck. What’s more, Safari Heat comes in free play version in Ladbrokes, too. But if you choose demo mode, your Ladbrokes account will not get any winnings.

Buttons and Controls

The following will explain Safari Heat’s commands and how to use them.

Pressing Spin Starts the Game

All you as a slot game player have to do in order to spin reels in this Playtech release or any other online Ladbrokes slot game is just press an adquate button and set the game in motion. Frequently named Play, Spin, Go or Start, in this 15-payline slot, this function is called Spin. As we have already said, the function of this setting is to start spinning the 5 reels, the result potentially being a whooping Safari Heat prize of maximum 750x line stake. Of course, besides the Spin toggle, the Playtech has included other handy buttons as well:

  • Safari Heat has the maxbet button that takes your bet to the maximum
  • You can enter the full screen with this button
  • Adjust the game volume
  • Customize the coin, line and bet amount settings
  • This 15 paylines slot has a Turbo button incorporated, about which you can read more later
  • If you need more directions and information about Safari Heat, click on the button with information

The Turbo Button

If you want to get the prize in a jiffy, just click the Turbo button. Occasionally, Playtech puts it there so you can save time while earning money., This will work for the free spins

Sometimes African-style slots, like Safari Heat include a Turbo toggle which aims to give the 5 reels more speed. In fact, the rotating will have more speed in both the standard as well as the free spins rounds.

The Info Icon

Strangely enough, there’s no Info tab in this Playtech slot. The only info Safari Heat offers is available through the paytable button.

Autoplay Button

A very important element in all video slots is Autoplay. Most slots at Ladbrokes feature it, allowing players to enjoy these video titles without spinning manually, but rather resetting Ladbrokes slot’s Autoplay after it stops. When creating Safari Heat, your convenience was obviously on Playtech’s mind, because this timeless African tuned game involves Autoplay, which can spin the maximum 99 times. In return, you can benefit from the 96.16% RTP rate and win a lot without moving a finger.

Autoplay serves to help the player enjoy Safari Heat without incessant clicking,replacing Spin. Playtech cleverly made this function quite flexible.

The Minimum Bet Size

Playtech determined a minimum bet for this 15 paylines slot, so you could start slowly on getting those not so rare prizes. However, don’t forget about the £300 bonus.

Sadly, Safari Heat was denied a Bet One button that would help you set the minimum betting value in one click. So you have to make a bit of effort and set the coin value yourself before getting those 13 tiles spinning.

The coin value in this 5-reel game starts from £0.01 minimally. So, Safari Heat players can automatically switch to the £750 highest wager per spin by changing the coin value to the maximum £5. Playtech enabled the bet option – 1 X 0.01, so that your bet doesn’t exceed £0.01.

Catering to everybody’s needs, Playtech incorporated a command that will decrease the number of lines to 1. So, you don’t have to bet on all 15 paylines, you can play small. That’s fine. But, why would you do that? It would only impair your odds of going home with amazing bonuses and special features.

The Maximum Bet

Playtech made things for highrollers quite simple in Safari Heat. The game offers a special button – bet max, which enables you to set your Safari Heat bet to the maximum in a single click. 750x line bet and feature prizes in this video slot are more likely won this way. The maximum number of lines is 15 paylines, the most coins you can have per line is 10, the maximum value of a coin is £5, hence the maximum bet is £750. Simple, right?

Safari Heat RTP Percentage

Return to Player, or RTP, is basically the figure which epitomizes the video slot’s chances for regaining your money, as per the slot game’s capacity. It is always expressed in percentages, and the RTP in the slots with 15 paylines is likely to range from 93% to 96%, which means that you can gain an average profit of £96 on each £100 invested. However, you will not be reeling in 96% of the time, as RTP is in actual fact the rate of the payment from this 5-reeler over a certain time.

Compared to the industry average of 96%, the Safari Heat RTP is really something – 96.16%.

Special Symbols

There will be more information further down, but just so you know – Safari Heat is a pretty neat slot because it has the Lion and the African Sunset symbols incorpotated.

