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About Happy Bugs

Finding a good video slot that’s worth your time is hard. Happy Bugs may be just the thing, with its appealing if simple graphics and £500000 the maximum win. Its maker, Playtech hit the spot for cartoonish-themed games’ fans with the Insects theme perfectly depicted on the slot’s 5 reels and 20 paylines. This interesting title also includes, bonus rounds and many useful features and buttons that make Happy Bugs a unique title you’ll want to play.

So, what can you expect from Happy Bugs apart from the max win of £500000 or 100000 coins that may become yours? This genuine video slot offers a Beer round and free spins, 500x line bet as a top win, along with nice base-game prizes. All this proves Playtech’s dedication to invest its best skill into Happy Bugs and make it as attractive as possible.

Happy Bugs Slot Characteristics Overview

If you’re into slots with a Insects theme, Happy Bugs is the right choice. If not, take a spin, it may just become your favourite Playtech title. Happy Bugs is quite a treat for cartoonish fans, and also everyone else that loves video slots in general.

Playtech probably wanted to make this video slot a rewarding one, so they incorporated 12 free spins and a pretty nice bonus game. With 11 regular symbols and a wild card

Happy Bugs can multiply your line bet 500 times, but it can’t give you a jackpot. However, you can expect a 93.66% return.

Find Happy Bugs in one of the supporting casinos like bet365, register an account and get nice perks. Happy Bugs can be played through a bet365 mobile app and enjoyed literally everywhere. bet365 offering also includes a welcome bonus for Happy Bugs and many other Playtech games that you can play with free bet365 money after you use this bonus code: MAXCASINO.

The Background of the Happy Bugs Slot

From the moment it was releaded in 2010, Happy Bugs positioned itself as a neat contemporary slot game. One of the things that sets it apart is Playtech’s dedication to improve it so the players can have a problem-free cartoonish slot.

The Way Happy Bugs Works

Happy Bugs features the following playing rules:

  • Playtech designed this 5-reel slot to pay for at least 2 of a kind lined up symbols
  • Happy Bugs also pays left to right, which doesn’t work for scatter wins
  • Prizes are paid only on active lines
  • Scatter payouts are based on the pay-any principle
  • Wilds serve as joker symbols, replacing all 11 symbols, except scatters
  • Happy Bugs pays only the highest wins per line
  • Happy Bugs offers 12 free spins which can be retriggered
  • Place the minimum of one coin per spin
  • Winnings and games are proclaimed null and void in case of any malfunction.

The Way to Play Happy Bugs

In this article, we have analysed the key Happy Bugs benefits for future players. Namely, with 20 paylines and left to right payout direction, this frequent payer offers abundant prize options. Playtech’s typical set-up includes attractive symbols. Players of Happy Bugs need to score at least 2 matches per payline to get prizes. Generally, this Insects-themed game promises fun and rewards to its players.

How to choose where to play Happy Bugs slot? The offer is abundant. Still, this Playtech slot in some casinos gives even more! Up to £300 will top up your first depost at bet365. All you need to do is type MAXCASINO into the bonus code field.

If you are thinking about trying Happy Bugs, don’t forget up to £500000 rewards that are awaiting real-money players. This Playtech game can be found at bet365 casino available online in desktop and mobile version.

This Playtech game can be played with or without download.

To start the Happy Bugs magic, you need to press the Spin button and decide your preffered bet by pressing bet and coin button Remember, Happy Bugs lets you win up to 500x your line bet.

With more active lines, hitting 5 matching symbols is much easier. While Happy Bugs allows also betting on specific lines, this Playtech game is generally more generous if 20 lines are active.

If Happy Bugs seems like your cup of tea, playing this 5-reeler requires just a few simple steps:

  • The first thing you might have to do is choose the number of paylines.

20 paylines accross 5 reels are what the game offers. While this Insects – genre slot lets you choose from 1 line up, it’s best to leave 20 lines in order to boost your Happy Bugs winning chances and perhaps win the jackpot of up to 100000 coins.

