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When you decide to play Maverick Saloon for real money, sign up for a Ladbrokes bonus. You don’t need to bother looking for any Ladbrokes Promo Code. Namely, Ladbrokes’s promos include a 300% sign-up bonus that only requires a deposit of minimum £5 – no special codes need to be used. The deposit can be made using Paypal or Skrill and the new player bonus that could go as high as £300 will be yours to play Ladbrokes games. What’s pretty amazing about Ladbrokes’s promos is that they include 25 Ladbrokes free spins on top of the £300 that you could get by using the special 300% sign-up bonus.

Promo Code How To:

Once you sign up for Ladbrokes’s services, you’ll find how simple things are – all promos come without a single Ladbrokes Promo Code. This includes the 300% sign up bonus. A new Ladbrokes account is all it takes.

Ladbrokes Sign-up Bonus: £300

Probably the best way to boost your Ladbrokes balance is the unique 300% Ladbrokes welcome bonus on your first deposit of the minimum £5. Simply use your Paypal or Skrill and on every £5 deposited, you’ll get another £5.

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Introduction to This 5-reeler

With 9 paylines that carry the maximum win of £90000, this slot is certainly worth a try. The 5 reels are filled up with 13 regular symbols with Priest and Sheriff paying 750x of your line bet. The overall layout was given a Wild West look and feel, while the graphics are superb. One of the main reasons why this Playtech slot could be good for filling up your account are the truly profitable prizes and all the extra features it gives. Honestly, if this doesn’t sway you, nothing will.

Learn All About Maverick Saloon Online

Fans of slots with Wild West topic, prepare! Maverick Saloon features such a theme that will keep all Casino-themed slots buffs and those who appreciate Playtech slots in general, tied to their seats. Before you is the Maverick Saloon online slot, perfectly tailored for you and other video slot enthusiasts.

You see, it’s such a treat to play Maverick Saloon when you can enjoy all the action of its 13 symbols, numerous free spins, bonus rounds, 9 paylines, as well as playful scatters and useful wilds and beautifully designed reels.

Access this quality Playtech title immediately in one of the supporting casinos, including Ladbrokes. Opening an account there is as easy as 1-2-3, and after registering, you can even play on your mobile using a convenient Ladbrokes mobile app. To make things even better, there are the aforementioned Ladbrokes promos which could bring you up to £300 in welcome bonus money. Use the cash to spin and win on Maverick Saloon and other titles with the Casino theme.


Maverick Saloon was successfully released in 2016 and it became one of the Playtech titles you can find in Ladbrokes. If you encounter some problems with this 9-payliner you can rest assured that Playtech will update it if need be.


Regarding this Playtech slot’s rules, here’s the thing:

  • The minimum number of symbols for one of Maverick Saloon’s winning combinations is 2
  • All prizes are paid left to right, except for scatter prizes
  • Activate up to 9 win lines; pays are made only for wins on active lines
  • Single payout per line is made, always for top wins
  • Wilds enable additional wins by replacing symbols other than scatters
  • Scatters pay at any position on Maverick Saloon’s reels
  • No gambling of the max wins or prizes won during autoplay is allowed in Gamble
  • Maverick Saloon awards 74 free spins
  • A minimum bet of £0.1 per spin is required
  • In case a malfunction occurs, all prizes and plays will be proclaimed void

How to Play Online Slot Games

You’re looking to play Playtech slots online, and you’ve chosen this video title that could potentially make your wallet burst. It has 9 paylines that pay winners left to right if you manage to get 2 same tiles on a line. It falls into the category of slots which pay profitable prizes. There are some other aspects you should know about, and that’s what this article is for.

With the vast number of offers to participate in Maverick Saloon, you may be a little unsure. Ladbrokes can make this clearer for you by giving a 300% worth of credits to match your deposit, up to the maximum £300.

How about pocketing £90000? If you would like that, play this 5-reeler in the Ladbrokes real play mode. The Ladbrokes website is the way to this winner, and you can even play it on the go.

Prefer test-ride before plunging in? Maverick Saloon free-play version can be found at Ladbrokes whether you play on computer or mobile. The installation of this 5-reeler is not necessary, but on preference Maverick Saloon can be downloaded to your devices.

Players gladly play games offering various choices. Maverick Saloon is attractive as you can choose your bet. Bet sizes are selected by value switches. There’s also the Spin button that puts the reels in motion. 2 matching symbols ensure prizes, but look for 5 such symbols on one of the 9 paylines to cash in big amounts.

