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Released in 2012, Dragon Kingdom is a game that you’ll want to play in bet365, a casino that offers not only exquisite Playtech games, but bonus codes, such as MAXCASINO, which awards a special bonus of 200% up to £300, as soon as you enter the bonuscode on bet365’s online or mobile casino website.

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Sign-up Bonus

A 200% match bonus up to £300 will be yours to spend on bet365 games as soon as you open a bet365 account and deposit at least £5 with Paypal, for example. When you make the deposit, bet365 will credit your account with another £5. Use this money to try as many Playtech games as you like.

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Dragon Kingdom Overview

Whenever you feel like playing a new video slot, it’s hard to find one. Yet, Playtech slots, including Dragon Kingdom may be your cup of tea if video online slots are your thing. Enjoy great design of this 5-reel, 20- payline online slot. Dragon Kingdom pays well, too – as much as 4000x is the highest winner you can hit. Playtech seemingly thought of Dragons fans when it made this slot, ’cause Dragon Kingdom’s theme will perfectly suit them. In addition, Dragon Kingdom rewards its players with, special features,, bonus games, excellent Playtech in-game elements and components that make playing Dragon Kingdom a very special experience.

With 20 paylines, this slot could award you with 4000x in cash. There are also other ways to pocket money from Dragon Kingdom: the free spins round is sure to help. This 5-reeler could give you a slot multiplier of 5x and the Dragon Kingdom’s special feature – Dragon Split, meaning you could take away truly a lot.

Dragon Kingdom Online Slot Traits

In order to know what more awaits in Dragon Kingdom besides the fairy tales theme, we recommend reading the following guidelines.

Playtech probably wanted to make this video slot a rewarding one, so they incorporated 15 free spins With 13 regular symbols and a wild card

There’s no classic jackpot in this 20-payline title, but you can win attractive 4000x bet per line as the max prize. As 94.02% is the return to player rate in Dragon Kingdom, this win seems possible to get.

Find Dragon Kingdom in one of the supporting casinos like bet365, register an account and get nice perks. Dragon Kingdom can be played through a bet365 mobile app and enjoyed literally everywhere. bet365 offering also includes a welcome bonus for Dragon Kingdom and many other Playtech games that you can play with free bet365 money after you use this bonus code: MAXCASINO.

Dragon Kingdom’s Story

Dragon Kingdom was successfully released in 2012 and it became one of the Playtech titles you can find in bet365 casino. If you encounter some problems with this 20-payliner you can rest assured that Playtech will update it if need be.

Dragon Kingdom Playing Guide

Playtech set out some guidelines for Dragon Kingdom:

  • The 20 paylines pay out left to right, which isn’t applicable for the Scatter
  • You can expect a win if you have at least indentical symbols on a payline
  • You don’t have to bet on all 20-line, you can choose just 1
  • The least amount of coins you can stake is
  • Should you hit several winning lines, the best paying one is what you’ll get
  • The amount of free spins can amount to 15
  • There’s a possibility to recieve free spins during a free spins round
  • Dragon Kingdom has wilds that can take the place of regular tiles, but not the place of a scatter symbol
  • A Scatter will give out a payment no matter where it falls
  • In a case of a glitch, the current play and prizes will become void

Let’s Play Dragon Kingdom

If you have any questions about Dragon Kingdom slot, we have prepared a brief overview. Playtech defined this slot as a 20 paylines game with left to right pays and interesting symbols. The prizes come if of the same symbols appear on one of 20 win lines. Yet, it takes 5 matching symbols to win top prizes. Nevertheless, Dragon Kingdom gives players numerous chances to win.

First and foremost, you must pick your Dragon Kingdom playing venue. A 200% welcome offer up to £300 will boost your deposit if you choose bet365 and use this bonus code MAXCASINO.

bet365 lets you have fun with Dragon Kingdom in real money mode, winning up to £ that you can then cashout. Try this video slot on bet365’s flash website and their mobile version.

This 5-reel game requires no software download, although bet365 offers app installation at all times.

Now it’s time for serious choices – how much to invest into Dragon Kingdom. You can pick your bet size onthe yes size button,. After this, use Spin to start the game and hope for of a kind symbols on one of 20 paylines. Or pray to Lady Luck for 5 identical symbols on a payline, which brings Dragon Kingdom’s highest prizes.

Excitement and prizes come with 5 of corresponding symbols on the lines. This Playtech title allows betting on max 20 paylines, which means better chances to win. Just click on the yes switch to set up the criteria.Feel free to try Turbo button, as well.