The winnings are paid from left to right in this genuine Playtech release, enabling you to get prizes pretty often, even though you may think the opposite – that Happy Bugs pays bad just because it has 20 paylines. Well, the truth is that this video title turns out to be quite generous.

  • After paylines, proceed to credit amount selection.

Players call this the coin amount. In Happy Bugs, coin value can be chosen by a click on the marked button. This Playtech game provides numerous betting options, from £0.01 on the lower side to £5 on the higher side.

Even though the maximum of 20 paylines usually opens up major prizes, this 5-reeler is more flexible toward coin size. that multiplies your line bet 500x can be yours whatever the bet amount.

  • The next step on your way to playing Happy Bugs is the selection of your line stake.

Thisis not always the same. For example, in bet365, you can select the no. of coins per line.The sizes involved can go as high as 10 coins per line, with 20 available bet lines.

You can set payline range between 1 and 20 betting lines. To ensure user-friendly approach, Playtech created an easy-to-use payline button.

Using this option, you can set your Happy Bugs line bet to vary from 0.01£ to 50£ per line, a perfect range for bet365 punters who like higher stakes.

  • Ready, set, go! Just click on Spin and who knows – maybe £500000 will fall right into your hands!

The next thing you see are Happy Bugs’s 5 reels spinning for the selected credit amount. Playtech also offers the auto-play option. Forget about Spin button and let the reels spin for 99 times or less if you choose so.

  • What’s the next step? Full screen and volume options, of course.

It’s very peculiar that there’s no full screen option in Happy Bugs. This certainly diminishes the winning thrill.

It’s no wonder Happy Bugs has no mute toggle, when Playtech failed to include a full screen button.

Indeed, it may surprise you that this 5-reeler comprises no volume regulation. Therefore, your mobile device or computer volume settings may save the day.

List of Happy Bugs Images and Symbols

“There are 11 symbols that pay in Happy Bugs, and they include:”

  • Caterpillar
  • Ladybird
  • Cockroach
  • Ace
  • King
  • 10 pays the least among the 11 icons.

There are special symbols, too, including:

  • the Beer 6-Pack wild substitute
  • the Daisy scatter
  • the Sofa symbol
  • a free-spins round opener

You can win up to 100000 coins if luck is on your side. 5 of the best paying symbols – Caterpillar, which is Happy Bugs’s top symbol, will do to get 500x bet per line. What you need for those 100000 coins is an investment – all 20 paylines active, and 100000 coins wagered per each of the lines.

The highest paying symbol looks like this:

play Happy Bugs for real money

In addition to the highest win, this visually simple slot boasts other rewards as well. If Ladybird symbol finds its way to your reels, Happy Bugs’s active line bet will increase by 400x. All you need is the minimal amount of £0.01 bet per line combined with 5 of those symbols and a bit of luck. Additionally, £50 maximum bet per line may deliver 20000 £ worth prize to your account. Another great reward in this video game is the Cockroach symbol. Try to hit 5 of them on an active line and 200x line bet will be yours. Thr maximum prize of £10000 is paid out for the highest wager of £50. Still, note that minimal bets of £0.01 per line also may trigger this 5-reeler’s line bet multiplier and generate nice rewards.

The Happy Bugs’s lowest rewards come with the 10 symbols. Still, their maximal prize of 50x bet per line is not negligable. Slightly more generous is Ace, which can bring even 150x line bet, as well as King, which multiplies line bet by 125 if 5 of those symbols stop on an active payline.

A great thing about Happy Bugs is that its Beer 6-Pack symbol can be combined with the Daisy scatter to create a winning line combination. Alone, Daisy symbol may increase the line stake 500 times.

Although other symbols more often hit the 5 reels of this game, keep in mind the Daisy icon which stars a free-spins round, and the Sofa field that directs additional cash to your bankroll.

