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Introduction to This 5-reeler

Highway Kings is a good introduction to playing online slot games for real money. It’s a 9-line video slot game that features 5 reels, some nice extra features, as well as interesting, if simple design, which make its Adventure theme really come to life. What’s more, this generously paying title may bring you up to 10000x your line bet!

Highway Kings Online Overview

Released in 2012, Highway Kings offers its players lots of fun, with its both ways pays and Adventure theme. Transportation-themed slots, such as Highway Kings, as well as numerous other Playtech titles have a lot to offer, and Ladbrokes punters love this 5-reel slot for various reasons. We list them all right here.

It seems easy to win on Highway Kings when you take a look at its 12 symbols and extra features as well as prize-boosting wilds and scatters, the RTP rate of 97.06% and 9 paylines that combine to pay out up to £50000.


Released back in 2012, Highway Kings is a game developed by Playtech, which has always attracted numerous players. The Highway Kings Pro slot is its sequel which maintained Highway Kings’s quality but with a few improvements. This video slot is updated regularly, implying that Playtech makes sure it always runs without glitches.

Playing Guide

This genuine Transportation-themed slot is based on the following rules:

  • Highway Kings pays both ways
  • Players need at least 1 of a kind symbols on one of the 9 paylines to win in Highway Kings This doesn’t work for the Exhaust Pipe, because it pays at any position on the 5 reels
  • Players can select from 1 to 9 active paylines
  • Wild symbol replaces other symbols, except the scatter tile
  • Only the biggest win per line is eligible for payout
  • The lowest wager is £0.01
  • Full amount of progresive jackpot is to be paid after its activation
  • Any ongoing plays or winnings will be voided in case of malfunction

Play Online Slots – Learn How

If you have any questions about how to play Playtech slots online or the Highway Kings slot, we have prepared a brief overview. Playtech defined this slot as a 9 paylines game with both ways pays and interesting symbols. The prizes come if 1 of the same symbols appear on one of 9 win lines. Yet, it takes 5 matching symbols to win top prizes. Nevertheless, Highway Kings gives players numerous chances to win.

The prizes paid out in Highway Kings real-money game include £50000 which is always attractive to players. Ladbrokes offers various playing options for this Playtech slot. You can access Highway Kings game online via Ladbrokes website and its mobile app.

The size of the bet in the Highway Kings game is adaptable – you can select different amounts using the bet key. After selecting your bet, press the Spin field to activate the game in which 1 alike symbols on one of the 9 paylines bring rewards. If you hit 5 equivalent symbols on a payline, Highway Kings will pay out the highest prizes.

However, lining up all 5 matching symbols isn’t easy, especially if not all 9 paylines are active. For the maximum wins, the paylines on off control must be set to the maximum.

Steps to Playing Slots Online:

  • The first decision to make may refer to the number of active paylines.

Highway Kings has 9 paylines which spread across its 5 reels. It will give you an option to have just one line as active. However, with only one line, you may have to wait a while before getting the £50000 reward, so it’s best to activate all 9.

The winnings are paid from both ways in this genuine Playtech release, enabling you to get prizes even though you may think the opposite – that Highway Kings pays less because it has under 20 paylines. Playtech made it to pay decently, even better than many video slots with higher no. of paylines.

  • When you know how may bet lines are in the game, you need to determine how much you’ll actually wager.

The coin size is adaptable in Highway Kings game. The 5-reel slot offers plentiful betting options, from £0.01 to £5 betting amounts.

The difference between this video slot’s coin and payline amounts is that Highway Kings should be played on all 9 paylines if you are to win its progressive jackpot. On the other hand, Playtech made sure Highway Kings offers flexibility regarding coin size.

  • The line stake is what you need to determine next.

The 1 coins per payline is fixed in this particular Playtech slot.

As has already been said, this Playtech slot permits you to pick from 1 to 9 paylines as all you have to do is press the appropriate button.

