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To get a Ladbrokes bonus, and be able to play Happy Bugs for real money, you need the voucher code, right? Wrong! Ladbrokes’s welcoming 300% bonus is yours when you register Ladbrokes account and deposit through Paypal, Skrill, and other ewallets. What you get is up to great £300 that you can use to play Playtech Happy Bugs for much longer, without any Promo Codes. Apart from the generous 300% bonus of £300, this casino also offers 25 Ladbrokes free spins to new players.

How To Use the Ladbrokes Promo Code

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Promo Code for Ladbrokes offers because you need none! just sign up and get a 300% new player bonus without using any Promo Codes.

300% Sign Up Bonus at Ladbrokes

300% Ladbrokes bonus on top of the first deposit is available to Ladbrokes’s new players who boost their account with £5 or more using their Skrill or Paypal account. What this means is that your first Ladbrokes deposit of maximum £300 will be matched with another £300. What a strikingly good deal that is!

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Happy Bugs Intro

Targeting the fans of Insects-themed slots, Playtech built in great features into Happy Bugs, including 20 paylines which feature 11 unostentatiously looking symbols that pay up to 500x line bet. The payouts are generally not so big but are quite frequent, especially in this video slot’s special features, which adds to the overall good impression.

Happy Bugs Online Features

If you’re among those who love Cartoonish-themed slots, great! Happy Bugs is just the thing. But even if you do not, this Playtech slot’s 20 paylines have a lot to offer. Just read on!

Playtech probably wanted to make this video slot a rewarding one, so they incorporated 12 free spins and a pretty nice bonus game. With 11 regular symbols and a wild card complemented by a scatter, you’ll have plenty of chances to win big.

There’s no classic jackpot in this 20-payline title, but you can win an attractive 500x bet per line as the max prize.

For hours of fun, seek a casino online with Insects-themed slots, a simple and straightforward way to win prizes and have fun. By joining Ladbrokes, it is possible to download their app, allowing the chance to play on your mobile. Once you join, a great welcome bonus is yours .


Happy Bugs was successfully released in 2010 and it became one of the Playtech titles you can find in Ladbrokes. If you encounter some problems with this 20-payliner you can rest assured that Playtech will update it if need be.

Guidelines and Rules

Happy Bugs features the following playing rules:

  • The minimum of 2 matching symbols on one of the 20 paylines is what you need to get a prize
  • The direction to watch for payouts is left to right, excluding the Scatter
  • You can activate just one line
  • The Scatter gives a payout regardless of its position
  • A Wild can substitute any of the 11 symbols, but not the scatter
  • You will get a payment only for the highest win
  • There is a 12 free spins bonus
  • You won’t be able to play the Gamble game for the highest winners nor in the autoplay mode
  • The least you can bet is £0.01
  • All wins and games will be nulled if there’s a malfunction

How to Play Online Slot Games

In this article, we have analysed the key Happy Bugs benefits for future players. Namely, with 20 paylines and left to right payout direction, this frequent payer offers abundant prize options.If you usually play Playtech slots online you’ll recognize the typical set-up which includes some very attractive symbols. Players of Happy Bugs need to score at least 2 matches per payline to get prizes. Generally, this Insects-themed game promises fun and rewards to its players.

Getting into and finding the best place to play Happy Bugs can be baffling. Ladbrokes could make this less baffling with its 300% welcome bonus for joining, which grants up to £300 at the time of your first payment.

Thinking about playing this genuine Playtech release with real money in order to win 500x line bet building up to 100000 coins? Try Ladbrokes and play it right away on their website, or on Ladbrokes Mobile while you’re on the go.

In addition to real-money version, Happy Bugs is available as a free version at Ladbrokes, with optional mobile access as well. This Playtech slot can be played without download, although Ladbrokes enables downloading in a simple manner.

When you get to playing Happy Bugs, you need to choose your bet. Playtech conveniently included bet size and coin number options to set the bet amount. The Spin button is your next stop – Happy Bugs’s reels will start when you press it. 2 matching symbols are needed to win, but 5 of them are required for a big win.

Excitement and prizes come with 5 corresponding symbols on the line. This Playtech title allows betting on max 20 paylines, which means better chances to win. Just click on the payline switch to set up the criteria.

Wanna Start Having Fun Asap? Just Follow These Instructions:

  • Firstly, you may need to make a decision regarding Happy Bugs’s paylines.

