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Rocky Intro

Targeting the fans of Film-themed slots, Playtech built in great features into Rocky, including 25 paylines which feature 13 vivid symbols that pay up to 1000x line bet. The payouts are generally not so big but are quite frequent, especially in this video slot’s special features, which adds to the overall good impression.

Once you decide to dedicate time to Rocky, you’ll benefit from its bonus game, free spins, and 100000 coins or £500000 the maximum win. Also, if you hit Rocky’s special features, such as the fantastic Rocky Feature, the generally generous Rocky prizes will be significantly boosted, even with £0.01 on your line bet.

Rocky Video Slot Attributes

In order to know what more awaits in Rocky besides the Rocky theme, we recommend reading the following guidelines.

It seems easy to win on Rocky when you take a look at its 13 symbols and extra features like those free spins, and bonus rounds, as well as rewarding wilds, the RTP rate of 95.02% and 25 paylines that combine to pay out up to £500000.

With a 1000x line bet multiplier, who needs a jackpot? Also, you should know that the RTP is 95.02%.

Having fun with Rocky is easy. Just find a venue with Playtech slots and open an acccount – bet365 seems like a good choice. There’s a bet365 app that makes accessing Rocky easy through your mobile. And with bet365 new player bonus of £ 300, you’re bound to have fun with Rocky for much, much longer. Just use the MAXCASINO bonus code and start spinning.

Rocky through Time

This widely known Playtech slot game, launched back in 2010, provides numerous benefits. Among others, the video Rocky slot offers quality entertainment guaranteed by Playtech’s regular updates..

Rocky Guidelines

Rules for playing this 25 paylines game are as follows:

  • Rocky pays left to right
  • Players need at least of a kind symbols on one of the 25 paylines to win in Rocky. This doesn’t work for the Italian Stallion, because it pays at any position on the 5 reels
  • Players can select from 1 to 25 active paylines
  • Wild symbol replaces other symbols, except the scatter tile
  • Only the biggest win per line is eligible for payout
  • Free spins round triggered in Rocky brings 25 free spins
  • It’s possible to retrigger free spins
  • The lowest wager is one coin
  • Any ongoing plays or winnings will be voided in case of malfunction

Playing Rocky 101

Rocky is a dynamic 25-payline slot that rewards with the minimum identical symbols on a payline. This Playtech online game offers cash rewards paid left to right. It has everything that players look for – Rocky as an intuitive and rewarding game follows Playtech’s successful paths. Our take on this 5-reeler offers all the necessary information to prospective players.

If you want to give Rocky a shot, you need to decide where. bet365 may be a good option with its 200% welcome bonus that awards up to £ 300 on your first deposit if you enter MAXCASINO in the bonus code field on bet365.

So, why not try Rocky for real money, when this Playtech slot could award you with up to 100000 coins that’ll earn you £500000 of cash money. At bet365, you can play this video slot right away on their flash website, and on your mobile device.

You don’t even need to install any bet365 software, but you can download bet365, because it supports that option too.

To start the Rocky magic, you need to press the Spin button and decide your preffered bet by mens of the coin button. Remember, Rocky lets you win up to 1000x your line bet.

However, lining up all 5 matching symbols isn’t easy, especially if not all 25 paylines are active.Yet, in this particular Playtech title, paylines must always be on all 25, so your odds are good. Also, Rocky includes a Turbo button, so feel free to use it.

Here are a few simple steps to enjoy Rocky

  • At the beginning of your Rocky venture, the first choice may be among paylines.

There are 25 of them and you can select just 1 or more, up to all 25 of them, but know that those 5 reels will pay much better if the maximum 25 lines are active. So don’t miss those £500000 over a couple of lines.

The winnings are paid from left to right in this genuine Playtech release, enabling you to get prizes pretty often, even though you may think the opposite – that Rocky pays bad just because it has 25 paylines. Well, the truth is that this video title turns out to be quite generous.