If Dragon Kingdom seems like your cup of tea, playing this 5-reeler requires just a few simple steps:

  • Let’s take a look at the number of active paylines first.

Playing Dragon Kingdom means activating between 1 and 20 win lines. Of course, 20 lines should always be your choice, especially if £ is your heartwarmer.

The payouts come left to right providing numerous winning opportunities as Dragon Kingdom pays frequently. It is commonly believed that games having 20 paylines reward less but this video slot pays some worthy prizes.

  • Now, it’s time to select credit sum:

Generally, you specify the coin value, but Dragon Kingdom slot did it instead of you. Namely, £ is allocated to every coin in this Playtech offering, bringing the gameplay one step closer.

It’s great to have this resolved, right? That way, your only decision is regarding the Playtech slot’s paylines. Go straight for big wins- the 4000x line bet, which is the top prize in Dragon Kingdom.

  • After credit sum, your next step is to choose a line bet.

In terms of coins per line, Dragon Kingdom keeps it very simple with obligatory 1-coin line bet.

Regarding paylines, a maximum of 20 of them can be selected, while 1 is a minimum. Select them via Dragon Kingdom’s special button for paylines.

To let you set your bet just the way you want it, Playtech included a bet amount button.For faster setting, help yourself to Dragon Kingdom’s ‘bet max’ button.

What you can do this way in Dragon Kingdom is pick an amount starting from 0.01£ and moving up to 50£ per line. And with such a top bet, Dragon Kingdom is probably more suitable for bet365’s mid- and high-roller players.

  • Just like in so many other Playtech slots, motivate the reels to spin using Spin button.

Apart from spinning the reels, pressing Spin will also keep the previously set credit and lines. In addition, you can also use Dragon Kingdom’s auto play mode with which those 5 reels will keep spinning on their own for maximum 99 times. After they’re done, you can restart the auto spin round.

Auto spin does not tamper with Dragon Kingdom’s bonus games and free spins because autoplay will be stopped and the Playtech slot’s hard-earned features realized.

  • The next two buttons to dedicate attention to are those for this video slot’s volume and full screen options.

Make the most out of your Dragon Kingdom playing experience. A full screen button and those 5 reels are all you need.

You can use the mute button to turn off this video slot’s sounds and play in peace.

If you prefer adapting the sound volume, Dragon Kingdom will make you happy. In this 20-line game, there’s an up/down control button.

How Much Does Each Dragon Kingdom Tile Pay?

Once you start spinning those 5 reels, you’ll start getting payouts from 13 symbols, including:

  • Warrior
  • Woman
  • Spellbook
  • Ace and King
  • Jack and Queen
  • And 10 as the one that brings the least cash.

Aside from those regular symbols, Playtech also included some special ones, such as:

  • a pay-any scatter symbol
  • a replacing wild symbol
  • the Floating Castle symbol bringing on the free spins
  • and last, but not the least the Split tile

If your eyes are on the big prize, Warrior is the symbol to look for. It brings the best prizes and may reward you with up to 4000-fold line stake or , provided that you play on all 20 bet lines and stake the maximum coins on each of them.

You’ll easily recognize the Dragon Kingdom’s highest paying symbol:

play Dragon Kingdom for real money

Other top wins include those brought by Woman – the second best paying symbol. The Woman tile may boost your casino bankroll with £150000 times your line bet when you wager £50 per line and get 5 of these rewarding symbols. There’s also the Spellbook symbol, whose pays are calculated in a similar way – on the £0.01 stake your max prize with 5 of Spellbook symbols will be 2500x your line stake – quite decent. But this also means £125000 can be won on the max stake of £50, which is quite a sum.

Take Ace and King and Jack and Queen symbols’ top prizes of 500x and 300x line bet and you’ll realize this Playtech slot has more in store for you. Although modest, the 10 symbols’ prizes of maximum 250-fold line bet are a decent bankroll booster when nothing else comes your way.

Joining the wild symbol in Dragon Kingdom is its scatter. Floating Castle not only pays any, but also may bring 666 times your bet per line.

How Dragon Kingdom’s winlines work

This is a 5-reel, 20-payline video slot.

There are 5 reels in this fairy tales-themed slot that can contain various paylines. Dragon Kingdom’s paylines make rewarding combinations, and you can pick the desired lines by means of the payline toggle.

play Dragon Kingdom online Play now at bet365 

How Does the Dragon Kingdom’s Payline System Work?

