Buffalo Blitz Online Slot Review

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Buffalo Blitz Online Features

Whether you’re a Wilderness aficionado or not is beside the point when it comes to Buffalo Blitz. This is because Playtech tried to make it an interesting game. How interesting? We’ll tell you in this article.


When Buffalo Blitz was originally released in 2016, it became one of the players’ favourite Playtech games in no time. This Wilderness slot operates smoothly owing to constant updates.

The Rules of Playing

Rules for playing this 4096-ways-to-win game are as follows:

  • When you hit the minimum 2 matching symbols on an active payline, Buffalo Blitz will pay out a prize
  • As for this ways to win slot’s wild symbol, any of the 13 symbols can be substituted by it, except the Buffalo Blitz’s scatter
  • Another important rule of Buffalo Blitz – it pays just the top line win
  • All winnings and play will be voided by any malfunction

Play Slots 101

When you play Playtech slots online and have a 4096-ways-to-win slot such as this one, you will want to know everything about it – the lines pay left to right, and you need to match the minimum of 2 symbols or the maximum of 6.

How to choose where to play Buffalo Blitz slot? The offer is abundant. Still, in the right casino you’ll get even more!

Once you enter this Playtech title, you’ll find some choices before you. Buffalo Blitz will ask you to click the bet button to adjust your bet. Then, Buffalo Blitz will be ready for spinning, initiated with the Spin toggle. Hopefully, it will bring you many 6 of a kind combos!

In order to win big in Buffalo Blitz you need to go in big – have all 4096 ways to win active. And this 6-reeler won’t have you play on any less than 4096 since they are fixed. Plus, if you want to make the 6 reels go faster, engage the Turbo mode.

Tips for Playing Online Slots:

  • Normally, you’d need to pick your paylines first.

When it comes to payouts, this 4096-ways-to-win game is highly rewarding. Betting with Buffalo Blitz is a safe choice as this Playtech game frequently gives various prizes. Once you give this left to right-paying blockbuster produced by Playtech a chance, you will probably return again.

  • When you know how may bet lines are in the game, you need to determine how much you’ll actually wager.

What’s convenient is that you can simply skip selecting Buffalo Blitz’s paylines, because they’re already fixed to 4096, and move on to credit amount. Playtech simplified this, too, as any sum in Buffalo Blitz means you could win a jackpot and Buffalo Blitzbankroll booster of 300x your stake per line.

  • As soon as you get your credit sum sorted, move over to bet per line.

Regardless of your preferences, Buffalo Blitz doesn’t allow setting this value. coins per payline is a standard value here.

The number of paylines in this Playtech slot cannot be changed. All 4096 ways to win are always on duty.

Still, you can set up your preferred bet amount with the bet value icon.

  • Buffalo Blitz will begin its magic when you click on the Spin tile.

By pressing this button, its 6 reels are set into motion to play Buffalo Blitz on the previously selected bet. This Playtech game offers a useful auto spin feature. 99 times is the maximal number of spins.

  • Two more buttons in Buffalo Blitz should be able to customize it – the full screen and volume buttons.

It’s interesting to note that Buffalo Blitz lacks the full screen button. This unusal Playtech’s decision may surprise many players. Similar 4096-ways-to-win games usually contain this useful technicality.

As a basic setting, volume button in Buffalo Blitz is easily accessible. Simply click there and this Playtech slot’s sounds can be turned down.

If you prefer adapting the sound volume, Buffalo Blitz will make you happy. In this game, there’s an up/down control button.

Symbol Names

Players will benefit from 13 frequently paying symbols, which involve:

  • The Buffalo – the top payer
  • The Lynx and Raccoon
  • The Moose and Bear
  • The Ace and King
  • The Queen and Jack
  • And the 10 and 9 symbol at the bottom of this list.

Here are also some of this 4096-ways-to-win slot’s extra symbols:

Take the Ace and King and the Queen and Jack symbols’ top prizes of 150x and 120x line bet and you’ll realize this Playtech slot has more in store for you. Although modest, the 10 and 9 symbol’s prizes of the maximum 100-fold line bet are a decent bankroll booster when nothing else comes your way.

Generally, Ladbrokes’s experienced players appreciate special features, and Buffalo Blitz will not disappoint them. the Diamond wild symbol covers for its 13 other symbols. It’s a great winning opportunity, as this modern slot lets you play with only 40-coin the minimum bet.

Bet Lines

The main thing you have to know about Buffalo Blitz is that it’s a game with 4096 ways to win.

Thanks to an interesting twist introduced by Playtech, this game became more interesting. Its 4096 ways to win instead of paylines make Buffalo Blitz more engaging, as every time at least 2 symbols appear anywhere on its neighboring 6 reels, it pays out a prize, just like a scatter.

Don’t worry about turning Buffalo Blitz’s paylines on/off. Ways to win work differently – all 4096 of them are always active.

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Things to Know About Paylines:

  • You’re wondering which way to look for the winners on those lines? It’s left to right.
  • How many tiles must match to get a winner? 2 is the minimum, 6 is the maximum.
  • The wild is there to replace a tile you’re missing for a win, any tile.
  • The scatter bearing icon can fall anywhere and boost your account.
  • This Wilderness game has 4096 ways to win and that’s a fixed number, there’s no changing it.


When it comes to its reels, Buffalo Blitz kept things straight. Those 6 wheels of luck move from up to down; downward is the most common direction for Playtech slots’ reels, so there’s nothing special about Buffalo Blitz in that aspect. This 4096 ways to win slot’s prizes can be way more special, though.

Buffalo Blitz was given the Wilderness theme and 13 symbols to go with it. Further, you’ll find some special symbols such as the wild and scatter.