  • After paylines, decide how high your Rocky credit size will be

This parameter is often referred to as coin size. In Rocky, you can pick your credit by pressing the adequate button on the Rocky’s screen. It can vary from the minimum £0.01 to highroller-friendly £5.

  • Since you’re done with your Rocky coin size, you can now select bet per line.

Not all casinos include the same range of coins per line. In bet365, it’s possible to make a selection in Rocky how many coins to wager on each of 25 lines. The range goes from 1 to 10 that can be set with a designated button.

It’s easier to win while playing Rocky with real money when you can pick 25 paylines. You can choose less – as little as 1 of them, but at the expense of winning. Set Rocky’s paylines using a button particularly made for that purpose.

It’s so easy to maximize your Rocky bet using a ‘bet max’ toggle.

This is a very convenient way to set up your Rocky line stake, which can start at 0.01£ and move up to 50£. It’s absolutely clear that this video slot’s bet range is best for the highest-paying customers.

  • Spin the reels with the help of Rocky’s Spin option.

Once activated, the reels will spin on the paylines and credit size you’ve picked before. If you’re feeling too lazy to click Spin every time, use this video’s auto play option, which lets you spin non-stop for up to 99 times.

  • Anything else, you wonder? Well, let’s see if Playtech gave us full screen and volume options.

Using the full screen button, you will augment the Rocky screen for an enhanced playing experience.

Use the mute button to turn off Rocky sounds. This can come in handy very often.

The truth is, you can further change this video slot’s settings to suit you. As a Playtech title, it also has the sound volume up/down button.

About Rocky’s Symbols

bet365 players will benefit from 13 frequently paying symbols, which involve:

  • Apollo Creed
  • Ivan Drago
  • Clubber Lang
  • Paulie
  • R
  • K and Y is the Rocky symbol with the lowest payouts.

It’s also possible to win decent sums on

  • a wild symbol: Rocky
  • a scatter symbol: Italian Stallion
  • a bonus symbol: Boxing Gloves
  • a frespins symbol: Italian Stallion

If your eyes are on the big prize, Apollo Creed is the symbol to look for. It brings the best prizes and may reward you with up to 1000-fold line stake or 100000, provided that you play on all 25 bet lines and stake the maximum 100000 coins on each of them.

Below is the pictire of the Apollo Creed symbol:

play Rocky for real money

Next comes Ivan Drago as the second best symbol. If you stake £0.01 per line, it may boost it by 800 times, which is okay, but if you decide to wager £50 per line and hit 5 of these symbols, you’ll be winning whopping £40000! Following Ivan Drago is also generous Clubber Lang, which rewards you with 500x win even with a minimum £0.01 stake per line, but may increase your bankroll with a £25000 prize if you choose the max bet and 5 of them appear on an active line.

Rocky’s other symbols are Paulie – which pays a maximum of 300 multiplied with your line stake and R, whose top prize is 250x bet per line; but also the K and Y, whose modest top prize of 100 may not have the ‘wow’ factor like Apollo Creed, but appears more frequently in Rocky than any of the others.

Keep your eyes on the reels for Rocky, but remember that this video slot contains a scatter symbol too. So, these Rocky’s special tiles make a superb match. Also, 100x line multiplier can be yours if Italian Stallion symbols appear anywhere on those 5 reels.

More thrill is brought by other feature symbols, such as the generous Italian Stallion icon, which starts a round of free spins, or the Boxing Gloves symbol, whose bonus round brings additional money to your account.

About Rocky Paylines

This Playtech title is a video slot with 5 reels and 25 lines.

Paylines make various winning options across 5 reels of this slot with complex design. It’s up to you how many Rocky bet lines will be active. Simply toggle the dedicated button.

Wager up to 10 coins in this slot thanks to a special ‘coin’ adjuster.

play Rocky online Play now at bet365 

How Does the Rocky’s Payline System Work?