Paylines Overview

You will enjoy this 5 reels’ video slot featuring also 20 paylines.

Winnings in Happy Bugs are determined by its generous 20 lines. Choose from 1 to 20 in this Playtech title using a special payline adjusting toggle.

You can place a range of bets – from 1 to 10 to set your wager according to your needs.

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Information on Paylines

  • All lines pay in the left to right direction.
  • You need to match and line up 2 or more symbols to hit a win.
  • Wild symbol is a substitute for regular Happy Bugs icons.
  • Daisy pays any, regardless of the paylines.
  • All 20 lines pay out only the highest win. No two wins on a single payline can be paid.
  • You can choose between 1 and 20 lines. But, play on anything less than 20, and your winning spirit may be dampened.

Reels Overview

If you like straightforward, no-nonsense exciting slots, then take Happy Bugs for a spin. Its 5 reels going downward let you concentrate on getting yourself some serious cash! Precisely what Playtech had in mind with this Insects-themed game – easy-breezy spinning for some nice wins.

There are 11 regular symbols in Happy Bugs, along with a wild symbol and a scatter.

What’s a Happy Bugs Fixed Jackpot?

While you can’t win a jackpot in Happy Bugs, there are other lucrative prizes that this frequently paying slot offers, including the 500x line stake multiplier, awarded by 5 Caterpillar tiles. Expressed in coins, a top bet of 10 coins per line will bring up to 100000 coins. Or, in cash, you could win £500000 on the max bet of £50 per coin and of 200 coins per spin.

Is Happy Bugs One of the bet365 Progressive Games?

Unfortunately for progressive jackpot fans, Happy Bugs doesn’t offer one. But it has the 500x line stake multiplier and other generous prizes. Plus, some Playtech games-supporting casinos may make Happy Bugs a part of their progressive jackpot pool.

Video Slots and Their Features vs Vegas-style Slots

This popular game is a video slot. While graphics are on the basic level, Playtech developed a quality layout and superb background music. As one of the best slot producers, Playtech has laid out a firm foundation for Happy Bugs. Rewarding features may appear on any of the 5 reels, as well as interesting winning animations on any of 20 lines.

Will Playing 3D Slots Help Me Win Bigger Prizes?

Nope, but there’s not much difference between Playtech’s video and 3D slots, especially play-wise. The distinction is much bigger between them and classic slots. Anyway, Happy Bugs’s quality is undisputable – Playtech definitely invested lots of effort into its making.

What’s the Deal with Downloading Happy Bugs?

bet365 flash casino enables both download of Happy Bugs and online play.Once you register your account on bet365 website, you can proceed to download their software. From there, follow several easy steps and this video slot will be ready to go. Alternatively, you can play Happy Bugs instantly online, as well as other Playtech titles. Either way, there’s £500000 just waiting to be won.

Happy Bugs Dashboard

Let’s now focus on this 5-reeler’s toggles.

Introducing the Spin Button

The most important button that you need to click is Spin, the start button that is the first step in getting those £500000. This button will start the ball rolling by spinning the 5 reels which can be full of nice surprises, least of which is the line bet multiplier of 500x. Apart from this game starting icon, Happy Bugs also has some other useful stuff on its austere layout:

  • Max Bet button that sets Happy Bugs’s bet to max amount in a click
  • Coin-, bet and line-setting toggles
  • Happy Bugs info tiles, that provide details about the Playtech slot’s rules and paytable

Details About the Turbo Mode

You Can Get Additional Information on Happy Bugs

Most people forget about the Happy Bugs Info tab when they need some info. Contacting bet365 support is fine, but takes time, unlike the Playtech-designed Info section that puts all the Happy Bugs rules and details you need only a click away.

Autoplay 101

There’s no doubt that Autoplay is a useful feature. We could even say, essential. It lets us sit back and enjoy our favourite Insects and other kinds of slots without clicking on Spin-related every single time. The reels will stop after the preset number of spins or when a feature is activated. However, it’s not present in every slot out there. Fortunately, Happy Bugs has Autospin, which means starting those 5 reels to spin numerous times takes a click. Playtech set Autospin to stop on major wins, like 500000£, or on special features.