How about having a 20 paylines slot with 5 reels that can pay you as much as £500000? If that tickles your fancy, then here’s Happy Bugs. Although, you can lower that number of lines to 1 with the paylines button. But this will reduce your winning odds. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

When it comes to payouts, this 20-payline game is highly rewarding. Betting with Happy Bugs is a safe choice as this Playtech game frequently gives various prizes. Once you give this left to right-paying blockbuster produced by Playtech a chance, you will probably return again.

  • After paylines, decide how high your Happy Bugs credit size will be.

This parameter is often referred to as coin size. In Happy Bugs, you can pick your credit by pressing the adequate button on the Happy Bugs’s screen. It can vary from the minimum £0.01 to highroller-friendly £5.

Unlike paylines, which in Happy Bugs need to be set on the maximum for, Playtech introduced flexible coin amounts that do not condition the winning of the max prize that goes as high as 500x line bet.

  • As soon as you get your credit sum sorted, move over to bet per line.

This is not the same in all online casinos. For example, in Ladbrokes, you can select the no. of coins per line. The sizes involved can go as high as 10 coins per line, with 20 available bet lines.

Having said already, Happy Bugs allows you to select from 1 to 20 paylines by using a specific button.

One of this video slot’s major conveniences is its flexibility. Namely Playtech gave it a bet size button as well as a bet max toggle for easy access to various bet sizes.

In this Cartoonish game you get to choose how much your line bet will be. You can bet as little as £0.01, or as much as £50. With the relatively high limit, Happy Bugs can also bring high rewards.

  • One click on Spin will start the slot.

Once activated, the reels will spin on the paylines and credit size you’ve picked before. If you’re feeling too lazy to click Spin every time, use this 5-reeler’s auto play option, which lets you spin non-stop for up to 99 times.

  • Now, before you start those 5 reels, you may want to look for Happy Bugs’s full screen and volume buttons.

Strangely enough, Playtech didn’t include a full screen button into Happy Bugs. That’s really something they need to correct.

Was Playtech a bit lazy while making this 20 paylines slot? We’re asking because there are no mute and full screen commands.

Indeed, it may surprise you that this 5-reeler comprises no volume regulation. Therefore, your mobile device or computer volume settings may save the day.

Symbol Values

This 5-reel slot features 11 symbols, of which the top paying ones are:

  • Fingers crossed for the Caterpillar – the most valuable
  • The Ladybug
  • The Cockroach
  • The Ace
  • The King
  • But even the least valuable, the 10 is not too bad.

Apart from these symbols, Happy Bugs also has:

  • the Beer 6-Pack substitute
  • the Daisy scatter
  • the Sofa symbol

If you are focused on the jackpot, then Caterpillar is the symbol to look for. It gives the greatest rewards and may give you up to 500-fold line bet, as long as you play on all 20 bet lines. Plus, wager the maximum £50 on each and every one of the lines and your Ladbrokes bankroll could hit the sky!

Caterpillar pays 500x per line which makes it the highest paying in Happy Bugs. This is how it’s depicted:

Players should also keep in mind the Ladybug symbol as it may bring 400x your stake starting from the minimal £0.01 per line. Of course, the max bet of £50 per line opens the window of Happy Bugs opportunities, such as £20000 if 5 of these symbols appear on the reels. This Cartoonish-themed title offers more winning chances with the Cockroach symbol. The significant 200x line bet win is possible with only £0.01 bet per line. For sure,if you place £50 the max bet and see 5 of the Cockroach symbols on an active line, the awesome £10000 prize may enlarge your Ladbrokes balance.

The lowest paying symbol is the 10, with the max prize of 50x line bet. Somewhat higher pays are those of the Ace, which brings up to 150-fold line stake and the King, whose the maximum prize multiplies line bet by 125 when 5 of them show up on a payline you activated.

Happy Bugs’s wild is a feature which awards up to 10000x bet, and substitutes for any of the Playtech slot’s 11 symbols. This makes it a feature to wish for.

Keep your eyes on the reels for the Beer 6-Pack, but remember that this video slot contains a scatter symbol too. So, these Happy Bugs’s special tiles make a superb match. Also, 500x total bet can be yours if Daisy symbols appear anywhere on those 5 reels.

If you want more, Happy Bugs will give you more. Especially excitement-wise, thanks to its Daisy symbols that will see those 5 reels rolling for free, and the bonus round, activated by the Sofa symbols.