  • This Rocky has lines that pay in left to right.
  • For you to get the prize, least number of symbols must match.
  • If you would like to replace any of ordinary simbols, Playtech made it easy – you just need a Rocky, which will replace any of them.
  • You can have the Italian Stallion symbol anywhere, and it will pay!
  • When you have several wins – some higher, some lower, you needn’t worry cause the higher win will be paid always!
  • If you want to get your prize, and you do, make sure you activated all of the bet line, because Rocky doesn’t pay inactive paylines.

What Can You Find on Rocky’s Reels?

Introducing Rocky’s reels, one must notice that these 5 blocks follow the rules of gravitation, moving downward. This is perfectly normal for a video slot, such as this Playtech title.

There are 13 regular symbols in Rocky, along with a wild symbol and a scatter.

What do You Have to Know About the Rocky Fixed Jackpot?

While you can’t win a jackpot in Rocky, there are other lucrative prizes that this frequently paying slot offers, including the 1000x line stake multiplier, awarded by 5 Apollo Creed tiles. Expressed in coins, a top bet of 10 coins per line will bring up to 100000 coins. Or, in cash, you could win £500000 on the max bet of £50 per coin and of 250 coins per spin.

Where Can I Play Rocky with a Progressive Jackpot

In Rocky you won’t find a progressive jackpot, but that doesn’t make this Rocky-themed game any less exciting because you can win big with the Apollo Creed symbol. On the other hand, there could be a Playtech-powered casino that’s planning to take in Rocky as a part of its progressive jackpot pot.

Can Rocky Be One of bet365’s Video Slots?

As a video slot, Rocky features interesting and detailed design that Playtech obviously made with great attention. just like Rocky’s sounds. Being famous for its video slot titles, Playtech evidently maintained its quality in Rocky. Nice effects, special features and prizes of 1000x line bet maximum make this video title highly desireable among bet365 customers. And for a good reason, too.

How About 3D Effects? Are There Incorporated in Rocky?

The answer is no. But don’t despair – Rocky has neat graphics, and more importantly, good payouts. Besides, bet365’s 3D and video slots don’t differ that much; it’s classic slots that stand out. Anyhow, Rocky will surely win you over, as Playtech gave it lots of useful features.

Downloading Rocky Explained

You can download the bet365 software, and play slots with a Rocky motif like Rocky this way, but you don’t have to. It’s up to you – play on bet365 site or install the casino on your computer. Both come with a £5 price of admission – in the form of the required minimum deposit.

It’s up to you – play Rocky online or download bet365’s software with the game. A free bet365 account is required whatever you choose. This Playtech title is available immediately after download, but bet365 offers it online, as well. Either way, 1000x line bet can be won to make your bet365 bankroll bloom.

Toggles, Switches and Other Rocky Controls

This is how you are going to navigate your way through this Playtech title.

Starting the Game with Spin

Want to bet that the most used command on any contemporary slot game is the start button? Want to know why? Because that little thing is what starts the magic. Rocky has a significant amount of money to give out, as much as £500000 and you can access the chance to win by pushing the Spin button. The dashbord has more commands as well:

  • Change the sound level
  • Allocate the maximum amount to be wagered
  • Enable playing Rocky in full screen
  • Specify the coin setting and number of paylines
  • Turbo – you can read more on the Turbo button later on
  • Additional information on Rocky and its paytable

About Rocky’s Turbo Option

Besides many other smashing features, Rocky also has the Turbo setting. Turbo mode is a neat feature to have on a video slot because it’s function is to give your game a brisk pace and make the reels go much faster than customarily. It will enable those frequent wins come even faster, for sure.

You’re in luck, because this gorgeously designed slot has the Turbo option. Even if you are in no hurry at all, you jolly well might click it just to see how fast Rocky can actually go!

Using Rocky’s Info Tab

Without any Info icon, it’s difficult to find Rocky rules. The table of wins will help, as will the bet365 customer care center.

What’s Autoplay Button for?