The Scatter Feature

There’s a cool surprise awaiting you in this Playtech slot – the African Sunset scatter . In fact, your bet will be multiplied up to 500x by this symbol. This video slot’s scatter symbol is not merely for show, as it brings about free spins, and thus, this is a game you’ll find rather attractive.

Scatter in Safari Heat:

More Details on This Playtech Release’s Wild

Scoring more wins in Safari Heat is easier with the wild symbol – the Lion, which serves to replace regular symbols. Therefore, with 4 of a kind Ace and King symbols and one wild, the 150 line bet multiplier will be all yours.

Here is the Wild symbol.

The Expanding Wild

This slot gives prizes on regular basis, but one thing it will not give you is the expanding wild. This would be quite unfortunate if it weren’t for the extras that can make this Wild Animals slot one of your favourites.

Are there any Stacked Wilds in this 15-liner?

It’s a bit of a bummer that Safari Heat has no stacked wild, but prizes like 750x line bet should brighten your day anyway.

About Overlay Wilds in Safari Heat

You may be disappointed that those 5 reels have no overlay wild. Who knows, Playtech may decide to give Safari Heat one in one of the following updates.

How to Navigate Safari Heat Paytable

Plan your budget for this video slot by taking a peek at its paytable. Playtech made it very clear and accessible through a dedicated button, and all 13 symbols can be found there. Pays start at 2 of a kind symbols, and it takes 5 symbols lined up to get big prizes. The Jack, 10 and 9 may not offer you big ones, but its 100x line stake multiplier will be handy when your Ladbrokes balance drops. You can win more on the Queen and the Ace and King symbols, whose respective payouts are 125 and 150 times line bet. Fortunately, Safari Heat offers higher prizes with the Zebra and Gnu – 250x bet per line – and especially with the Flamingo, which will reward your investment into this Playtech title with a lucrative 500x line bet multiplier. Lastly, the game’s Rhino and Elephant symbol will give you a huge 750x your bet per line, which is enough Safari Heat money to keep you spinning those 5 reels for much longer. Or withdraw the money from your Ladbrokes account and enjoy it anyway you want.

Here’s an explanation of how things work: a bet of £0.01 per line stake will get you £1 once you achieve the target of 5 Jack, 10 and 9 at one of the paylines in play. The Safari Heat payout works in a similar fashion for other reels, too. For instance, the 5 Zebra and Gnu symbols coming up will get you £2.5. And if you’re really lucky, the biggest prize of all is £7.5 if you’re fortunate enough to get 5 matched Rhino and Elephant icons.

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Playing Playtech’s Safari Heat with Ladbrokes Credits

Wondering how to set your Safari Heat bet? It’s easy, and Playtech provided you with several ways to do it:

  • Picking active paylines
  • Selecting bet level
  • Coin amount settings
  • Wagering cash amount per line

In terms of paylines, this Playtech game is very flexible – its 15 lines may be activated or deactivated depending on Ladbrokes players’ wishes. Of course, the minimum of a single line must be turned on to start betting.

The bet level is adaptable in this 5-reeler. The selected number of coins per Safari Heat line determines your credit size. Thus, in this Playtech game, the minimum of 1 or the maximum of 10 coins perpayline defines your bet level. Should you opt for the highest value and all 15 lines, you’ll bet 150 coins per spin.

What Value Does a Coin Carry?

Safari Heat gives you the option to allocate a certain money value to the coins you’re wagering. You can go as little as £0.01, or you can decide to take it to the maximum of £5.

This video game enables you to set up the coin value. One can amount to £0.01, or you can make it higher, all the way up to £5. Just press the yes button to do that. However, you need to factor in other Safari Heat settings in order to know what you’re wagering: the number of coins per line. This Playtech title lets you place 10 coins on a line or, if you are feeling prudent, 1 per line. Long story short – the minimum bet could be £0.01, while the maximum could be £750.

Safari Heat’s Multiplier Feature

Although a number of Playtech titles have a multiplier feature, which is different from this 5-reeler’s 750x line bet multiplier, There is no multiplier feature in this 5-reel slot. It is most regrettable, as in this low-paying game it would be truly beneficial.