Bet Lines

This Cartoonish game is classified as a video slot that spins 5 reels and pays on 20 paylines.

There are 5 reels in this Cartoonish-themed slot that can contain various paylines.Happy Bugs’s paylines make rewarding combinations, and you can pick the desired lines by means of the payline toggle.

Place a bet anywhere between 1 and 200 coins, which is 1 to 10 coins per each of the 20 paylines. But before that, choose your coin value using a designated button.

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Payline Tips:

  • The payout direction for this 20-payliner is left to right.
  • The prize is given if you have at least 2 matching tiles.
  • The wild special tile is there to replace any regular tile.
  • The scatter symbol pays regardless of where it falls.
  • When you get more than one winning line, you’ll collect only the highest paying one.
  • Happy Bugs has the option to reduce the number of betting lines to one line. However, this will hurt your chances, so you better include all 20 of them.

Reels Explained

Good old downward moving reels is what you’ll find in this Cartoonish slot. So you won’t have to think where the 5 reels are going, just focus on the 500x stake line multiplier.

What awaits you in this game are 11 basic symbols but you can also get the the Beer 6-Pack wild along with the useful scatter tiles.

Happy Bugs Jackpot Info

Despite the fact there’s no fixed online slot jackpots in Happy Bugs, that shouldn’t put you off going for one of the other regular payout, offered instead of a Happy Bugs jackpot. These include the 500x line stake multiplier offer you can win if you spin the correct Caterpillar symbols in the 5 game. If we look at this in coins, a bet of 10 coins per line can win up to 100000 coins. Looking at it in cash, this could be £500000 of 200 coins staked per spin.

Playtech’s Happy Bugs Progressive Jackpot

There may be no progressive jackpot in this Playtech release, but there are other prizes, including the 500x bet per line.

Do Video Slots Have an Advantage Over Traditional Slots?

Happy Bugs isn’t just about the regularly given winners, it’s about fun as well. That’s why Playtech produced it as a video slot. You won’t find it overbaringly designed nor complicated, moreover you’ll have full control over the audio as well.

Is this a 3D Slot Game?

That’s a negative. This 20 paylines slot could be portrayed as a bit simpler, but as a consolation for not making it in 3D, Playtech included a line multiplier of 500x and all the other trimmings that you came for.

Ladbrokes Download

Getting into slot action with Happy Bugs and its 11 symbols can be done in two ways. Ladbrokes lets you play this and other Playtech slots either online, or by means of a Happy Bugs download. All you need to play Happy Bugs withinminutes is a casino account. You don’t even need money – Happy Bugs can be played for free, just like many other video slots. Only, in demo mode all prizes are demo, too.

Buttons and Controls

Let’s now focus on this 5-reeler’s toggles:

The Spin Toggle

Want to bet that the most used command on any contemporary slot game is the start button? Want to know why? Because that little thing is what starts the magic. Happy Bugs has a significant amount of money to give out, as much as £500000 and you can access the chance to win by pushing the Spin button. The dashboard has other commands, as well:

  • The button to turn on the maximum bet
  • Coin value and number buttons
  • Payline on/off buttons
  • A dedicated bet value control
  • Info button which will take you to the rules page

Turbo Command

If you don’t wish to wait for the reels to spin at their normal speed, during a free spins bonus and the bonus round but rather, you want to speed up the slot game playing time, then you can use the Turbo button.

As it happens, Playtech thought it best not to include a Turbo command in this Cartoonish slot, but that shouldn’t stop you from benefiting from it’s 11 beautifully designed symbols.

Info Tab

It is possible that the Info page is one of the most undervalued features of Happy Bugs. And yet, inside it you will find all the rules and other important info about the Playtech title, so please make sure you utilize it.


Which game features include a mode for continuous spinning, so it’s not necessary to press Spin every time? Autoplay! There are some breaks, which only serve for you to see your winning symbols, something which may make the Ladbrokes slots’ play a tad more thrilling. It is quite useful to know that Autoplay is a parameter when you play this 5-reeler, as this component allows you to spin Happy Bugs with no interruptions at all.

Autoplay or Autospin, as it is also called, replaces Spin, and its function is to help play Happy Bugs more quickly. However, another positive aspect is that the Playtech has given it the possibility of customizing.

What is the Minimum Bet Amount?