Bet value can be adjusted easily in this 5-reel slot, thanks to its bet value button. There’s also a ‘bet max’ option if you want to speed things up, as well as the ‘bet one’ button, introduced by Playtech for those who prefer smaller bets.

This is a very convenient way to set up your Highway Kings line stake, which can start at £0.01 and move up to £5. It’s absolutely clear that this 5-reeler’s bet range is best for the highest-paying customers.

  • Spin the reels with the help of Highway Kings’s Spin option.

The next thing you see are Highway Kings’s 5 reels spinning with the selected credit amount. Playtech has not developed auto play for this Transportation-themed game. So, to keep the reels going, Spin must be pressed again after every spin.

  • Following these steps, you may want to take a look at Highway Kings’s full screen and volume toggles.

Strangely enough, Playtech didn’t include a full screen button into Highway Kings. That’s really something they need to correct.

It’s no wonder Highway Kings has no mute toggle, when Playtech failed to include a full screen button.

Indeed, it may surprise you that this 5-reeler comprises no volume regulation. Therefore, your mobile device or computer volume settings may save the day.

Symbol Values

Here’s a list of symbols and what they’re worth.

  • The highest paying is the Red Truck symbol
  • The Yellow Truck
  • The Green Truck and Gas Canister
  • The Jump Lead and Gas Station
  • The Bolt and Dice
  • And of course, there’s the Steering Wheel and Tire which pays the least.

And to make payouts even better and Highway Kings play more interesting, there are also:

  • a scatter symbol in the form of the Exhaust Pipe
  • a wild symbol titled the Truck

The biggest win can be achieved by the top paying symbol – Red Truck. Simply, when you hit 5 of these symbols on an active payline, 10000x your line stake will be awarded. Betting £5 on the maximum of 9 paylines, with such a win earns you £50000 – an impressive prize for sure.

Make note of this symbol because it will pay the most:

Next comes the Yellow Truck as the second best symbol. If you stake £0.01 per line, it may boost it by 5000 times, but if you decide to wager £5 per line and hit 5 of these symbols, you’ll be winning £25000. Following the Yellow Truck is another well paying sumbol, the Green Truck and Gas Canister, which rewards you with 1000x win even with the minimum £0.01 stake per line, but may increase your bankroll with a £5000 prize if you play on the max bet and 5 of them appear on an active line.

There is more to this Playtech game than the key prizes. Pay attention to the Jump Lead and Gas Station and the Bolt and Dice which can bring you 300x and 200x your stake per line. In the end, there is also the Steering Wheel and Tire symbol linked to the lowest prize, so 50x your stake may be yours if you hit 5 of these symbols.

Highway Kings can give you a the Truck wild that will replace any regular symbol, need be. Not too shabby, ain’t it?

This 9-line game can reward you with a wild symbol, but it can also give you a winner via its Exhaust Pipe scatter. Exhaust Pipe also boasts a 100x entire stake multiplier.

Bet Lines

Another version of the iconic Highway Kings video slot is Highway Kings Pro, which works on the same layout as its counterpart – with 5 reels and 9 lines – an obviously popular choice for Playtech slots.

This interesting Playtech slot’s winning combos are defined by the paylines which spread out crossways its 5 reels. It’s the player’s decision how many paylines will be active and how many will be deactivated. All you need to do is use the mouse to click the assigned button.

There’s a coin value control, too.

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Things to Know About Paylines:

  • Paylines are placed in both ways direction.
  • In order to win, you will need just 1 or more symbols that match in one row on a payline.
  • A wild or a joker symbol will serve as any regular symbol.
  • When you have a Exhaust Pipe, it will pay, no matter where it is placed.
  • The only win which is paid is the highest win on a certain payline. let’s say you got two wins, in that case, you will be collecting just the higher of those two. If you want to win on lines, you simply have to enable them. If you didn’t bet on a payline, and it ends up winning, you wouldn’t be able to collect the win.

Reels in Online Slots

Let’s be honest, everybody loves old school. And Highway Kings is just that. It has 5 reels that go in downward direction, just as you’d expect.

