The Ladbrokes Highway Kings Pro Online Slot

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Welcome BonusDetails
Ladbrokes casino offer£50 Welcome bonus*
Key T&Cs*See Key T&Cs below the table
Min bet£10*
Max bonus£50*
Wagering requirements40x bonus only
General requirements18+ | New players only
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*Key T&Cs : 18+. New players only. Min bet £10 on qualifying games. 40x wager reqs (bonus only) on selected games. Bonus valid for 30 days. Certain deposit types excluded. Bets covering >70% of Roulette table excluded. T&Cs Apply


This widely known Playtech slot game, launched back in 2013, provides numerous benefits. Among others, the video Highway Kings Pro slot offers quality entertainment guaranteed by Playtech’s regular updates. Another Playtech- released sequel titled Highway Kings is adequately built on Highway Kings Pro’s proven qualities.

Guide to Playing

Regarding this Playtech slot’s rules, here’s the thing:

  • The payouts direction goes both ways
  • Highway Kings Pro has the minimum of 2 same symbols for a win on a payline
  • If you get more than one winner, this 5-reeler will pay you the highest one
  • There’s a Scatter paying on any place
  • The Wild replaces regular symbols, save the scatter
  • The game can’t be played for the max wins and during the autoplay
  • If an error occurs in Highway Kings Pro, all the winnings and plays will be deemed invalid

How to Play Highway Kings Pro? Read on.

In this article, we have analysed the key Highway Kings Pro benefits for future players. Namely, with 9 paylines and both ways payout direction, this frequent payer offers abundant prize options.If you usually play Playtech slots online you’ll recognize the typical set-up which includes some very attractive symbols. Players of Highway Kings Pro need to score at least 2 matches per payline to get prizes. Generally, this Action-themed game promises fun and rewards to its players.

The button that starts the play is Spin. If you manage to get at least 2 matching icons, you’ll hit a winner. You’ll hit an even bigger winner with 5 of the same icons. Of course, the actual amount is tied to your wager, which you can adjust.

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Are Online Slots New to You? Just Follow the Steps Below:

  • The first thing you might have to do is choose the number of paylines to bet on.

Highway Kings Pro is an online slot with 5 reels and 9 paylines. It lets you select from 1 line up, yet we warmly recommend sticking to 9 as your preferred number. Why? Because then Highway Kings Pro will pay better, and you’ll hit 5 matching symbols much more often.

This engaging game pays both ways like so many other video slots. It’s worth noting that Highway Kings Pro payouts are rather frequent, unlike what’s generally expected from a less than 20-payline slot. Thus, this 5-reeler guarantees decent payouts and loads of fun.

  • You need to choose the size of your credit.

The interesting thing is that the Action-themed slot’s coin value is not changeable, since Playtech has fixed the coins per line value at 1.

In Highway Kings Pro you can choose your paylines – between 1 and 9 of them. Move the payline number up and down with Highway Kings Pro’s special payline button.

It’s easy to tweak your bet in Highway Kings Pro – simply set your preferred amount using a designated button. If you want to place the max bet into Highway Kings Pro immediately, just use the ‘bet max’ option.

  • Get those 5 reels going by pressing the Spin button.

When you start the game by pressing Spin, you’ll notice that the 5 reels are spinning on the bet you set. Highway Kings Pro also has auto play which will keep this video slot’s reels spinning on their own – for 99 times in a round at most.

  • You may run into two more settings in this Playtech slot: the volume toggle and the full screen mode.

You could say it’s a bit embarrasing that Playtech didn’t include the full screen mode. Well, they may add it in the next version.

No full screen, no mute button in Highway Kings Pro. Two strikes, two misses.

Honestly, volume-control is taken for granted, so Playtech’s decision not to add it to this video slot is surprising. Still, if you’re playing Highway Kings Pro via your computer or mobile, scroll its volume line to adjust sounds.

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How Many Symbols Are There?

The 13 symbols in this 9 paylines game include:

  • The highest paying is the Red Truck symbol
  • The Gas Station
  • The Green Truck and Yellow Truck
  • The Trucker’s Cap and Dice
  • The Bolt and Jump Lead
  • And of course, there’s the Steering Wheel and Tire which pays the least.