The great thing about using Autoplay instead Spin is that Autoplay lets you play this video slot without having to click Spin every single time.

What is the Minimum I Can Bet in Happy Bugs?

It’s generally cool to play Happy Bugs with real money, especially because it rewards you quite often. But before investing some real cash in your favourite Insects style slot, it’s recommendable to know its lowest bet size, so you can plan your bet365 deposits.

Once you decide to place minimum bet, Happy Bugs will offer a toggle to set coin value – £0.01 is the lowest you can go. With 20 paylines active, your total bet will be £0.01. Of course, you can go higher, as Happy Bugs lets you wager up to £1000 on the coin value of £5.

To give players more options, Playtech made this great title with flexible lines; 20 of them are available, but you can choose 1, if you want. Yet, do that and Happy Bugs won’t pay just as well. For example, the slot’s freespins feature would be very difficult to win.

Setting Max Bet

If you want maximum chances of winning Happy Bugs’s feature and jackpot prizes, why not use max bet button, a button that sets your bet to maximum.

RTP Percentages Demistyfied

You have probably seen that 20 paylines slots have something called RTP and that it can range from 93% and 96%. RTP stands for Return to Player and it signifies the algorithm calculated payout rate over time. Happy Bugs is a video type of slot and it has an RTP of 96% – on every £100 you will get a return of £ 96%. Just be mindful when you’re taking this number into consideration, because sometimes the less experienced players may think it means that they will win 96% of the time.

Return to player is important, and Happy Bugs doesn’t offer a favorable number. It’s just 93.66%, and that’s simply too little.

Special Win Symbols

Similarly to so many video slots, Happy Bugs boasts both wild and scatter symbols. It’s good that Happy Bugs involves a Beer round and free spins to boost the excitement.

About Happy Bugs’s Scatter

This 5-reel online slot features a scatter, which is called Daisy, and pays any up to 500x bet per line. Besides that, it activates Free Games, which significantly adds to its appeal.

Here is a picture of the Scatter:

play Happy Bugs for free

What is the Wild Feature?

Scoring more winners in Happy Bugs is easier with the wild symbol – Beer 6-Pack, which serves to replace regular symbols. Therefore, with 4 of a kind Ace symbols and one wild, the 150 line bet multiplier will be all yours.

win real cash on Happy Bugs

Remember this pic, it’s the Beer 6-Pack wild symbol.

Expanding Symbols

Even though expanding wilds are hugely popular, Playtech failed to make Happy Bugs with one. But while playing it, bet365 players will discover some other exciting features.

Happy Bugs Stacked Wild

It’s a bit of a bummer that Happy Bugs has no stacked wild, but prizes like 500x line bet should brighten your day anyway.

More than Just a Wild

You won’t find an overlay wild symbol in Happy Bugs. Maybe there is a certain reason why Playtech didn’t incorporate it in this video slot, but for now you’ll have to spin it as is.

Happy Bugs Paytable Contents

For more information about Happy Bugs’s symbols and payouts, access the Playtech slot’s paytable . What you’ll see there is 11 symbols and details about your prospective Happy Bugs winnings, which start at 2 of a kind symbols. Playtech made the paytable very clear, especially about Caterpillar, which is the top paying symbol that awards 500x your bet per line for 5 matching symbols on one of the 20 lines.

With its smaller wins, Cockroach still pays really well, bringing a 200x line bet multiplier for 5 of a kind symbols. Even symbols like Ace and King give away decent prizes – 150x and 125x line stake, respectively. But also, if you get 5 of the lowest paying, 10 icons, you’ll still benefit from a nice bet365 bankroll booster of 50x stake per line. Not bad, many video slots don’t pay that well.