You can win on 12 regular symbols in Highway Kings, among which is the Truck and scatter.

Highway Kings Jackpot

Instead of a Highway Kings jackpot, you can win up to £50000 or even one of the special bonuses. The only thing you can’t have is the online slot jackpots because Playtech didn’t include it.

Will I get a Progressive Jackpot from Highway Kings?

When you have a progressive jackpot, as you do in this Transportation-themed release, you can rest assured that you can wheel in tremendous winnings. Every time someone spins these 5 reels it is accounted to the jackpot loot. If Highway Kings pays the jackpot, simply continue playing because it immediately starts increasing the starting sum.

Classic and Video Slots – Which Are Better and Why

Playtech made this title a video slot. It’s well known that Playtech’s video slots are of premium quality. Highway Kings is no exception to this rule. Filled with Playtech’s famous extra features, this cool 5-reeler brings more thrill than any traditional slot could. Ladbrokes players will also love its animation with which Highway Kings celebrates every win on those 9 lines.

Is this Slot 3D?

That’s a negative. This 9 paylines slot could be portrayed as a bit simpler, but as a consolation for not making it in 3D, Playtech included a line multiplier of 10000x and all the other trimmings that you came for.

How To Download Highway Kings?

There are two ways of playing Highway Kings – savour it instantly online, or take a minute to do a Highway Kings download. .

Control Panel

The following will explain Highway Kings’s commands and how to use them.

What’s the Spin Button for?

Once you’ve decided to take Highway Kings for a spin, all you’ll have to do is press Spin. This will start the game and get you on the way of earning £50000. However, that’s not all. This video slot has some special features that will boost your Ladbrokes account, for sure. Other usefull toggles in Highway Kings are:

  • Bet One and the max Bet buttons with which you can make a one-click adjustment of your wager
  • the bet size toggle
  • the button that picks out the number of active lines
  • the button for Highway Kings’s info section

Turbo Boost

Every so often, Playtech thinks of a way to help make your gaming easier and more fun. One of those ways is to implement a Turbo button which gets the reels moving fast enough to save you time and get a bit of adrenaline going.

The Turbo button has the same function as the Spin, to set the reels a-rollin’, only faster. Highway Kings doesn’t have the Turbo mode, but the regular Spin button is more than enough to bring you £50000 win.

Information Button

Without any Info icon, it’s difficult to find Highway Kings rules. The table of wins will help, as will the Ladbrokes customer care centre.

The Autoplay Feature

Once you decide to play Highway Kings for real you’ll want to know whether this Ladbrokes title offers Autoplay, which should spin the 5 reels without asking you to do it yourself. Well, in case of this animated slot games, you need to do everything yourself. The 9 paylines pay only when you click on Spin, but they feature the same good RTP of 97.06% on average.

The Min Bet

When it comes to Highway Kings’s prizes it’s worth knowing what Playtech set as the minimum bet, just to know what Highway Kings’s the max line stake multiplier of 10000x may amount to if you make a small investment into the Ladbrokes online slot.

This modern video slot is very much player-friendly in that it has a Bet One toggle: yes. So you’ll need just one click and those prizes will be a spin away.

Highway Kings can be played with only 1 out of the 9 paylines. But doing so won’t do you any favours if you want to get any of the special features.

Max Bet Size

If you want the maximum chances of winning Highway Kings’s feature and jackpot prizes, why not use bet max, a button that sets your bet to the maximum. You can wager up to 9 coins per spin, which is per payline when all 9 of them are active. On the max £5 coin size, the max bet in cash amounts to £45.

Highway Kings RTP

Highway Kings RTP, or Return to Player, is determined by an algorithm and represented by percentages, and it shows you what is Highway Kings’s rate of payouts over time. Commonly, video slots have the RTP ranging from 93% to 96%. This 9 paylines title has an 96% RTP. This doesn’t show you Highway Kings volatility, just that when you bet £100 the game will return £96 on average.

What an Highway Kings RTP this Playtech game has! It ranges from 97.06%, so kudos to Ladbrokes.