A very important element in all video slots is Autoplay. Most slots at bet365 feature it, allowing players to enjoy these video titles without spinning manually, but rather resetting bet365 slot’s Autoplay after it stops. When creating Rocky, your convenience was obviously on Playtech’s mind, because this timeless Film tuned game involves Autoplay, which can spin maximum 99 times . In return, you can benefit from the 95.02% RTP rate and win a lot without moving a finger.

Autospin, as we said, is a replacement for Spin, which lets you play Rocky without constant clicking. It’s good that Playtech made it so you can customize it.

Rocky’s Real Money Minimum Bet

Whether it was the splendid design or the not so rare wins that drew you to Rocky, you should first find out the minimum amount you can bet with. When you have that information it will be easy to calculate how much you’ll pocket with the line bet multiplier of 1000x.

Rocky doesn’t have a special button for minimum bet setup, so you have to take down the numer of coins yourself to the minimum of 1 per line.

This genuine video bet365 slot lets you place a minimum of £0.01 per coin, allowing for a minimum bet of 0.01 on all 25 win lines.

Rocky can be played with only 1 out of the 25 paylines. But doing so won’t do you any favours if you want to get any of the special features.

What is the Max Bet Option?

If you want maximum chances of winning Rocky’s feature and jackpot prizes, why not use max bet button, a button that sets your bet to maximum.

Winning Odds with Rocky RTP

Newcomers to bet365 may wonder what RTP stands for in Rocky. Return to Player is a percentage of your bet365 balance invested in this video slot that you’ll likely get back through Rocky winnings. Therefore, it’s not how often this 5-reeler pays you, but how much. If Playtech made this slot with RTP of 96%, it means that when you wager £100, it’ll likely return £96 on average.

Similarly to some of the best video slots, Rocky features good RTP of 95.02%.

Are There Any Wild Cards in This Playtech Game?

Concerning its special features, Rocky involves both Rocky and Italian Stallion, a Wild and a Scatter, which are covered in the following sections. A cool thing about this video game is its Knockout Bonus but also a round of free spins.

Should I Pay Attention to a Scatter Symbol?

The symbol that will pay you no matter where it is placed on these 25 paylines is the symbol that will treat you with the 100 times bet multiplier. This is, of course, the Italian Stallion scatter . Now, this Italian Stallion scatter also grants the always welcomed free spins that Playtech wisely included.

This is Rocky Scatter:

play Rocky for free

Does Rocky Have a Wild?

Playtech made good on this slot by including the Rocky wild symbol. The wild is going to replace a symbol in order to get you 5 matching ones. Now, lets presume that you have 4 of Ivan Drago symbols. If one of the other tiles in that line is the wild, it will carry Ivan Drago’s functxion and this will bring you the 800x the stake you had for that line. So yeah, this is a tile you want to get.

win real cash on Rocky

What you see above is the Wild symbol.

What is the Expanding Symbol?

Playing Rocky would probably be even more exciting if Playtech gave it an expanding wild. Sadly, its 5 reels don’t have it. Instead, Playtech included other useful special features to boost your bet365 bankroll.

Can I Count on Getting a Stacked Symbol?

You’ll see no stacked wild on these 5 reels, as Playtech didn’t include it in its offering. Rocky, however, has other features worth your attention.

What the Deal With Rocky’s Overlay Wild?

Unfortunately, this Rocky themed slot doesn’t have the overlay wild option. But there is always the chance that Playtech will introduce it in a future version.

Using the Paytable

Plan your budget for this video slot by taking a peek at its paytable. Playtech made it very clear and accessible through a dedicated button, and all 13 symbols can be found there. Pays start at of a kind symbols, and it takes 5 symbols lined up to get big prizes.

With its smaller wins, Clubber Lang still pays really well, bringing a 500x line bet multiplier for 5 of a kind symbols. Even symbols like Paulie and R give away decent prizes – 300x and 250x line stake, respectively. But also, if you get 5 of the lowest paying, K and Y icons, you’ll still benefit from a nice bet365 bankroll booster of 100x stake per line. Not bad, many video slots don’t pay that well.