  • Dragon Kingdom’s active bet lines pay left to right.
  • The smallest number of matching Dragon Kingdom symbols for a prize is . They need to appear along one of the 20 lines.
  • The wild symbol replaces all of the 13 regular symbols to form additional winners.
  • The slot’s scatter symbol pays from any position.
  • The highest line win pays only. If you hit two wins, Dragon Kingdom’s paylines will register only the higher of the two.
  • Activate all 20 bet lines, because you won’t get winnings from Dragon Kingdom if they appear on inactive paylines.

What to Expect When it Comes to Reels?

Just imagine – all you need are these 5 reels to make all your dreams come true! Playtech made their operation super simple: they just go downward. And it’s this direction that makes this video slot your go-to game – it helps you get the best out of its 20 lines with no sweat at all!

Of course, everything about Dragon Kingdom revolves around its 13 base symbols. This number includes a substitute and a scatter symbol. Bringing more fine prizes is Split, which is specially designed for Dragon Kingdom.

Why Is There No Fixed Jackpot?

Some bet365 players may be disappointed that Dragon Kingdom has no fixed jackpot, but prizes like 4000x your line stake may be Playtech’s way to compensate for it. Lining up 5 of the top paying Warrior symbols brings this sum, which is £ in cash on a £50 bet.

Couple of Words on Playtech Progressive Jackpot

Sadly, Dragon Kingdom has no progressive jackpot, which is not necessarily a bad thing – your bet365 account can still be boosted courtesy of the 4000x line bet multiplier. Moreover, some casinos may include Dragon Kingdom in their progressive jackpot pool in near future.

Could Video Slots be Compared to Classic Slots?

Players who enjoy video slots should try Dragon Kingdom. To compensate for the unadorned graphis, Playtech made sure to combine colours and sounds well. Relying on its expertise in video slots, Playtech made this game highly likeable. Its 5 reels contain some great features, while its 20 lines display animations for every win.

Did Playtech Make Dragon Kingdom a 3D Game?

Regrettably, Playtech decided not to go with 3D graphics on Dragon Kingdom. But what playing slots at bet365 boils down to is pocketing huge sums of money, and this little 5-reel gem will provide you with exactly that.

Should I Download This Slot?

It’s up to you – play Dragon Kingdom online or download bet365’s software with the game. A free bet365 account is required whatever you choose. This Playtech title is available immediately after download, but bet365 offers it online, as well. Either way, 4000x line bet can be won to make your bet365 bankroll bloom.

Dragon Kingdom Dashboard

The following will explain Dragon Kingdom’s commands and how to use them.

The Spin Toggle

The most important button that you need to click is Spin, the start button that is the first step in getting those £. This button will start the ball rolling by spinning the 5 reels which can be full of nice surprises, least of which is the line bet multiplier of 4000x. Apart from this game starting icon, Dragon Kingdom also has some other useful stuff on its austere layout:

  • Should you need more info you can click on the info icon
  • You can pick the maximum bet
  • A button that sets the full screen mode
  • A Turbo setting which is detailed later on
  • You can control the volume of Dragon Kingdom
  • You can mute the game completely

Get to Know What Turbo Mode Means

With the Turbo button, you can increase the speed of the game. The wins, though, will stay the same. You’re in luck, because this modestly designed has the Turbo option. Even if you are in no hurry at all, you jolly well might click it just to see how fast Dragon Kingdom can actually go!

Nothing is faster that the speed of light, but it may feel like this fairy tales slot’s reels actually are, once you put it on Turbo speed. Its 5 reels will start spinning super fast in an effort to bring you to your winnings quicker than ever.

The Info Icon in Dragon Kingdom

Most people forget about the Dragon Kingdom Info tab when they need some info. Contacting bet365 support is fine, but takes time, unlike the Playtech-designed Info section that puts all the Dragon Kingdom rules and details you need only a click away.


There’s no doubt that Autoplay is a useful feature. We could even say, essential. It lets us sit back and enjoy our favourite Dragons and other kinds of slots without clicking on Spin-related every single time. The reels will stop after the preset number of spins or when a feature is activated. However, it’s not present in every slot out there. Fortunately, Dragon Kingdom has Autospin, which means starting those 5 reels to spin numerous times takes a click. Playtech set Autospin to stop on major wins, like £, or on special features.

If you decide to use Dragon Kingdom’s Autoplay option instead of the Spin button, you’ll benefit from uninterrupted play of this Playtech title. Unless, of course, you want the 20 lines to take a break sometime.