Happy Bugs online free Play now at bet365 

The bet365 Credit Amount

You know that spinning those 5 reels is going to be fun, but you ought to be smart about how you are going to make the most of the 11 symbols. So think about the options Playtech made available.

  • Picking active paylines
  • Selecting bet level
  • Coin amount settings
  • Wagering cash amount per line

If you happen to be a low-roller, Playtech made it possible for you to bet just on 1 instead of wagering on all of the existing 20 lines. This way you can adjust the game according to your preferences.

The bet value or level refers to the size of your bet per line. This another way to control your credit sizeSettings range from 1 and 10, effective on all 20 lines. Using simple math, bet level 10 takes us to 200 total bet.

Coin Value in Happy Bugs

Each coin you use has a distinctive value in cash. It’s important to learn how to set it:

Happy Bugs provides you with an option to set the value of your coins. The minimum value is £0.01 and the maximum value can be set at £5. It will take you just a couple of clicks to do this by using the dedicated button. Bear in mind that this value is set for one coin. So if you opt for £5 this will mean that your stake will be high enough to bring you a significant win when you multiply that with 20 lines.

Standalone Multiplier

Multiplier feature is a common thing among video slots. It is therefore quite annoying that Happy Bugs doesn’t have one, and hopefully, Playtech will include it in one of Happy Bugs updates.

Happy Bugs Bonus Games, Multiplier Rounds, and Free Spins

What does Happy Bugs offer?

The Beer Bonus Feature

Absolutely! One of the major prizes in this video slot can be won during its Beer feature and it amounts to 141750 coins or £708750.The Beer round is activated by the special Sofa symbol.

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Double or Nothing in Happy Bugs’s Gamble Feature

Playtech wanted to put in the Gamble round here so you can feel the true thrill of a video slot.

Do you want to know what the Gamble round is? Ok, here it is: Happy Bugs will offer you a double or nothing option when you receive a winning combination on these 20 paylines. You will have to click either the Black icon or the Red icon after clicking the button that will give you this choice. If you judged well, Happy Bugs will double what you have. The maximum of coins you can get is 100000. If you’re not sure how much money that is, we’ll tell you: £1000.

Playtech Free Spins Special

Free spins sometimes confuse players. If you’re playing video slots, you may run into them as a feature. And if you sign up an online casino, they may be given as a special welcome bonus. There’s another thing not to confuse: bet365’s free play mode and slots’ free spins. Playing Happy Bugs in fun play offered by bet365 won’t result in real prizes, while winning free spins while wagering on Playtech slots will definitely pay off.

Happy Bugs’s generosity is embodied in its Free Games feature. Hit these 12 free spins and watch Happy Bugs’s magic at work.

By including solid 12 free spins into this video title, Playtech enabled you to win up to 300000 coins, i.e. £1500000.

Happy Bugs Interface Design

In addition to Happy Bugs’s great graphics, which bring out the Insects theme, there are also very nice options that Playtech included to allow bet365 punters to:

  • choose the number of active lines
  • select the bet value
  • select the coin value
  • initiate a round of auto spin
  • select maximum bet
  • gamble winnings in the Gamble game
  • open up Happy Bugs’s Info tab

Happy Bugs Can Be Played for Real Cash

It’s not so unusual for Playtech slots to feature simple graphics, which Happy Bugs compensates with its winning prospects. Namely, this 5-reeler offers up to 100000 coins per each spin, which, if £5 is wagered per coin, makes quite an amount.

Happy Bugs’s Real Money Play

This 20 paylines slot can pocket you as much as £500000, but only if you play for cash.
First you have to register an account at bet365 casino, which is very simple:

  • Pay a visit to the bet365 website
  • Click on thesign up field
  • Fill in all the required fields in the form
  • Type in voucher code: MAXCASINO and get bet365 offers
  • Deposit £5 or more
  • Start spinning Happy Bugs and winning on its 20 lines

Cashing Out Your Happy Bugs Wins

When you win money on this Playtech title, it’ll end up in your bet365 bankroll immediately. Withdrawing it is easy – just use Paypal or Skrill, or some other e wallet. Each method features a limit, so ask bet365’s customer support about these.