These are great, but you also need to check out:

  • The Trucker which is a wild
  • The Lady In Red Hat and Racing Flag scatter

Plenty of chances to win money in Highway Kings Pro – you have the Trucker’s Cap and Dice tile that rewards punters with a 300x multiplier, and there’s the Bolt and Jump Lead tile with its 200x line bet multiplier. And if all fails, you can still hope for the Steering Wheel and Tire, which is the lowest paying symbol which will multiply you bet by 50x.

Turning to Highway Kings Pro’s wild symbol; it serves to replace any of the 13 symbols, but also to increase your winnings by a mile once 5 are hit. That’s quite a sum to look forward to.

If you think that the Trucker wild is a great idea, wait till you see the Lady In Red Hat and Racing Flag scatter. It pays wherever it lands and carries a 100x total bet multiplier!

Paylines Info

It’s worth mentioning that this Adventure-themed slot having 5 reels and 9 paylines has also been used as a model by Playtech for another game title – Highway Kings. The entire structure is absolutely the same – 5 reels and 9 lines, so the developer’s standard format has been preserved.

The paylines extend across 5 reels of this Playtech game to form winning combos. Their number can differ if you choose so. Scroll the marked button up or down – Highway Kings Pro’s lines will become active or inactive .

Payline Tips:

  • both ways is the direction in which Playtech designed the online slot’s paylines to work.
  • Line 2 matching symbols for the minimum win.
  • Get Highway Kings Pro’s wild for more winners, as it substitutes for other 13 symbols.
  • the Lady In Red Hat and Racing Flag pays on any position on the reels.
  • Select the maximum lines to win more. Highway Kings Pro won’t count a win on one of 9 lines, if the line isn’t active.

Reels in Online Slots

Just as most video slots, this one’s 5 reels go downward. So you won’t need any getting used to.

This Playtech title involves 13 symbols, which include the Trucker substitute as well as a scatter symbol.

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Progressive Jackpots in Playtech Slots

Progressive jackpots are great, but Highway Kings Pro doesn’t have one. Still, there is a prospect of a supporting casino adding this Playtech title to its progressive jackpot pool. But fear not, you have the 10000x line multiplier that is going to make this 9-line game a great source of cash.

Do Video Slots Have an Advantage Over Traditional Slots?

As a video slot, Highway Kings Pro features a simple, but intuitive graphical solution that Playtech slots typically involve, just like those entertaining sounds.

Is this Game a 3D Slot??

No, but that doesn’t mean it pays less. Highway Kings Pro is appreciated by numerous Ladbrokes punters, and for a good reason. With 10000x line bet as the main prize, Highway Kings Pro can easily become anyone’s favourite.

Buttons and Controls

Let’s now focus on this 5-reeler’s toggles:

Most Important Button? Spin Button!

Those 5 reels won’t spin by themselves, so you need to get them going by pushing the Spin button. And once you start this Playtech title, you are signing up for a chance to get some colossal prizes, including the line bet multiplier of 10000x. Plus, Playtech provided some other buttons as well:

  • The button which sets the highest or maximum wager size
  • The switch for more information regarding Highway Kings Pro’s rules and payouts

Turbo Mode

Turbo mode is a nifty feature on this video slot as it allows you to speed up the pace of the game and make the game snappy.

The Info Button

Most people forget about the Highway Kings Pro Info tab when they need some info. Contacting Ladbrokes support is fine, but takes time, unlike the Playtech-designed Info section that puts all the Highway Kings Pro rules and details you need only a click away.


When you decide you want to play Highway Kings Pro for real money your question will be if this particular Ladbrokes title has the option of Autoplay, a feature which spins the 5 reels without you moving a finger. It does indeed, as Playtech has included Autospin in its trendy Action-themed release, spinning up to a max 99 times, and of course, stopping when a special feature is struck.

No more clicking forever on the Spin toggle! This clever setting, called Autoplay, makes it easy for you to play with no stopping! Playtech has also made this option customized to players’ needs.

Highway Kings Pro Return-To-Player Info

This video slot RTP represents the payout rate of Highway Kings Pro over a certain period. The RTP – which means Return to Player – is given by an algorithm and expressed by percentages. For most video games it usually goes between 93% and 96%.

It’s such a pity Playtech didn’t install more generosity into Highway Kings Pro RTP, as with a return to player rate of 94.99%, this otherwise decent game seems wasted.


If you spin the 5 reels, you just might get lucky and pull the the Lady In Red Hat and Racing Flag scatter which will get you the line bet100x miltiplier.