If you are planning to open an account at Ladbrokes and pick up £300 bonus, first make sure that you know all the details on the required minimum bet in order to play this modern slot.

Lowrollers who play Happy Bugs will surely miss the Bet One button, but this Cartoonish title still lets you adjust your minimum coin per line bet to 1 coins.

If you want the minimum coin of £0.01, there’s a switch to select it. When 20 lines are played on, £0.01 is your bet total – significantly less than £1000, which is a top bet per spin.

To give players more options, Playtech made this great title with flexible lines; 20 of them are available, but you can choose 1, if you want. Yet, do that and Happy Bugs won’t pay just as well. For example, the slot’s freespins feature would be very difficult to win.

Max Bet Command

With this modern video slot game you can have your bet on the max with the yes command. One simple click will assure that you get the most of Happy Bugs. When all 20 lines are in the play, the chances for win are higher, and the win will be a staggering £500000 providing that the coin value is at the £5 the maximum, number of coins at the 10 coins per line the maximum so that your total bet in coins is 200, or £1000.

Happy Bugs RTP

Many players don’t understand how Happy Bugs’s RTP works. Based on payouts over time, video slots’ Return to Player rate ranges between 93% and generous 96%, practically returning up to £96 on average for every £100 wagered. Therefore, it’s not related to winning 93% to 96% of the time, but rather to Happy Bugs’s generosity in terms of cash.

For this Playtech title, Happy Bugs RTP is slightly lower than usual, just 93.66%.

Extra Symbols

Just for your info, although more information is ensuing – this 5-reeler is a great game as it contains both the Beer 6-Pack and the Daisy symbols together. Happy Bugs is really worth the effort, as it incorporates a bonus game named Beer as well as some hefty free spins.

Scatter Symbol

Another name for the Playtech title’s scatter symbolis the Daisy, and it cashes in on all positions, while 500x is the top bet multiplier being awarded by it. Playtech has given it another function – to enable free spins, in this way awarding extra money.

Below is the image showing the scatter in this Playtech slot:

Do I Have to Be on the Lookout for a Wild?

Playtech made good on this slot by including the the Beer 6-Pack wild symbol. The wild is going to replace a symbol in order to get you 5 matching ones. Now, lets presume that you have 4 of the Ladybug symbols. If one of the other tiles in that line is the wild, it will carry the Ladybug’s function and this will bring you the 400x the stake you had for that line. So yeah, this is a tile you want to get.

This tile is the the Beer 6-Pack wild symbol.

Expanding Symbols

You should note that Happy Bugs has no expanding wild symbol. Nevertheless, this 20 paylines game has other elements that are there to help you pocket some serious cash.

Did Playtech Give Happy Bugs Some Stacked Wilds?

There are no stacked symbols in this Playtech reel slot, so we can conclude that Playtech has missed his chance for greatness but you can still have fun by getting a 500x line bet win in each spin.

Can I Get an Overlay Wild in this 5-reeler?

Just because this Playtech game’s reels have no overlay wild in no way means that Happy Bugs is boring. In fact, its biggest prize, 500x line bet, is possible on every spin.

How to Navigate Happy Bugs Paytable

The Happy Bugs’s Paytable contains all the necessary information on this Playtech game and its 11 symbols and accompanying payouts. The minimum of 2 of the same symbols is required to get the rewards in this cool title. The number of matching symbols cannot exceed 5, i.e. one per reel. Try to line up 5 matching symbols and expect top rewards. Look for the Caterpillar symbol as it is the higest rewarding regular symbol that pays 500x your line bet if you hit all 5 of them. The next one is the Ladybug known for its 400x line bet multiplier. This Cartoonish-themed game also has the Cockroach symbol that triggers 200 times your line stake if 5 of them line up. Lower on the payout list is the Ace that still makes a difference with its 150x line stake multiplier. The same goes for the King and its multiplier of 125 times bet per line. Don’t forget that there is also the 10 symbol that multiplies your line stake up to 50 times despite being the least paying symbol.

It works like this – have a £0.01 line stake bet and once you achieve 5 10 symbols together on the same line you will win £0.5. It’s the same for all the other symbols in the game, where Ladybug pays out £4 when 5 of the reels hit a winning line. Caterpillar does the same, so if you see 5 of the symbols lined up in a row you’ll have £5 to add to your Ladbrokes balance.