The £90000 prize could miss your Ladbrokes account if all of the 9 paylines aren’t active. Sure, you can activate just one line with the line-selection buttons, however this will hurt your odds. But you can hit the Turbo option to get to the prize quickly.

Here’s a Step-by-step Breakdown:

  • Maverick Saloon has 9 paylines, so how many will be active?

Maverick Saloon features 9 paylines on its 5 reels. While you can choose to bet on 1 to 9 paylines, it’s worth knowing that this Playtech slot will pay better when you play 9 lines, than if you opt for less. Maverick Saloon’s maximum multiplier of 750x line bet is an attractive offer – keep it in mind when choosing paylines to bet on.

The direction to look out for is left to right, because that’s how this slot’s 9 paylines will pay you. Also, you should know that Maverick Saloon has doesn’t have more than 20 paylines.

  • After paylines, you should turn to Maverick Saloon’s coin value.

If you have chosen Ladbrokes to use real money and play Maverick Saloon, lean back and relax as Playtech has fixed the credit value for you. £ is every coin’s size. Don’t be surprised if Maverick Saloon offers wider selection in its updated versions.

It’s generous of Playtech to have this matter resolved for you. The 9 paylines are your only concern then. And perhaps win 750x your line bet.

  • Now that things are settled with the Maverick Saloon coin size, you can pick your line bet amount.

The 1 coins per payline is fixed in this particular Playtech slot.

Before getting started, you can select Maverick Saloon paylines. The minimum number to begin with is 1. Also, you can activate all 9 winlines and increase your winning chances. Playtech developed a special payline button for such adjustments.

Before you spin the 5 reels, you can determine your bet size. To help you with that, Playtech incorporated the bet max option. Playtech also left the option for fine adjustments with the bet value setting.

In Maverick Saloon your line bet amount can range from £0.1 to £5. This limit of £5 is rather high, but the higher the stake – the higher the win.

  • Once you’re ready to start the game, hit the Spin icon.

Upon activating this button, its 5 reels start moving. All other Maverick Saloon settings remain unchanged. Playtech’s auto play button can trigger up to 2000 spins at a go.

  • The next two buttons to dedicate attention to are those for this video slot’s volume and full screen options.

Choosing the full-screen option provided by Playtech guarantees total immersion into the Maverick Saloon game with no distractions whatsoever.

Don’t forget the mute button in Maverick Saloon’s online version. This is useful for the Casino slot’s players tired of the authentic Vegas noise.

When it comes to adapting this video slot’s sounds, you have two options – leave them or mute them. No middle ground.

Too bad Playtech left this option out, because not all Ladbrokes players are big fans of Vegas-like sounds.

Symbols and Multipliers

The 13 symbols in this 9 paylines game include:

  • The one to go for is the Priest and Sheriff
  • The Ranger
  • The Indian and Girl
  • The Ace and King
  • And there’s the Queen, Jack, 10 and 9.

When it comes to additional icons, this is what Playtech incorporated:

  • The Maverick Saloon Wild tile
  • The Bonus scatter sign
  • the bonus image
  • The Bonus – i.e. the freespins tile

You can win up to coins if luck is on your side. 5 of the best paying symbols – The Priest and Sheriff, which is Maverick Saloon’s top symbol, will do to get 750x bet per line. To win the coins, you need make an investment – all 9 paylines active, and 1 coins wagered per each of the lines.

This is the Priest and Sheriff, the tile that pays the most:

Also, keep an eye on the Ranger as the second strongest symbol. Wager the minimal £0.1 per line and you may see 400x boost per line, but should you place £5 per line and manage to strike 5 of these symbols, you will get even £2000. And this is not all, the Indian and Girl promises other generous rewards. Look out for a 250x win with as little as £0.1 per line. In addition, the impressive £1250 can be yours with the max bet and 5 of the Indian and Girl symbols on an activated line.

Plenty of chances to win money in Maverick Saloon – you have the Ace and King tile that rewards punters with a 125x multiplier. And if all fails, you can still hope for the Queen, Jack, 10 and 9, which is the lowest paying symbol which will multiply you bet by 100x.

Maverick Saloon’s variety of features also includes the wild symbol that can set off 9000x line bet, and replace any other 13 symbol. This certainly sounds promising!

Maverick Saloon does have a nifty wild, but Playtech didn’t stop there when it comes to special symbols – the Bonus scatter was thrown into the mix, with a line bet multiplier of 500x.