In Dragon Kingdom you can set up the autoplay to stop at a certain moment. Lets say, you got free spins and now you want to spin them yourself.

What is the Minimum I Can Bet in Dragon Kingdom?

If you decide to click the Play for Real Money button and play Dragon Kingdom with real money, bet365 will offer you a bonus activated by the MAXCASINO bonus code. But before depositing, find out the minimum bet in this Dragons setup slot in order to know how much money you need.

Since the top bet in Dragon Kingdom is whopping £1000. it’s good for lowrollers that Playtech included line bets from £0.01 into the slot’s offering, for £0.01 as the lowest bet size, unless you select less than 20 paylines, which is not really recommendable.

It’s true that you can set Dragon Kingdom’s lines to 1, but anything but maximum 20 lines means fewer wins, reduced chances for Dragon Kingdom to pay out its top win of 4000x line bet or an extra feature.

Playing at Highest Bet Setting

If you prefer higher bets, Dragon Kingdom has an ideal option for you. The video slot includes a Bet Max button, which Playtech conveniently included to simplify making higher wagers. The max coin per line bet is 1, which totals to coins per spin on all 20 lines. Translated in cash, wager £ per coin and your bet will reach £1000. Mindblowing, huh?

RTP Stats Regarding Dragon Kingdom

Many players don’t understand how Dragon Kingdom’s RTP works. Based on payouts over time, video slots’ Return to Player rate ranges between 93% and generous 96%, practically returning up to £96 on average for every £100 wagered. Therefore, it’s not related to winning 93% to 96% of the time, but rather to Dragon Kingdom’s generosity in terms of cash.

Cool theme and graphics are good, but Dragon Kingdom cannot be called great with RTP of just 94.02%. There are better offers out there.

Does Dragon Kingdom Hold Any Extras?

Here in Dragon Kingdom you will find both wild and a scatter symbol. Read on to know more about them. There are 13 symbols in this game, but Split will put a smile on your face, and you can bet on it.

Traits of Dragon Kingdom’s Scatter

Dragon Kingdom’s scatter symbol is also known as Floating Castle, and it pays on any position, with 666x being the top bet multiplier it awards. Playtech gave it another role – to open free spins , thus awarding additional money.

Scatter in Dragon Kingdom:

play Dragon Kingdom for free

Do I Have to Be on the Lookout for a Wild?

Dragon Kingdom has a cool little trick designed to increase your odds of pocketing a lot of cash. It’s called the Green Dragon wild symbol. And this is what it does for you: if you get 4 Ace and King symbols and, as you know, you need to have 5 of them, this wild will slide in and replace one of the line’s tiles as if it were a Ace and King tile. And this is how you will win 500 times your line’s bet.

win real cash on Dragon Kingdom

What you see above is the Wild symbol.

Expanding Symbols in this 5-reeler

The expanding wild is not featured in this trendy video slot. But, so what? Dragon Kingdom offers so many different ways to boost your odds and your account.

Details About the Stacked Extra

Dragon Kingdom doesn’t feature stacked wilds, but you can enjoy its other special features. Fortunately, Playtech set its base game wins quite high – 4000x line bet is the top win in this videoslot.

How to Use the Overlay Tile

You won’t find an overlay wild symbol in Dragon Kingdom. Maybe there is a certain reason why Playtech didn’t incorporate it in this video slot, but for now you’ll have to spin it as is.

Paytable Rundown

The paytable povides all neccessary information about what will the 13 get you. Click the yes to find out what symbols are represented in Dragon Kingdom and how much they pay out. For this video slot when you have same symbols. Most you can match is 5, that’s one per reel. Your biggest win will be if you manage to pull off 5 symbols that match. In Dragon Kingdom, the regular symbol that pays the most is the Warrior. You can see from the paytable that Warrior will pay you as much as 4000x line bet, providing you get all 5. Woman is the second best when it comes to payout, it multiplies the bet line 3000 times, which is not too shabby. Spellbook is the third highest paying symbol that will bring you 2500 times what you wagered. Dragon Kingdom’s fourth highest paying tile is the Ace and King. So if you fill up a line with 5 of these tiles you will be winning a line bet multiplied by 500x. If you get the Jack and Queen symbol your line bet will be multiplied 300 times. You could argue that the most insignificant symbol of all is the 10 which pays the least, but that doesn’t mean it is useless. In this video slot it will multiple the stake you have per line 250 times.