Rocky online free Play now at bet365 

How To Determine the Credit Size

Picking your bet is made simple in Rocky. It takes just a few clicks, and Playtech enabled a few ways to set it up:

  • You can set up the number of paylines
  • Determine how many coins will be the line stake
  • Set the value of coins
  • Put down how much cash you will bet on a line

This is a 25 lines slot, which means you have that many paylines. But you don’t have to bet on all of them, you can choose to bet on just 1.

From 1 to 10 – this is how many coins you can bet with in Rocky. Mind the number of lines you bet on, though.

Coin Value in Rocky

Coins bear a value in cash, that you can also set here in Rocky. Here’s how:

This value ranges from 0.01 to 5. You can assign each coin with a value from £0.01 to £5. It’s easy to set – just click on the up and down buttons. This is not the final cash bet size – you still need to factor in 25 lines and the amount of coins used. In total, you will bet at least £0.01 or maximum £1250.

How About a Rocky Multiplier?

It’s easier to win on video slots when you have a multiplier feature. Playtech, unfortunately, didn’t include one in this 5-reel title, but you may be glad that Rocky Feature, a feature unique to Rocky is there to provide extra prizes.

Bonus Features and Free Spins

Are there any in this video slot game?

The Knockout Bonus Bonus Feature

Of course! There’s this very cool feature in Rocky’s offering – the Knockout Bonus feature which could change things if your bet365 balance’s running out of funds. Playtech made its prizes very lucrative in general. Knockout Bonus is available thanks to the Boxing Gloves symbol, so keep an eye on this bonus tile.

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Double Up Game

So, you have here 13 regular symbols, you have 25 paylines, and you have 5 reels. They will all come together to bring you plenty of winnings, but Rocky will give you one more thing: the Black or Red round that has the potential to double that winning.

This is the way the Black or Red feature functions:On every win you get in Rocky, you’ll be offered the Black or Red game to double or lose your prize. Playtech enabled you to collect your money, too, so yes is purely optional. The next step is to press yes is yes to start the game. It will offer Red and Black buttons as two choices for your guess. Rocky winnings will be doubled if you’re right, while Black or Red will annul them if you’re wrong. 1000 coins is up for grabs in the Black or Red round, which in cash amounts to £5000.

What Does it Mean to Have Free Spins?

When taking into consideration whether a video slot features free spins, you mustn’t mistake them for online casino free spins. Those included in slots by Playtech and other manufacturers are special features. The others are casino promotions. In addition, if a casino like bet365 features free play mode, note that it’s also different from, say, Rocky’s free spins, which actually bring you real money prizes. Casino free play is there just to test those 25 lines’ payouts.

Rocky’s generosity is embodied in its feature. Hit these 25 free spins and watch Rocky’s magic at work.

By including solid 25 free spins into this video title, Playtech enabled you to win

Rocky Interface Design

Playtech designed this game as a video slot. It has 13 regular symbols, and gives you some options:

  • open the paytable
  • select the number of paylines
  • set coin value
  • wager multiple coins
  • start auto play
  • open Rocky in full screen
  • boost bet to maximum
  • set the volume
  • mute Rocky
  • spin in Turbo mode
  • risk Rocky winnings by picking either Black or Red option during the Black or Red game

Playing Rocky for Real Cash

It’s so much fun to play Rocky with its bright imagery, fantastic features and great prizes of up to 100000 coins. However, if played in fun mode, this Playtech title won’t pay any real money. bet365’s real money mode is your thing if winning Rocky’s prizes is a priority to you.

Step-by-step instructions to playing Playtech slots for cash

This 25 paylines slot can pocket you as much as £500000, but only if you play for cash.
First you have to register an account at bet365 casino, which is very simple:

  • Pay a visit to the bet365 website
  • Click on thesign up field
  • Fill in all the required fields in the form
  • Type in voucher code: MAXCASINO and get bet365 offers
  • Deposit £5 or more
  • Start spinning Rocky and winning on its 25 lines

Taking the Prizes Home

When you win money on this Playtech title, it’ll end up in your bet365 bankroll immediately. Withdrawing it is easy – just use Paypal or Skrill, or some other e wallet. Each method features a limit, so ask bet365’s customer support about these.