Additionally, this elaborately designed slot contains more feature symbols such as Bonus, a tile that unlocks the free-spins round, as well as the Bonus image that kick-starts the great bonus game.

Paylines Overview

One of the main things to know about this 5-reeler is that it’s a modern video slot which gives winners on 9 paylines.

Winnings in Maverick Saloon are determined by its generous 9 lines. Choose from 1 to 9 in this Playtech title using a special payline adjusting toggle.

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Further Info on Paylines:

  • left to right is the direction in which Playtech designed the online slot’s paylines to work.
  • Line 2 matching symbols for the minimum win.
  • Get Maverick Saloon’s wild for more winners, as it substitutes for other 13 symbols.
  • the Bonus pays on any position on the reels.
  • Playtech’s rule is that only top wins are paid. Maverick Saloon cannot cashout two wins on the same line.
  • Select the maximum lines to win more. Maverick Saloon won’t count a win on one of 9 lines, if the line isn’t active.

The Reels

When it comes to its reels, Maverick Saloon kept things straight. Those 5 wheels of luck move from up to down; downward is the most common direction for Playtech slots’ reels, so there’s nothing special about Maverick Saloon in that aspect. This video slot’s prizes can be way more special, though.

This video bears 13 tiles in charge of making you into a winner. And some of them are not so standard, namely the wild and the scatter which pay on any position.

Maverick Saloon Jackpot Info

No fixed online slot jackpots included in this Playtech game. What you can benefit from in lieu of a Maverick Saloon jackpot is a Priest and Sheriff amount that can really help ramp up the winnings for Maverick Saloonby multiplying your line stake x 750. For example, betting the max amount of £45 on each spin could see you win £90000. So, though there may be no big jackpot, this potentially good paying slot game has prizes on offer that other Ladbrokes slots can’t match.

Tips on the Progressive Jackpot

If you like a progressive jackpot, you sadly won’t find one in the Maverick Saloon game. It does, however, feature a 750x line stake multiplier function and other high value winnings available. It may also be the case that other online casinos that use games by Playtech will offer their own version of a progressive jackpot that includes the Maverick Saloon game.

Video Slots vs. Classic Slots

Maverick Saloon is a contemporary video slot. This Playtech game comes with intricate visual effects, including clever animations.

Is this a 3D Game?

3D technology wasn’t incorporated in this 9 paylines game. However, that’s not what’s important – those valuable prizes are your true goal.

Maverick Saloon Download Info

There are two possibilities offered by Ladbrokes when it comes to playing Maverick Saloon – to play online or to install it to your computer. Maverick Saloon download includes also installing Ladbrokes software which wll gice you a chance to play other Playtech slots as well, not just this video one. Create an account and whatch these 13 symbols spin your account into abudance. Just so you now, if you are ‘pretend’ playing, you will be ‘pretend’ winning as well. Use the demo to get the hang of Maverick Saloon and then move to genuine play.

Which Button Does What?

Read on to learn how to use the dashboard in Maverick Saloon, as well as most Playtech slots:

What’s the Spin Button for?

With the Spin toggle you will start this 9 paylines slot. And once you do that, you’re setting yourself up for a 750x line bet multiplier, some signinficant prizes and heaps of fun, especially if you’re a Wild West theme fan. Furthermore, Playtech inluded the following set of buttons:

  • A Fullscreen button
  • Maverick Saloon’s bet and payline buttons
  • A button for Maverick Saloon’s the maximum stake, aptly titled Max Bet
  • A special button to mute Maverick Saloon
  • Maverick Saloon’s Turbo button, that is analysed further on
  • An info button linked to Maverick Saloon’s paytable and play rules

Turbo Setting

There are video slots that have the Turbo charge for reels’ speed.

For the impatient punters, Playtech included the Turbo setting. Once click on the Turbo icon makes the reels spin super fast. If you get dizziy, click the Turbo button again and the reels will be back to their normal speed.

Info Tab

By opening the info icon in this Playtech slot, you can see the basic facts and rules for playing the game. Make sure that you take some time to read these, as they will prove useful to you so you can get the best from the slot.


Autospin is a very convenient feature in Playtech titles. The slots involving option as a standard feature let Ladbrokes players interested in Playtech games play with no clicking on the spin button, which is quite handy. Since this Playtech title includes the Autospin feature, the 5 reels are able to spin by themselves with 9 lines cashing up to £90000 while the player is relaxing and waiting for a big win. But, the Autoplay setting in Maverick Saloon is bound to stop when hitting special features. slot, which is a little disappointing. But let us hope that Ladbrokes aficionados will be pleasantly surprised by the updated versions of this Playtech title.