Following in generosity is Woman, on which you could multiply line bet 3000 times. But it doesn’t stop there. Playtech allocated good prizes for lining up 5 of a kind Spellbook symbols, too. If Lady Luck allows, Spellbook will pay you up to 2500x line bet, which is quite a sum. Ace and King is the next best paying symbol, with its 500x line bet multiplier awarded for 5 matching tiles. Somewhat smaller wins come from Jack and Queen, but its top payout of 300x line stake can come really handy. Even 10, which has the lowest prizes out of the 13 symbols, offers 250x line bet as its top payout, and when bet365 balance goes low, such an winning on Dragon Kingdom may be a real game changer.

Dragon Kingdom online free Play now at bet365 

The Credit Setup

The process of selecting your Dragon Kingdom bet takes seconds and this video slot offers more than method for this:

  • Setting the number of active winlines
  • Bet value setting
  • Bet per line in cash value

There are 20 lines in this slot, but you don’t have to activate all. Playtech was so kind as to provide the more hesitant players with a choice to choose just 1 of them. But you should know this will impact your winning chances, so it is always better to have them all in.

Dragon Kingdom gives you the freedom to set up the size of your credit by allowing you to choose how much you’ll bet per line. You can set the number of coins at 1 per line, or you can have 1 per line. It is entirely up to you. But bear in mind that with number of coins at 1, you will be betting just and this directly influences how much you stand to actually win. So this is one of those occasions when bigger is better.

Does Dragon Kingdom Let Me Pick Out the Coin Value?

In Dragon Kingdom you can choose how much cash will each coin actually worth. This set up is very easy to do, just like determining how much bet lines you’ll have.

Multiplier Feature in Dragon Kingdom

Perhaps you wondered whether this video game has a multiplier feature, we’re happy to tell you that it does. On the other hand – there’s no jackpot.

Here are some details about the way Multiplier works – when you get a payout from Dragon Kingdom, and the screen shows Multiplier, your winnings will be increased up to 5 times. The minimum you’ll get is 2x your win, which is still excellent. How cool is that? The Multiplier feature therefore lets you enjoy Dragon Kingdom’s generosity up to 5 more!

Bonuses, Specials and Extras

Is This Playtech Game Packed With Extras, Specials and Bonuses?

Bonus Features In Dragon Kingdom

Sadly, Dragon Kingdom doesn’t include a bonus feature. What you do have, though, are free spins – 15 of them.

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The Round

You may have seen a gamble feature in some 20 paylines slots. But this one doesn’t have it. This is a nice fairy tales game that will not tempt you to risk it all in one click.

Free Spins Feature Information

There’s a huge difference between free spins in Playtech slots and those you get from casinos.The first are in-game features, and the latter are awarded as a casino bonus. Also, playing Dragon Kingdom in free mode isn’t the same as Dragon Kingdom’s free spins. bet365’s fun play doesn’t bring any real prizes, while in Dragon Kingdom free spins you can win actual money.

Fortunately, Dragon Kingdom belongs to those video slots that involve free spins, which Playtech in this case named Free Games. They promise to bring winning spree, as 15 of them are bound to payout decently.

By including solid 15 free spins into this video title, Playtech enabled you to win

Dragon Kingdom Interface Design

It’s not unusual for video slots like Dragon Kingdom to have picturesque design, and neither is to feature various playing options that let bet365 players:

  • address the paytable
  • select lines
  • adjust bet
  • start autospinning
  • open Dragon Kingdom in full screen
  • choose Dragon Kingdom’s maxbet
  • adjust sounds’ volume
  • mute the sounds entirely
  • open the Turbo spinning mode
  • open the info table to see Dragon Kingdom’s rules

Play Dragon Kingdom for Cash

Having rather simple graphics, like Dragon Kingdom does, isn’t necessarily bad. Sometimes, flashy design of video slots draws your attention away from winning Dragon Kingdom’s prizes, or even worse, from losing your bet365 deposit. Therefore, the straightforward design that Playtech employed in this Dragons title lets you simply spin those 5 reels until you win the 4000x line bet multiplier – Dragon Kingdom’s top prize.

bet365 real cash games – Dragon Kingdom

Should you decide to play this fairy tales game for cash, you can do so by registering with bet365.
All you have to do is:

  • Open the bet365 website on your desktop or mobile
  • Press the sign up toggle
  • Use the bet365 promo code: MAXCASINO to unlock the bet365 bonus
  • When a form appears, fill it with required information
  • Select your preferred method and make a deposit of at least £5
  • Ready, set, play Dragon Kingdom!