Highway Kings Pro’s Wild Symbol

Playtech game’s wild symbol – the Trucker is a stand-in for other symbols, such as Trucker’s Cap and Dice, and functions to complete the winning combos. Thus, with 4 Trucker’s Cap and Dice icons on 9 active lines, coming up with the Trucker in the right position entails that you will have 300x wager per line for all 5 symbols which align.

Expanding Wild in Playtech video

This slot gives prizes on regular basis, but one thing it will not give you is the expanding wild. This would be quite unfortunate if it weren’t for the extras that can make this Adventure slot one of your favourites.

Does this Ladbrokes Slot Have an Overlay Wild?

Just because this Playtech game’s reels have no overlay wild in no way means that Highway Kings Pro is boring. In fact, its biggest prize, 10000x line bet, is possible on every spin.

Highway Kings Pro’s Paytable Explained

If you are not all that familiar with this hip video slot , then you should definitely check the paytable first. this slot has 13 symbols and you have to have 2 symbols in order to hit a winning combination. If you manage to get 5 of the same symbols on a line this will payout a whooping maximum of 10000 times your bet in that line. You can get this much if the symbols in question are all the Red Truck image. So these are the ones to strive for.

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Playing Playtech’s Highway Kings Pro with Ladbrokes Credits

Select your bet in a few ways – Playtech made the process fairly easy for Highway Kings Pro players:

  • Determine how many paylines you’ll be betting on
  • Preset the size of the stake
  • Set the amount of money that will be wagered on a line

One of Highway Kings Pro’s advantages for low-rollers is that Playtech facilitated players to pick from 1 to 9 win lines and activate them.

Bet level is Playtech’s way of introducing coins, without actually using coins. You can choose the bet level which influences all 9 lines.

What Value Does a Coin Carry?

Coins bear a value in cash, that you can also set here in Highway Kings Pro. Here’s how:

Graphics and Design

Highway Kings Pro presents a stylish video game, with 13 colourful symbols. Its Adventure theme makes it an interesting play. Setting up Highway Kings Pro does not take long. Just use the dashboard to:

  • set the number of active paylines
  • set credit size
  • start autospin
  • bet the maximum
  • find out more about Highway Kings Pro

How to Play Highway Kings Pro Online for Real Money:

Unlike so many other Action-themed titles, there’s no hi-tech graphics in Highway Kings Pro. Its simplicity allows you to indulge in Playtech’s famous generosity in peace – winning 10000x your line bet is a reality with Highway Kings Pro.

Which Steps Must I Take to Get to the Cash Play?

There’s no use pretending the 94.99% RTP this slot has didn’t tickle your fancy and that the 10000x of your line stake wouldn’t come in handy right about now. In order for those numbers to start working for you, Ladbrokes account is your first step. If you don’t have one, this is how you register:

Dedicated Ladbrokes App for Slots

This 9 paylines game is available for play on Android devices if you download the Ladbrokes app from Google Store. This is a great way to pocket thefrequent rewards this title has in store.

Albeit uncommon, this video is available for play on Windows because Ladbrokes has developed an app for Microsoft Lumia users.

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How to Win on Slots

Now, if you’ve chosen to play Highway Kings Pro online, you’re already off to a good start. Keep in mind that online slot games, including Highway Kings Pro, are determined by random numbers, so at the end of the day, it’s really chance, not Playtech, that determines your fate. Because it is a computer program and not a physical machine, each Highway Kings Pro spin is independent of all other spins on those 5 reels and you cannot predict the outcome based on previous outcomes.

Of course, you might decide you want to upgrade and start playing with real cash. Which is where we suggest you proceed with caution. Set yourself an amount you’re happy to spend on your online casino entertainment. Maybe you should base this on how much you’d spend on a night out? Or a trip to the cinema? Whatever you decide, we suggest you set a limit, both in terms of time and money, and stick to it.

Players of this Adventure-themed game certainly expect excitement, but this Playtech game also brings RTP of 94.99%. Quite nice, isn’t it? With the volatility based on regular, but modest wins, this game can attract many a player.

On Playtech:

  • Established: 1999
  • Founder: Teddy Sagi
  • Headquarters: St. George’s Court, 2nd Floor Upper Church Street, Douglas
  • Website:
  • Specialties: Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, Cross-Platform Management System

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