Autoplay or Autospin, as it is also called, replaces Spin, and its function is to help play Maverick Saloon more quickly. However, another positive aspect is that the Playtech has given it the possibility of customizing.

Minimum Bet in Cash

Ladbrokes likes to get their punters going with £300 bonus for the newcomers. Be sure to make a use of it and enjoy this Wild West-themed slot. Also, be sure to check what is Maverick Saloon minimum stake – it will determine how much you’ll pocket.

Maverick Saloon doesn’t have a special button for the minimum bet setup, you are the one that sets the minimum credit.

If you don’t feel like having your wager on the high end, Playtech has a option set out for you – the minimum bet per line of £0.1. This will place your total bet to £0.1. Not much, but it’s a start. And maybe after winning a couple of spins you will be confident enough to take it up a notch. But bear in mind that if you don’t play 9 paylines, the bet will be even less.

Here in Maverick Saloon you are the master of your winners. Namely, the 9 paylines can be reduced to 1. However, if you deactivate some of this 5-reeler’s lines it will influence your Ladbrokes bankroll. So think twice before doing it.

Setting the Max Bet

If you want the maximum chances of winning Maverick Saloon’s feature and jackpot prizes, why not use bet max, a button that sets your bet to the maximum.

Maverick Saloon RTP Rate

This video slot RTP represents the payout rate of Maverick Saloon over a certain period. The RTP – which means Return to Player – is given by an algorithm and expressed by percentages. For most video games it usually goes between 93% and 96%.

This Playtech title is really liked by most players, with its huge Maverick Saloon RTP of 96.19%, an extremely high rate in the online gambling industry.

Special Symbols

Similarly to so many video slots, Maverick Saloon boasts both wild and scatter symbols. It’s good that Maverick Saloon involves a Kill the Villain round and free spins to boost the excitement.

Scatter Symbol

This 9-liner’s generosity relies on scatter, aka the Bonus symbol, which Playtech made as a pay-any symbol that awards 500x your win. The fact that Maverick Saloon’s scatter also activates free spins and the Kill the Villain round means Ladbrokes players will get better payouts.

Scatter in Maverick Saloon:

Here’s What Happens When You Get a Wild

At those moments when you get 4 Indian and Girl images and need just one more to line up 5 of them so you can earn 250x your line stake, this is when this Playtech slot is really great: the wild symbol may come up and fill in for the much needed Indian and Girl symbol.

Here is an image of the Maverick Saloon wild symbol.

Expanding Symbols

Having an expanding wild symbol is great, but this Wild West slot doesn’t have one. But there are so many other special ingredients in Maverick Saloon that you won’t even know it’s missing.

Are there any Stacked Wilds in this 9-liner?

There are some cool features in Maverick Saloon. Unfortunately, a stacked wild is not an option in this Wild West slot. But you may find the 750x line stake multiplier interesting.

The Overlay Wild Details

Unfortunately, this Wild West themed slot doesn’t have the overlay wild option. But there is always the chance that Playtech will introduce it in a future version.

Paytable Rundown

Click the paytable button to find out all the necessary information on the 13 symbols that are available in Maverick Saloon and how much they pay out. This video slot pays real money when you have 2 matching symbols. Your biggest win will be if you manage to pull off 5 matching images, one per reel. In Maverick Saloon, the regular symbol that pays the most is the Priest and Sheriff. You can see from the paytable that the Priest and Sheriff will pay you as much as 750x line bet, providing you get all 5. The Ranger is the second best when it comes to payouts, it multiplies your bet per line 400 times, which is not too shabby. The Indian and Girl is the third highest paying symbol that will bring you 250 times what you wagered per line. Maverick Saloon’s fourth highest paying tile is the Ace and King. So if you fill up a line with 5 of these tiles you will be winning a line bet multiplied by 125x. You could argue that the most insignificant symbol of all is the Queen, Jack, 10 and 9 which pays the least, but that doesn’t mean it is useless. In this video slot it will multiply the stake you have per line 100 times.

For instance, if you place a bet of £0.1 per line and get 5 Queen, Jack, 10 and 9, your prize will be £10. And it only gets higher – if Maverick Saloon gives you 5 Ranger symbols on an active line, £40 will fall into your Ladbrokes account. However, the biggest balance booster is £75, which you get for 5 Priest and Sheriff symbols on one of the active lines.