If you take a bet365 bonus offer, like the new player bonus of 100%, you can count on the 40x playthrough requirements. You can’t withdraw your Rocky payouts without fulfilling those. As previously said, bet365 has withdrawal limitation policies, included in its T&Cs, so don’t address Rocky rules for this, as it’s purely a bet365 thing.

Must I Make a Deposit to Play Rocky?

Too bad, but no can do on Rocky free play. However, this means you winning £500000 is only possible for real, which is quite comforting. Yet, bet365 could’ve included this option, as so many other venues have it.

Can I Win Real Money on Rocky if I Play it for Free?

Let’s not push it. bet365 asks you to place just £5 to start playing this genuine Playtech title. Besides, you could win up to £500000 in a blink, and with a bet365 bonus you wouldn’t be able to cashout that much.

Is there a No Deposit Bonus for Rocky?

It’s true that there is no bet365 no deposit bonus, but at least the 200% welcome bonus is there to prolong playing Rocky. Besides, the minimum deposit bet365 requires is pretty undemanding – only £5, and even with that this Playtech game can be played for quite a while.

Play Rocky On Mobile

The answer’s yes – Rocky and all of its fabulous features, £500000 wins, 95.02% RTP rate, and lively graphics are available on bet365’s mobile app, that lets you play on iOS, Android devices and keep the feel of desktop quality.

If you want to play this video slot on the go, and you have an iPhone or iPad, you can do that via bet365 app for iOS. Here you’ll also find other Playtech titles that take your fancy.

Android users, hail bet365’s app designed especially for you! Play Rocky and other games by Playtech after downloading it from Google Play or bet365’s site. Enjoy it all you like, wherever you like.

Without a dedicated bet365 or Rocky app for Windows or Blackberry, this Film-themed title is still within your mobile’s reach. bet365’s site is optimized for all mobiles, offering Rocky and many other Playtech titles to customers who access it via browsers on their mobile devices.

Beware: there are sites that offer bet365 and Rocky apps in exchange for money. Don’t let them trick you, because the real app download requires no payment whatsoever.

Mobile App Bonus for Playtech Slots

If you hoped to receive a bonus for playing Rocky on you mobile device, bet365 will dissapoint you. There’s no mobile bonus. But this contemporary slot game could make you some serious cash with the 1000x line bet multiplier.

It’s quite easy to calculate how lucrative this video title really is. Like every Playtech title, this one has the paytable info. You can access it by clicking the yes. First look for the Apollo Creed because this is symbol that pays the most – 1000 times the bet line. If you bet 10 coins on one of the 25 paylines, then you’ll receive 100000 coins if you manage to get 5 of these symbols.

The Highest Amount You Can Take Home

All in all, if you’re hoping to get a magical recipe for winnning in Rocky, no one can give you that – after all, its payouts are determined randomly, but the 95.02% RTP rate sufficiently indicates what you could count on winning in this slot with regular if not major payouts.

Be smart and Play Strategically

Money-wise, slots like this 5-reeler, usually offer a whole range of bets, making it easy to fit playing on all 25 paylines into every balance, all in order to boost payout rate. And if you decide to play Playtech’s quality titles in bet365, you’ll likely be tempted by some nice bonuses, whose playthrough requirements and cashout limitations you also need to consider.

Whether you’re into Playtech slots to win or just to have fun, there are certain things you should do before you venture into real money play. To start with, read the game rules and paytable. Rocky, for example, offers max win of 1000x line bet, and if that ticks your boxes, move on to considering your budget.

About Playtech:

  • Established: 1999
  • Founder: Teddy Sagi
  • Headquarters: St. George’s Court, 2nd Floor Upper Church Street, Douglas
  • Website:
  • Specialties: Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, Cross-Platform Management System
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