Special Symbols

Playing this slot is a joy thanks to its the Exhaust Pipe and the Truck symbols that boost its payout rate.


Similarly to a number of other video online slots, Highway Kings offers the scatter symbol, named the Exhaust Pipe. It can pay 100x bet from any position on the 5 reels.

This is what it looks like:

Here’s What Happens When You Get a Wild

In case you get 4 Green Truck and Gas Canister and need just one to line up 5 of them and get 1000x your line stake, that’s where Highway Kings’s cool the Truck wild feature jumps in to replace the missing Green Truck and Gas Canister symbol.

When you see the image above it means you’ve hit the Wild.

All about Expanding Wilds in Highway Kings

It’s not unusual for 5-reel slots to have expanding wilds, but Highway Kings unfortunately features none. However, Playtech made it with other interesting features you’ll love.

Is Getting a Stacked Wild Possible in Highway Kings?

It’s a bit of a bummer that Highway Kings has no stacked wild, but prizes like 10000x line bet should brighten your day anyway.

What the Deal With Highway Kings’s Overlay Wild?

Highway Kings doesn’t have an overlay wild symbol. But there are other perks you may obtain that will give you a chance to earn a lot of money.

What Information Can I Get from the Paytable?

If you are not all that familiar with this hip video slot , then you should definitely check the paytable first. Just one click on the paytable icon and you’ll see that this slot has 12 symbols and you have to have 1 symbols in order to hit a winning combination. If you manage to get 5 of the same symbols on a line this will payout a whooping maximum of 10000 times your bet in that line. You can get this much if the symbols in question are all the Red Truck image. So these are the ones to strive for. Also, you should be happy if you line up the Yellow Truck symbol, because it will pay just a little less than the top symbol – 5000x of your line wager. But if you fail to obtain these, fear not, there’s still a chance to make your play worth the time. If you line up 5 of the third highest paying symbols – the Green Truck and Gas Canister, they will reward you with 1000x of the line bet, and there’s also the Jump Lead and Gas Station symbol which pays 300x. And while your spinning those reels make sure you stay on the look out for the Bolt and Dice tile – it will do you good by multiplying that line bet 200 times. But, should all else fail, there is still the humble Steering Wheel and Tire that multiplies the wager 50 times. So look at it this way: playing this Transportation styled game will very likely do good by you, if only you keep at it.

This works the following way: have a bet of £0.01 and hit the 5 Steering Wheel and Tire symbols with a line, and you’ll receive £0.5 as a win. It’s the same for every other symbol: the Yellow Truck pays out £50, if you hit a winning line of 5 in a line. Similarly, the Red Truck will do the same: hit 5 of these symbols in a line and win £100.

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Highway Kings and Ladbrokes Chips

Picking your bet is made simple in Highway Kings. It takes just a few clicks, and Playtech enabled a few ways to set it up:

  • Picking your preferred number of lines
  • Setting your bet level
  • Coin value selection
  • How to set your bet per line in cash

In terms of paylines, this Playtech game is very flexible – its 9 lines may be activated or deactivated depending on Ladbrokes players’ wishes. Of course, the minimum of a single line must be turned on to start betting.

What is bet level? Just an another way to arrange your virtual coins over 9 lines in Highway Kings. Choose 1 – 1, betting between 1 and 9 on each turn.

Coin Value in Highway Kings

Each coin you use has a distinctive value in cash. It’s important to learn how to set it:

Highway Kings provides you with an option to set the value of your coins. the minimum value is £0.01 and the maximum value can be set at £5. Bear in mind that this value is set for one coin. So if you opt for £5 this will mean that your stake will be high enough to bring you a significant win when you multiply that with 9 lines.

The Extra Multiplier

You will usually have a line multiplier in a 9 paylines slot, and this can be the minimum 50 times or the maximum 10000 times. But multiplier bonus is a different thing and Highway Kings is devoid of it. Fortunately, you have the Dollar Ball special which is incorporated in order to keep this game enticing.