Bonuses, Specials and Extras

Getting Safari Heat’s Bonus and Free Spins Feature

Information on Safari Heat’s Bonuses

It’s a pity that this Ladbrokes slot has no bonus feature. Perhaps the 15 free spins you can win in Safari Heat could help you get over this fact.

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Will Safari Heat Give Me a Chance to Double What I’ve Won?

In regard to the Playtech slot’s additional setting called Gamble, this permits you to risk your Safari Heat prizes and try to double them or lose the entire win, depending on the choice you make.

Safari Heat can be very lucrative if you choose to go ahead and try the Gamble round : This 15 paylines slot will remind you of this option each time you win money. Just know that the Gamble round is not something you have to play. You are the one that will determine how to proceed. This video slot will show you two options: to click the Red button or the Black button. This is where you want to be careful, because this will be the Safari Heat’s double or nothing moment. The good news is – there are 200 coins waiting in the Gamble round. When you put that in cash, that’s £1000.

Safari Heat Free Spins – In Game vs Bonus

There’s a huge difference between Safari Heat free spins from Playtech and those you get from casinos such as Ladbrokes. Ladbrokes offers 25 free spins for everyone who opens an account with Ladbrokes. Spin the reels for free 25 times and see if you can win enough to meet playthrough. As for Safari Heat, Playtech allocated 15 of them to this video online slot., providing players with better winning odds. Also, playing Safari Heat in free mode isn’t the same as Safari Heat’s free spins. Ladbrokes’s fun play doesn’t bring any real prizes, while in Safari Heat free spins you can win actual money.

Free spins are on offer in the game with the Free Spins element. The feature can net you some great rewards with the 15 free spins available.

There’s quite a sum to win on Safari Heat’s free spins, as with Playtech’s decision to include a notable amount of 15 of them, you’re bound to make money. can be expected from free spins in Safari Heat if Lady Luck looks upon you.

Game Interface Design

Trendy visuals and design mark Safari Heat. This game is an eye-candy, but Playtech has also added regular rewards and numerous set-up variations with which it’s possible to:

  • open the paytable
  • select the number of paylines
  • set bet size
  • set coin value
  • start auto play
  • open Safari Heat in full screen
  • boost bet to the maximum
  • set the volume
  • mute Safari Heat
  • spin in Turbo mode
  • risk Safari Heat winnings by picking either Black or Red option during the Gamble game

Background Music

It is, indeed, logical to assume that a Wild Animals-themed slot contains distinguishing audio characteristics. So, Safari Heat lives up to the expectations. Here, Playtech prudently selected the tones bringing closer to Ladbrokes punters the subject-matter of this 5-reeler. Its top award – £500000 – unfolds in the rhythm of authentic sounds. Should you prefer playing in silence, this trendy online slot comprises a standard mute option. As an alternative, Safari Heat also lets you activate volume settings.

How to Play Ladbrokes Slots for Real Money:

Playtech have many slots games that are based on quite simply imagery, including Safari Heat, though it makes up for that with the potential winnings. That is, this 5 reel slot gives the chance for as much as 100000 coins each spin. So wagering £5 each time can add up to a lot.

Details on How to Play for Cash

Want to enjoy the prizes in this 5-reel slot for real? Then opening an account with Ladbrokes, which requires about 5minutes of your time is your next step. Just follow these steps:

  • Search for Ladbrokes’s official website and use the sign up option
  • Fill out the form
  • Get a 300% up to £300 on your first deposit plus 25 free spins
  • Make at least the minimum deposit of £5
  • Wager all you like on Safari Heat

Withdrawing Your Prize Money

With Ladbrokes you don’t have to sweat about how to take home your money. The winnings can be withdrawn by employing Paypal or Skrill which are the most common e-wallets. In order to avoid any complication, check the Ladbrokes limit policies first.

You are entitled to cash out your Ladbrokes bonus, taking account of their sign up offer of 300% of the deposit amount. In order to do this, you should match the 40 x play through before you go about withdrawing your winnings from Safari Heat. Check out the T&Cs from Ladbrokes first, though. However, be awrae that these terms aren’t included in Safari Heat’s rules section, as they are determined outside of Playtech’s control.