Progressive Jackpots in Playtech Slots

If you like a progressive jackpot, you sadly won’t find one in the Buffalo Blitz game. It does, however, feature a 300x line stake multiplier function. It may also be the case that other online casinos that use games by Playtech will offer their own version of a progressive jackpot that includes the Buffalo Blitz game.

Do Video Slots Have an Advantage Over Traditional Slots?

Buffalo Blitz is a video slot, with many useful features. The one that makes Buffalo Blitz stand out form all other Playtech video slots is the 4096 ways to win. It makes the game simpler to play, while increasing your chances of winning.

Is this a 3D Slot Game?

Buffalo Blitz is not a 3D slots game. The game is good, but Playtech decided not to utilise 3D technology and graphics. Its 6 reels are fun to play anyway, with this classic slots game play at Ladbrokes casino being sure to keep you entertained.

How to Operate the Dashboard?

This 4096 ways to win slot offers the following setup options:

The Info Tab

Is there something bugging you about Buffalo Blitz? Its Info tab should be able to clarify any doubts.


Autoplay is a relevant element in all 4096 ways to win slot games. It is included in the majority of slot games at Ladbrokes, meaning that players can play their 4096 ways to win releases with no spinning by hand; but also, Playtech’s Autoplay setting is reset automatically when it stops spinning. Obviously, when Playtech created this title, they had their players’ convenience in mind, as this scintillating Adventure-style slot has Autoplay, a setting that is able to spin the maximum 99 times.

It is without doubt that the Autoplay setting in Buffalo Blitz enables much faster spinning.

The Lowest Bet Amount

If these 6 reels really tickled your fancy and now you want to join Ladbrokes, don’t just start spinning the 13 symbols willy-nilly. First check what is the minimum required bet amount for Buffalo Blitz and then hit the Spin icon.

The Top Wager

Even though this 6-reeler’s topic and graphics are interesting, this Playtech game is in no way a superb one, with an Buffalo Blitz RTP of a mere 95.96%, and thus we can conclude that there are higher-yielding slots out there.

Playtech, Buffalo Blitz and the Diamond Wild

In case you get 5 Moose and Bear and need just one to line up 6 of them and get 200x your line stake, that’s where Buffalo Blitz’s cool the Diamond wild feature jumps in to replace the missing Moose and Bear symbol.

Expanding Wild in Playtech 4096 ways to win slots

The expanding wild is not featured in this slot game with 4096 ways to win. But, so what? Buffalo Blitz offers so many different ways to boost your odds and your account.

Buffalo Blitz Stacked Wild

You can’t count on Buffalo Blitz’s stacked wild, but you can on its payouts – 300x line stake is the top payout Playtech set for every spin of this Adventure online slot.

The Overlay Symbol Explained

Unfortunately, this Wilderness themed slot doesn’t have the overlay wild option. But there is always the chance that Playtech will introduce it in a future version.

What Information Can I Get from the Paytable?

Plan your budget for this 4096 ways to win slot by taking a peek at its paytable. Playtech made it very clear and accessible through a dedicated button, and all 13 symbols can be found there. Pays start at 2 of a kind symbols, and it takes 6 symbols lined up to get big prizes. The 10 and 9 may not offer you big ones, but its 100x line stake multiplier will be handy when your Ladbrokes balance drops. You can win more on the Queen and Jack and the Ace and King symbols, whose respective payouts are 120 and 150 times line bet. Fortunately, Buffalo Blitz offers higher prizes with the Moose and Bear – 200x bet per line – and especially with the Lynx and Raccoon, which will reward your investment into this Playtech title with a lucrative 250x line bet multiplier.

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The Credit Setup

There’s a couple of different ways for Buffalo Blitz credit setup – check them out:

  • Pick a bet level
  • Select the coin value

This is a 4096 ways to win slot, and all these lines will be active while you’re spinning those 6 reels. You can’t choose to turn any of them off, i.e. the number is pre-established.

What is bet level? Just an another way to arrange your virtual coins over 4096 ways to win in Buffalo Blitz. Choose – , betting between 40 and 40 on each turn.

Standalone Multiplier

The multiplier feature is a common thing among 4096 ways to win slots. It is therefore quite annoying that Buffalo Blitz doesn’t have one, and hopefully, Playtech will include it in one of Buffalo Blitz updates.

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Design and Style

You’ll find that Buffalo Blitz will reward you with prizes in regular intervals. Use the dashboard controls to:

  • consult the paytable
  • decide on the credit amount
  • send the 6 reels on auto spin
  • get info on Buffalo Blitz
  • adjust the Buffalo Blitz volume
  • make the game sounds go away completely
  • spin the 6 reels in Turbo speed

Does Ladbrokes Offer a Buffalo Blitz App?

One of the things why the Ladbrokes app is one of the best is because it supports iOS. So you can play this slot game with 4096 ways to win on your iPhone and iPad, along with other Playtech titles, just by downloading the app from iTunes.

Of course there’s a Ladbrokes app for playing this 4096 ways to win slot, this is not the Dark Ages, you know? Ladbrokes developed this app in order for you to take a swing at this slot’s frequently awarded prizes regadless of where you are.

You can’t easily find a Windows Phone casino app, so Ladbrokes offering one is way cool. More such apps for Playtech slot fans would be welcome, however.

Top Payouts

Looking for more info on the big prizes for Buffalo Blitz? The paytable will tell all when you press the paytable button. This 6 reel game has a Buffalo icon which can see you win up to 300x your line bet when you hit the 6 symbols in the game. Keep a look out for this for Buffalo Blitz’s big payout possibilities.

What You Need to Know about Playtech

  • Established: 1999
  • Founder: Teddy Sagi
  • Headquarters: St. George’s Court, 2nd Floor Upper Church Street, Douglas
  • Website: https://www.playtech.com/
  • Specialties: Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, Cross-Platform Management System
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