You can cash out even on a bet365 bonus, including their welcome offer of 100% on your deposit. To do so, meeting the 40x playthrough is a must, if you want to withdraw your Happy Bugs winnings. Just make sure you’re familiar with bet365’s T&Cs before withdrawing, but don’t look for them in Happy Bugs’s Info tab, as it’s all up to bet365, not the slot or its maker.

How to Play Happy Bugs for Free?

Too bad, but no can do on Happy Bugs free play. However, this means you winning £500000 is only possible for real, which is quite comforting. Yet, bet365 could’ve included this option, as so many other venues have it.

Win Cash on Happy Bugs While Playing for Free?

Nope, because there aren’t any bet365 free spins or no deposit bonuses for Happy Bugs. All you can do is deposit minimum £5 and hope for the best – 500x your stake per line.

Does bet365 Award a No Deposit Bonus?

There are no free chips offered by bet365. If this changes in the future, this Happy Bugs review will inform you about it. However, Playtech slots, including this 5-reel title, can be played with bet365’s welcome bonus of 200% up to £300 .

Can I Play Happy Bugs on my Mobile?

Yep, bet365 made this genuine title available to iOS, Android device owners through an app with the same simple design, the same top win of 500x line bet, and the same good, old 93.66% payout rate. Therefore, you can play Happy Bugs on the go, spinning those 5 reels at the same speed as on bet365’s desktop version.

Don’t hesitate to play Happy Bugs through a specially designed bet365 app for Apple users. Available on bet365 site and iTunes, this iOS app offers ultimate Happy Bugs experience within a few taps.

bet365 casino has an Android optimized app for playing this cartoonish themed title. You can download it from the Google Play store and watch the 11 regular symbols spin on your Android mobile device.

Here’s something to pay attention to: no bet365 app or Happy Bugs app should be paid for. They’re free. So, if you run into a site that sells them, leave it immediately, ’cause it’s fake.

Play On the Go with Bonus Money

If you hoped to receive a bonus for playing Happy Bugs on you mobile device, bet365 will dissapoint you. There’s no mobile bonus. But this contemporary slot game could make you some serious cash with the 500x line bet multiplier.

What’s the top win in Happy Bugs? Find all the info in this bet365 game’s paytable; access it by pressing yes and opening the slot’s info section. It will show you this 5-reel slot’s top winning symbol is Caterpillar, which could bring you a 500x line bet multiplier, when all 5 of them appear on one of the 20 lines. In terms of cash, Happy Bugs’s top win is £500000.

Happy Bugs’s Highest Payout

Even if we count in bet365’s profit, derived from zillions of spins on Happy Bugs, this video slot has a very good payout prospects. With a 93.66 RTP and the volatility which provides generally smaller, but regular wins, this 5-reeler is a game worth trying.

Be smart and Play Strategically

First of all, you can stop searching for online slot strategies, as there are millions of sites offering them, but very few with any actual advice you could use. Instead, use your common sense and set a budget first. Happy Bugs can be played with as little as £0.01 per line, so selecting all 20 paylines should not be a problem. In return, you get better winning odds.

When playing Happy Bugs and any online slot, you need to have a goal in mind. Is it to win the 500000 £? Is it to have fun watching those 5 reels spin? Is it a bit of both? In line with your expectations, set your Happy Bugs bet and start spinning. The Playtech slot, with its 93.66% RTP rate, will make sure those 20 paylines are paying you pretty often, if only a small win.

Details about Playtech:

  • Established: 1999
  • Founder: Teddy Sagi
  • Headquarters: St. George’s Court, 2nd Floor Upper Church Street, Douglas
  • Website: www.Playtech.com
  • Specialties: Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, Cross-Platform Management System
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