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The Wagering Credit for Maverick Saloon

You know that spinning those 5 reels is going to be fun, but you ought to be smart about how you are going to make the most of the 13 symbols. So think about the options Playtech made available.

  • Setting the paylines number
  • Your stake will be as big as you want it to be
  • The cash sum bet on a line is up to you

Maverick Saloon gives you the option to determine how many paylines you’ll have as active. You have a total of 9 lines, but if you would like to have 1, you can do so.

This slot has 9 paylines and a neat button that puts you in charge of your bet size – the Bet Value. If you click on it, it will give you a choice of selecting how big you are going to go with your stake. The smallest number of coins you can have per line is 1. This will bring your wager to . But, if you feel confindent enough you can set the number of coins at 1 which takes your total bet to . Simply put, this video slot will let you win big if you dare to play big.

How Can I Know the Value of Ladbrokes Coins?

Determening the coin value can be a great way to keep your wagering under check. It takes just a couple of clicks, same as when you choose the number of betting lines.

Can I Benefit from a Multiplier in this Playtech Title?

It’s easier to win on video slots when you have a multiplier feature. Maverick Saloon, sadly, has none. It’s strange that Playtech didn’t include it, because many other video slots have it.

Bonus Rounds, Bonus Games, Free Spins and More

Special Features – Bonuses and Free Games

About the Bonus Round

Yep! Want to win more on Maverick Saloon? Some great prizes are hiding in its Kill the Villain round. Get them by hitting Bonus symbols on this video slot’s reels.

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Will Maverick Saloon Give Me a Chance to Double What I’ve Won?

As for the Maverick Saloon’s extra feature called Gamble, it allows you to risk your Maverick Saloon winnings and double them or lose them instantly.

Maverick Saloon can be very lucrative if you choose to go ahead and try the Gamble round : This 9 paylines slot will remind you of this option each time you win money. Just know that the Gamble round is not something you have to play. You are the one that will determine how to proceed. This video slot will show you two options: to click the Red button or the Black button. This is where you want to be careful, because this will be the Maverick Saloon’s double or nothing moment.

Maverick Saloon Free Spins Explained

There are 2 variations of free spins which are easy to get confused by. Playtech offers free spins within their games, for example Maverick Saloon free spins. while casinos offer a different version, a sign up bonus, like Ladbrokes free spins. Don’t get them confused – Ladbrokes provides a promo offer for players signing up with a playthrough requirement. Ladbrokes asks that you register online and offers 25 free spins at that point. So Maverick Saloon will be there for you to play, including its own 74 free spins, which are available as a feature of the game. Also, don’t get confused between playing video games in free play trial mode, and playing the free spins. Ladbrokes doesn’t give you cash prizes in free mode, but winning Maverick Saloon’s 74 free spins can actually help you win big.

There are 74 free spins up for grabs in Maverick Saloon. Keep an eye on them, as Playtech made them generally generous.

As well as the other benefits, Playtech incorporated a tidy sum of 74 into this particular video slots game. This could net you Which is pretty good, certainly.

Visual Experience

You can never make a mistake with a Playtech video slot, as they all have those great graphics that so many Casino theme fans appreciate. In addition, Maverick Saloon provides various toggles that can do the following:

  • view the game in fullscreen
  • feel lucky and press the maxbet button
  • review the paytable
  • decide on the number of lines
  • define the size of your bet
  • activate auto spin
  • switch off all sounds by the mute option
  • engage in Maverick Saloon’s TURBO spin
  • gamble your Maverick Saloon winnings by picking Black or Red in the Gamble round
  • get all information about Maverick Saloon rules via the info table

Background Music

The original Las Vegas sounds embedded in Maverick Saloon contribute to the real casino feeling. It’s worth mentioning that this 5-reel game isn’t a classic slot, but Playtech has still added some old-fashioned casino effects. After all, sounds can be regulated by Maverick Saloon’s mute button.

Maverick Saloon Real Money Play

With its Casino theme and top quality graphics, plus several additional features, Maverick Saloon will certainly be a fun game to play. Be warned, though, these 9 lines won’t give you any real cash when using fun play through Ladbrokes. If you’re aiming to win £90000, you should go with real play mode.

Real Money Play Key Steps

This 9 paylines slot can pocket you as much as £90000, but only if you play for cash. First you have to register an account at Ladbrokes, which is very simple:

Withdrawing Your Prize Money

Collecting your win from Maverick Saloon is very easy. Once you win money, it will appear on your Ladbrokes account. Then you pick the withdrawal method – such as Paypal, Skrill, or some other e-wallet service, and there you have it. Also, you can ask Ladbrokes customer support for more info on the limits.