Bonuses, Specials and Extras

What does Highway Kings offer?

Playtech Bonus Rounds

As opposed to many other Transportation-styled slots, this Playtech release lacks a bonus. This does reduce the total fun of this 5-reeler to a certain degree.

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Is There a Double-or-Nothing Gamble Game in Highway Kings?

Only a few 9-line slots don’t have Gamble feature nowadays, but Highway Kings is one of them. You may think Playtech omitted it, but it’s actually cool, because that way all Highway Kings prizes you win will end up in your Ladbrokes account.

Graphics and Design

Trendy visuals and design mark Highway Kings. This game is an eye-candy, but Playtech has also added memorable rewards and numerous set-up variations with which it’s possible to:

  • see the paytable information
  • set the number of active paylines
  • set credit size
  • bet on the lowest betting level
  • bet the maximum

Background Sounds

Fans of games with a Transportation theme get an authentic playing experience from Highway Kings partly thanks to its sounds that Playtech tailored to follow its theme. Added to this 9-payline slot’s straightforward graphics, the sounds create a truly unique atmosphere.

Highway Kings for Real Money

Having rather simple graphics, like Highway Kings does, isn’t necessarily bad. Sometimes, flashy design of video slots draws your attention away from winning Highway Kings’s prizes, or even worse, from losing your Ladbrokes deposit. Therefore, the straightforward design that Playtech employed in this Adventure title lets you simply spin those 5 reels until you win the 10000-coin max prize.

Details on How to Play for Cash

Playing Highway Kings for money is nice, but playing for real money is better. Ladbrokes offers a chance to win big if you open an account – as much as £50000. This is how you can do it:

How Can I Withdraw My Winnings?

Once you snatch some winners from Highway Kings, that cash will go directly to your Ladbrokes account. The withdrawal can be done via Paypal and Skrill. alongside other e-wallets. Make sure you know your withdrawal limit.

Can I Play Highway Kings Online Via the Ladbrokes App?

There is a Ladbrokes app optimised for iOS, Android, Windows devices. It lets you play Highway Kings and other well-known Playtech titles on the go, while providing the same quality experience as on desktop. And the 5-reel slot’s progressive jackpot can be yours, as well, all thanks to this Highway Kings app.

iOS devices’ owners can spin the 5 reels on the go – there is an iOS dedicated Ladbrokes app. All those prizes are available right in the palm of your hand.

As an Android mobile owner, you can find Ladbrokes mobile app in the Google Play store or Ladbrokes’s own website. Download it and play Playtech titles, including this Adventure-themed slot within minutes.

Windows phone casino apps and slot apps aren’t that widespread, so it’s amazing that Ladbrokes has one. Perhaps other casinos should look up to it and spread their availability to Windows Mobile users.

The Biggest Win

Looking for more info on the big prizes for Highway Kings? The paytable will tell all when you press the paytable button. This 5 reel game has a Red Truck icon which can see you win up to 10000x your line bet when you hit the 5 symbols in the game. Keep a look out for this for Highway Kings’s big payout possibilities.

Online Slots Strategy

Your winning odds on this video slot depends on two similar factors – the Highway Kings RTP and the house edge. RTP is Highway Kings’s payouts/wagers ratio calculated over a longer period of 5 reels spinning and those 9 lines paying, while house edge is what Ladbrokes will make on average.

Your purpose for playing the online slots games could be one of several different things. You might be after the £50000 prize.

Lining up 5 of the Red Truck symbols may seem like a piece of cake, but with, Highway Kings may prove to be a tough nut to crack when it comes to winning £50000.

Mind you, the possibility of winning the £50000 big win through Ladbrokes might be seen as being just as much fun as playing the game itself!

Some Basic Facts about Playtech:

  • Established: 1999
  • Founder: Teddy Sagi
  • Headquarters: St. George’s Court, 2nd Floor Upper Church Street, Douglas
  • Website: https://www.playtech.com/
  • Specialties: Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, Cross-Platform Management System
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