Cashing Out Your Dragon Kingdom Wins

Your bet365 account will register any win your score in Dragon Kingdom. And when you decide to withdraw, one of bet365 methods, including Paypal and Skrill among otherswill enable to do it quickly and fuss-free. Just make sure bet365 customer support provides the info about withdrawal limitations.

If you take a bet365 bonus offer, like the new player bonus of 100%, you can count on the 40x playthrough requirements. You can’t withdraw your Dragon Kingdom payouts without fulfilling those. As previously said, bet365 has withdrawal limitation policies, included in its T&Cs, not in Dragon Kingdom’s Info section, which many players address for this info. Playtech is not in charge of this, bet365 is.

Does This Playtech Title Have a Free Play Version?

It’s quite a pity for this interesting slot, but bet365 doesn’t support free play on its site. Dragon Kingdom, therefore, can be played only for real in bet365, which – on a more positive note – means £ can be won only for real.

Win Cash on Dragon Kingdom While Playing for Free?

No, contrary to some other casinos, bet365 features no free money bonuses. However, Dragon Kingdom can still pay you big time. £ is up for grabs with just £5 of deposit money.

No Deposit Bonus for Playtech Slots

There are no free chips offered by bet365. If this changes in the future, this Dragon Kingdom review will inform you about it. However, Playtech slots, including this 5-reel title, can be played with bet365’s welcome bonus of 200% up to £300 .

Dragon Kingdom App for Mobile Devices

The answer’s yes – Dragon Kingdom and all of its fabulous features, £ wins, 94.02% RTP rate, and streamlined graphics are available on bet365’s mobile app, that lets you play on iOS, Android devices and keep the feel of desktop quality.

If you want to play this video slot on the go, and you have an iPhone or iPad, you can do that via bet365 app for iOS. Here you’ll also find other Playtech titles that take your fancy.

This 20 paylines game is available for play on Android devices if you dowload the bet365 app from Google Store. This is a great way to pocket the frequent rewards this title has in store.

As with other devices, if there’s no bet365 app for your phone type, like Windows or Blackberry, Dragon Kingdom can be accessed via mobile on bet365’s site, thus making things simpler.

Be careful: if a website wants to sell you a bet365 or Dragon Kingdom app, don’t fall for it. The app is free for all device types, so save your money for playing Dragon Kingdom.

Play On the Go with Bonus Money

Mobile slots are going through an expansion, so bet365 not having a mobile bonus is quite strange. Therefore, Dragon Kingdom players are denied the chance to spin those 5 reels for a bit longer. Hopefully, this is something bet365 will correct in near future, so Playtech games fans can enjoy additional benefits for their loyalty to bet365.

Want to know more about Dragon Kingdom’s best prize? Check out its paytable – press yes and it will open up. There you’ll see Warrior which pays out the top prize of 4000x line bet when 5 of them hit those reels. That’s the Dragon Kingdom prize to keep your eye on if you’re into big wins.

The Most You Could Expect to Get from Dragon Kingdom

Even if we count in bet365’s profit, derived from zillions of spins on Dragon Kingdom, this video slot has a very good payout prospects. With a 94.02 RTP and the volatility which provides generally smaller, but regular wins, this 5-reeler is a game worth trying.

How to Bet Smart?

Instead, focus on planning your investment into Dragon Kingdom and deposit only as much money to your bet365 account as you can afford to lose. Higher bets always mean proportionally higher payouts, but in this lively title you can win decently even with a minimum bet of £0.01 played on all 20 paylines.

When it comes to winning on Dragon Kingdom, it’s best to keep one thing in mind – there’s no special recipe for winning on video slots in general, including Dragon Kingdom. Since every spin is absolutely random, determined by Playtech’s certified RNG, there’s no strategy that could help you win more frequently. Hence, the best thing to do is to pay close attention and keep yourself as informed as possible about the rules, strategies, tips and tricks in Dragon Kingdom in order to play this Playtech slot the best you can.

It’s also advisable to always bet on all 20 lines, keeping your winning odds as high as possilble. With Dragon Kingdom this is easy – even if you wanted to, you cannot exempt any of the lines from the bet.

Details about Playtech:

  • Established: 1999
  • Founder: Teddy Sagi
  • Headquarters: St. George’s Court, 2nd Floor Upper Church Street, Douglas
  • Website:
  • Specialties: Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, Cross-Platform Management System
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