Furthermore, if you’re after a Ladbrokes bonus, ie their 300% welcome bonus offer, to cash out, you should be aware that Ladbrokes makes you wager the bonus amount 40 x before you can cash out. Make sure you’re on top of the fine print of Ladbrokes’s Terms & Conditions when it comes to withdrawals. But don’t look in the Maverick Saloon info tab for this info, as it isn’t set by Playtech.

Is There a Way to Check Out Maverick Saloon Without Placing Real Bets?

When you wish to just try out Maverick Saloon free mode, you can! There’s a demo version on Ladbrokes site and you can even play this Wild West-themed slot on your mobile.

Do you want to take this video game for a spin? To use the Maverick Saloon free version first register at Ladbrokes. Yet, if the 750x line bet multiplier is what you have your heart set on, go to Maverick Saloon real money play.

Ladbrokes No Deposit Bonus Promotion Details

There is no Ladbrokes no deposit bonus at the moment. However, the 300% bonus for new players can help with your Maverick Saloon game play, and the minimum amount of deposit is only £5. So you should be able to play this Playtech game for some time.

Is Playing Playtech Slots via an App Possible?

There is a Ladbrokes app which is free of charge and optimised for iOS, Android, Windows devices. It lets you play Maverick Saloon and other well-known Playtech titles on the go, while providing the same quality experience as on desktop. And the 5-reel slot’s the max prize of £90000 can be yours, as well, all thanks to this Maverick Saloon app.

If you want to play this video slot on the go, and you have an iPhone or iPad, you can do that via the Ladbrokes app for iOS. Here you’ll also find other Playtech titles that may take your fancy.

Ladbrokes has an Android optimized app for playing this Wild West themed title. You can download it from the Google Play store and watch the 13 regular symbols spin on your Android mobile device.

There aren’t that many casinos that got apps for Windows operating system, but Ladbrokes thought of everyone. Once you download the app to your Lumia, you can go ahead and spin the 5-reeler and try to win the £90000 prize.

As always, one must be carefull when downloading apps, and the same goes for the Ladbrokes app. If you want to spin this video slot, know that the app is free.

Maverick Saloon Mobile Bonus

Getting more for your money is the goal of Ladbrokes’s online and Maverick Saloon mobile players alike. However, Playtech fans on the go don’t get any mobile incentives, so Maverick Saloon can be played on mobile only with as much money as you deposit. Not very stimulating, right?

How Much Can I Win?

This title pays out quite lucrative rewards, but the paytable will tell you exactly how much you stand to win, so click on the paytable button to see. The highest paying symbol – Priest and Sheriff carries a 750 line bet multiplier. If your stake per line is 1 coins, with each coin worth £, then you will get when you line up 5 highest paying symbols.

Maverick Saloon Hacks

So, you are interested in playing Maverick Saloon, but still would like to know a bit more about the game before spinning its 5 reels. Well, this Playtech game rewards fairly evenly if you bet the minimum of £0.1 on all 9 paylines. This would be a wise choice for a start. As you get more acquainted with the game, you can bet up to £45 and see some impressive amounts flowing into your balance. Indeed, the options are numerous, but remember that this Wild West-themed game provides quality entertainment in the first place. The prizes cannot be promised to anyone. So, when registering your account at Ladbrokes in order to try Maverick Saloon, make sure that you first try the demo version. You can easily switch to the real-money mode whenever you want.

It’s also advisable to always bet on all 9 lines, keeping your winning odds as high as possilble. With Maverick Saloon this is easy – even if you wanted to, you cannot exempt any of the lines from the bet.

When you take into consideration that Playtech set this compelling title to involve quite big but rare payouts, you’ll realize that getting your hands on that £90000 top prize is no easy deal.

Consider this – Playtech and other slots game makers have built in something called the Return To Player – RTP – percentage value into each of the games they offer. What this means is that you have a certain % cash return that is likely to come back to you, for every £100 you spend on the game. As an example, a slot with an RTP of 93%, should see you getting back £93 for every £100 you put into it. This might seem OK in one respect, but in another, it basically means you are far more likely to end up with less cash in your pocket than you started with, when playing this game.

Info on Playtech:

  • Established: 1999
  • Founder: Teddy Sagi
  • Headquarters: St. George’s Court, 2nd Floor Upper Church Street, Douglas
  • Website: https://www.playtech.com/
  • Specialties: Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, Cross-Platform Management System
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