Can I Test-Drive Playtech Titles for Free?

If you’re into playing slots for fun, and not for making money, the Safari Heat online free play is perfect for you. This is also possible on your mobile.

Ladbrokes requires you to open an account before you can enjoy Safari Heat online free play. And this goes for all other video slots you find there. Only line this you’ll access the 750x line stake multiplier that this 5-reeler is carrying.

After you get the taste of this Playtech title in Safari Heat online free play, you can move on to real play. Just deposit £5 or more, select your preferred Safari Heat bet, which starts at £0.01 per line, and benefit from Ladbrokes’s welcome bonus that gives you 300% more than you deposit.

Ladbrokes No Deposit Bonus

Despite the lack of a Ladbrokes no deposit bonus offer, if you’re keen to play this Playtech game, you will be able to get hold of the £300 welcome bonus and play the game anyway. And if Ladbrokes adds a no deposit bonus in future, we’ll update the Safari Heat review accordingly.

Is Playing Playtech Slots via an App Possible?

Ladbrokes made this genuine title available to iOS, Android, Windows device owners through a Safari Heat app with the same simple design, the same top win of 750x line bet, and the same good, old 96.16% payout rate. Therefore, you can play Safari Heat on the go, spinning those 5 reels at the same speed as on Ladbrokes’s desktop version.

Safari Heat can be played on an iOS device. Ladbrokes has an app you can download from iTunes. This way, you can try and get the £500000 both on your iPhone and your iPad.

Ladbrokes has an Android optimized app for playing this Wild Animals themed title. You can download it from the Google Play store and watch the 13 regular symbols spin on your Android mobile device.

You can’t easily find a Windows Phone casino app, so Ladbrokes offering one is way cool. More such apps for Playtech slot fans would be welcome, however.

Safari Heat is available for play from the Ladbrokes free download app, so pay attention when you’re downloading it – it has to be the official one.

Play Safari Heat Mobile and Get a Bonus

It’s highly unusual to see that Ladbrokes offers no bonus for Safari Heat mobile players, which Safari Heat fans will surely be saddened to know. Perhaps Playtech titles will be available to play using a Ladbrokes mobile bonus in the near future – we certainly hope so.

What’s the Biggest Win Here?

This particular game offersfrequent potential wins. The paytable has all the info – which you can see by clicking the relevant paytable button. The best symbol, as you’ll see, is the Rhino and Elephant, which comes with a possible 750 x line stake multiplier win. This means that, with your line stake at 10 coins, and each coin being worth £5, you could win big by lining up the 5 reels.

Safari Heat Cheats

Whenever you intend to invest your money into something, it’s a good idea to have some sort of strategy.However, it’s always good to keep in mind that in gambling, and especially when playing slot games for real money, strategies can only do so much, and it’s luck that plays the main role, because every spin is completely random.If you search for slots strategies online, you’ll get numerous results, all with a special formula that will help you win.

But the truth is – no one has a special recipe for winning on online slots. Therefore, the only real strategy you should stick to is this:
– determine exactly how much you want to spend and stick to it
– decide for how long you’d like to play and select credit size
– collect the bonuses that will work best for you
– know when to stop, whether you’re winning or losing

Even if we count in Ladbrokes’s profit, derived from zillions of spins on Safari Heat, this video slot has a very good payout prospects. With a 96.16% RTP and the volatility which provides generally smaller, but regular wins, this 5-reeler is a game worth trying.

Well, before you start spending your potential winnings, take heed of this advice:

Slots games are based on random number generators – RGN – with their own return to player – RTP – ratio, that determines how likely they are to pay out over a length of time. Safari Heat, for example, has an RTP of 96.16%. What this means is that, for every £100 you spend playing the game, on average you will receive £96.16 back from it. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the slot game will end up making more than you will, in average circumstances.

Playtech Data:

  • Established: 1999
  • Founder: Teddy Sagi
  • Headquarters: St. George’s Court, 2nd Floor Upper Church Street, Douglas
  • Website:
  • Specialties: Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, Cross-Platform Management System
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