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Happy Bugs and Ladbrokes Chips

The process of selecting your Happy Bugs bet takes seconds and this video slot offers more than one method for this:

  • Making your choice of paylines
  • Fixing the bet level
  • Specifying the coin value
  • Establishing your cash bet per payline

This is a 20 lines slot, which means you have that many paylines. But you don’t have to bet on all of them, you can choose to bet on just 1.

You have the option to decide what will be the level of your bet. This means that you determine the credit you will have. In this 20 lines slot the minimum coins per line you can put is 1 and the maximum number of coins is 10. So if we take that you decided on the 10, wagered on all the lines, you will have 200 coins per spin.

Can I Determine the Value of My Coins in Happy Bugs?

Coins in Happy Bugs aren’t to be take lightly. They have their purpose and we’ll explain what it is.

A great way to keep on top of your wagers is to determine what will be your coin value. You can set it to £0.01 or take it all the way to the max to £5. This is easy to do with the yes toggle. Now, this slot has 20 lines, which means that if you set the value to £5, your total bet in cash will be £1000.

All About Multipliers in Happy Bugs

It is quite common in Playtech slots to win with the help of special multipliers. Playtech decided there would be no multiplier in Happy Bugs, though it would be logical to have it. Indeed, this will be a let down for those Ladbrokes players who enjoy their award boosters, as Happy Bugs features no multiplier.

Additional Chances – Bonuses, Free Spins and Special Features

Is This Playtech Game Packed With Extras, Specials and Bonuses?

Bonus Features

Most definitely, you can get a bonus round in Happy Bugs! This 5-reeler includes the feature titled Beer, which is very interesting as it gives amazing prizes. 141750 coins or £708750 is available with this setting. Sofa is the reason why these sorts of Happy Bugs prizes are available, as it is most definitely the bonus activator.

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Can I Double my Winnings?

You’ll be glad to know that Happy Bugs’s Gamble feature, offered after each of the Playtech slot’s payouts, could double your prizes.

Happy Bugs has way to bring you more than you actually win by it’s Gamble round. This is how to do it: When you score a win in this video slot, it will automaticaly offer the Gamble round. But you don’t have to accept this challenge. Should you opt to take the chance and risk a bit, choose the Red or Black. This choice, if you win, can make Happy Bugs your most favourite. Or it can put you off it for good. Keep in mind that there will be 100000 coins waiting for you if you get lucky. This is £1000.

Happy Bugs Free Spins – In Game vs Bonus

Free spins can confuse you as to what they actually mean. When playing video slots games, you might see Happy Bugs free spins offered as a feature. When you sign up for an online casino, like Ladbrokes, it’s possible you’ll be offered 25 number of free spins to welcome you to Ladbrokes. Looking at video slots games free spins offers, you may find them provided as a booster amount in Happy Bugs. You should also be aware that it’s possible to confuse free play mode with the offer of free spins. If you play Ladbrokes’s games as free play versions, you won’t win real money, but winning free spins through Playtech games can pay off with a good win.

In this 5 reel game, you’ll appreciate the Free Spins facility. This allows you to get 12 free spins without having to dip into your Ladbrokes balance.

With a nice 12 free spins incorporated into this video slots game, you benefit from Playtech offering up to 300000 coins, which is the same as £1500000.

Graphics and Design

With its superb video design, Happy Bugs easily creates the Insects-like atmosphere that simply grows on players. Moreover, Playtech enriched this game with varied options you can use to:

  • choose the number of active lines
  • select the bet value
  • select the coin value
  • initiate a round of auto spin
  • select the maximum bet
  • gamble winnings in the Gamble game
  • open up Happy Bugs’s Info tab

Play Playtech Slots for Real Money:

Playtech didn’t go for dazzling design in producing Happy Bugs. What they focused on was to get the 5 reels to boost your chance of winning 100000 coins. And with £5 per coin, that’s not too shabby. And it also has some specials, too.

Guide to Playing Playtech Games for Real Money:

Winning on Happy Bugs can start as soon as you open an account with Ladbrokes. It’s really easy and takes 5minutes tops. For detailed info about signing up to Ladbrokes, read on:

Ladbrokes Withdrawal Options

What you win in Happy Bugs is what you get on your Ladbrokes account. If you want to make a withdrawal, Paypal and Skrill and other methods are at your disposal. Just get acquainted with the Ladbrokes-preset withdrawal limit for your preferred withdrawal method.

Qualifying for the 300% bonus requires a playthrough amount of 40 x the bonus amount. Following this, you can cash out your winnings from this Playtech slots game. Make sure you stick within the Terms provided by Ladbrokes, as well, which you’ll find on their site, rather than in the Happy Bugs game’s info, which is different.

Does This Playtech Title Have a Free Play Version?

Access the Happy Bugs online free play mode and spin the reels of this plainly designed game just for fun, plus they made a mobile version.

Happy Bugs online free play is easy to start – simply, open an account with Ladbrokes and access this cool Playtech title in free play mode to see how its special features and its payouts work.

As well as playing this great video slot in Happy Bugs online free play mode, you can swap quite easily to the cash version of this game. Just deposit the minimum cash amount of £5. While this isn’t a lot, the Happy Bugs game has a quite low £0.01 minimum bet per line, so you could play for a while.Ladbrokes will also give you as much as 300% of your deposit as a welcome bonus to enjoy playing Happy Bugs for even longer.

About the Ladbrokes No Deposit Bonus

You cannot get a Ladbrokes no deposit bonus right now. The only bonus offers Ladbrokes currently supports ask for a deposit. But at least Happy Bugs can be played with a low the minimum deposit – £5 in your Ladbrokes account is all it takes for those 5 reels to start spinning.

There’s a Happy Bugs app that can be used for playing on iOS, Android, Windows. This means that you can enjoy Happy Bugs anywhere and anytime. Also, you can be sure that the £500000 is still available on your mobile, as well as the 500x line bet multiplier. Therefore, playing this video game will be completely the same when played on iOS, Android, Windows.

Don’t hesitate to play Happy Bugs through a specially designed Ladbrokes app for Apple users. Available on Ladbrokes site and iTunes, this iOS app offers ultimate Happy Bugs experience within a few taps.

Ladbrokes has an Android optimized app for playing this Cartoonish themed title. You can download it from the Google Play store and watch the 11 regular symbols spin on your Android mobile device.

Ladbrokes recognized the need to have Microsoft Lumia optimized app, so this regularly paying slot is available for Windows mobile devices.

Be careful: if a website wants to sell you a Ladbrokes or Happy Bugs app, don’t fall for it. The app is free for all device types, so save your money for playing Happy Bugs.

Can I Play Happy Bugs Mobile with Ladbrokes Bonus Money, too?

Getting more for your money is the goal of Ladbrokes’s online and Happy Bugs mobile players alike. However, Playtech fans on the go don’t get any mobile incentives, so Happy Bugs can be played on mobile only with as much money as you deposit. Not very stimulating, right?

The Highest Win

It might not come easily, but you can win the 500x line stake top prize in Happy Bugs when you play this game at Ladbrokes. The prize is awarded when the 5 Caterpillar symbols line up on the game’s 20 lines. Find out more about this using the info button that will show you the paytable information provided by Playtech.

Online Slots Strategy

When it comes to winning on Happy Bugs, it’s best to keep one thing in mind – there’s no special recipe for winning on video slots in general, including Happy Bugs. Since every spin is absolutely random, determined by Playtech’s certified RNG, there’s no strategy that could help you win more frequently. Hence, the best thing to do is to pay close attention and keep yourself as informed as possible about the rules, strategies, tips and tricks in Happy Bugs in order to play this Playtech slot the best you can.

Also, sometimes the higher the denomination you bet in this video title, the better your winning odds. However, wager lower and you may save money while playing Playtech slots. That said – you gotta find a system that works for you. Define your playing style, and play along – at the end of the day you’ll end up having more fun that way.

What you can get from Happy Bugs in relation to its volatility are frequent, if modest sums. Plus, there’s the 93.66% RTP, and the £500000 top win, together making a special Playtech mix to die for.

Well, before you start spending your potential winnings, take heed of this advice:

Slots games are based on random number generators – RGN – with their own return to player – RTP – ratio, that determines how likely they are to pay out over a length of time. Happy Bugs, for example, has an RTP of 93.66%. What this means is that, for every £100 you spend playing the game, on average you will receive £93.66 back from it. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the slot game will end up making more than you will, in average circumstances.

Playtech: Some Vital Information.

  • Established: 1999
  • Founder: Teddy Sagi
  • Headquarters: St. George’s Court, 2nd Floor Upper Church Street, Douglas
  • Website: https://www.playtech.com/
  • Specialties: Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, Cross-Platform Management System
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